Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 3rd House

With the Moon in the 3rd House, the world is full of information just waiting to be assimilated. The more mental rather than the emotional side of the Moon sign is emphasized here. So, even if the person has a highly emotional Cancer Moon, the intuitive nature is used in order to comprehend and retain data in the environment. In fact, 3rd House Moon people often have an uncanny intuition when it comes to learning and observing, but in a more relational way than in a formal classroom setting. Many of them make wonderful mimics, for example, and often excel at accents and languages. These people have an instinctive understanding of the expectations of their social environment, which they can pick up on and conform to without even really thinking about it.

The trouble, though, is that sometimes they take in way too much. It’s not in the empathic way of a 12th House Moon. It’s in the way that their minds are constantly going and going. It’s second nature for them to just consume endless bits and pieces of information. This keeps them thinking, which often gets them worrying. The nervous reactions of their Moon sign are amplified because of this placement. Those with their Moon in the 3rd House have a difficult time just telling their brain to shut up, at times. The danger of over-thinking is something that they often need help realizing. However, the plus side of this placement is that they can usually react in a nanosecond to people’s problems. Their hot-wired brains allow them to respond instantly to people and often with great clarity.

People with a 3rd House Moon often come off as emotionally open because most of them are so eager to share whatever they’re feeling. Maybe too eager for some, especially if all this talking about their feelings starts to come off as counterproductive, after a certain point. But, this is essentially what they need. They need to really vent their feelings. Moon in the 3rd House is the one who will readily call their friends to share their troubles. Even if their Moon is in a more reticent or reserved sign, they will still avidly seek out that small handful to talk to. Relationships that are devoid of this kind of communication will be deeply unfulfilling for them. These people also enjoy communication that revolves around the day-to-day stuff. In short, they just need great conversation. The humor of their Moon sign is highly active and you’ll need to be able to keep up with these witty souls to be able to last.


  1. This couldn't be more accurate.. wow

  2. Whoah, uncannily true. Love the perspective, so fresh.

  3. Nice...I like your explanations. Unique & quite Refreshing...& so on point. Thank You

  4. I have A Gemini in the 3rd house, and this is correct!