Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 11th House

How well they do or don’t fit in becomes a deeply important running theme for an 11th House Moon person. They display an emotional need to connect to the collective yet most of them are also plagued by a feeling of detachment from any particular group. There’s a sense of being alone, on the outside looking in, that defines their perspective. Because of this, those with their Moon in the 11th House are often detached from social conventions, flouting them with the quirks and unconventional behaviors of their particular Moon sign. If a Leo Moon is placed here, then they will show everyone they are different by being very expressive and colorful, to a rather offbeat degree. There’s a need to challenge the status quo with this placement and push a few buttons that can often get them into trouble.

Indeed, they might find their behavior causing a regular bit of controversy or just puzzled head-shaking from those around them. This is what contributes to the 11th House Moon’s feeling that they are misunderstood and don’t fit in. But, this can also be their greatest source of freedom. The emotional responses of their Moon are highly independent, not requiring much validation or approval from other people. They are capable of fulfilling the needs of their Moon without being self-conscious about what people think about their behavior. Although they express their Moon sign’s energy without judging themselves, their total lack of self-judgment is also what can make them rather distanced from this energy, as well. They don’t like getting bogged down in it.

Moon in the 11th House people exercise the same kind of nonjudgmental attitude toward other people, especially those who become close to them. Well, one should say relatively close. These aren’t the types to really be that close to anyone. But, they have an intuitive knack for making friends, usually because they know how it feels to be alone. If someone seems left out, the 11th House Moon’s instinct is to befriend them and get to know them. In fact, the more on the social fringes a person is, the more they will intrigue these individuals. They can so easily spread themselves around and become chummy with just about anyone, no matter what their race or lifestyle or background may be. Yet, they remain inherently attached to little to no one, which is less true if they’re a Water Moon. They live their private lives like mad scientists, too caught up in their experiments to be bothered. 


  1. Bahhaha...so true. Libra moon in the 11th. It's strange- as much as I am hyper emotional I am at the same time VERY detached. When I see people crying at some life event I wonder what it's like to have feelings like that. Even though inside I am full of boiling intensity and soulfulness and all that.

    I remember a year ago when I lost my dog while traveling and was crying hysterically and pounding the steering wheel of my car with my fists...all the while in the back of my mind finding it incredible that I could care that much about something. So you see, I DO have feelings...I just tend to sit on top of my brain and stare at them. And if anything or anyone can actually penetrate this overly intellectualized moon I hold them up fairly high.

    Only one man has succeeded in this so far and that was my ex boyfriend who's 3rd house moon in Gemini trined my own moon. He also had Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aqua. So you see...we are cut from the same cloth. We are still best friends and speak openly about our past. After we broke up I didn't see him for a year and that moment a year later when I ran into him I almost cried (me? cry? what?). I guess it takes another who is just as detached to truly move me.

    I also think being raised in a small town reflects my 11th house moon- the tribal mentality of the 11th and all that. I feel much more comfortable in a community, even as I rebel against totally identifying with the group.

  2. Great article written, however I am curious about my Moon in this placement as a Lunar Leo? The short description there about Leo Moon in this house is slightly theoretical and doctrinal and less concrete and practical for me to comprehend. Was wondering if you could give a more consolidated explanation of my Leo Moon in this 11th house? Thank you! :)

  3. Thank you. Moon in Cancer/11th. Yes, it gets rather lonely, but that's how it is in this lifetime. I want to connect as long as it's from a distance.

  4. Moon in Aries in 11th. Yes, I think I can identify with the article. Funny, I like to be in groups (small ones though) and at the same time I am detached emotionally. And true, I don't get that close to anyone, unless you've been scanned and tested a good number of times and we managed to create an emotional bond somehow (maybe my Pluto influence as well!?). Otherwise, I'm in my own world, doing my things.

    1. Same, moon in aries in the eleventh, Sun in cancer. I feel detached as well often out of choice or a fear of getting close, yet paradoxically seek that closeness.

    2. Pluto is also opposite to the exact degree, which often destroys any relationship after a time anyway. Definitely karmic goings on here!

  5. Wow, so spot on again! The part about Mad Scientist is so true LOL