Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Neptune conjunct Ascendant

Bjork: Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Ascendant
Neptune is a planet that transcends, blurs boundaries, and gets lost in imagination. So, with Neptune rising, you’re bound to not be the type of person who can be easily labeled or pinned down by ordinary life. Neptune is a generational planet, shared by countless people born within the span of several years. Therefore, it makes sense that, with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant, you project the vibe of being a hundred different people in one, more so than the average person. This total fluidity can not only be confusing for others but for yourself as well, especially if you waste time trying to project the traits that are expected of you at any given moment. You can go through an endless range of personas, like an actor trying on various roles, until you finally realize that you’re the only one who can create yourself. That’s when you’ll really find transcendence and spiritual freedom, allowing yourself to take on any role that you want to. Neptune rising eventually realizes the innate wisdom that we're all just playing a character, giving you the range to be any character you want.

People with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant are the closest things to human chameleons one can get. You look like a very different person from one picture to the next and are probably told constantly that you look like someone that somebody knows, even though you probably don’t. Or do you? Your deep ability to access such a wide range of personalities and facets actually make you appear to be another person. You’re like a walking, talking mirror, allowing others to see whatever image they want to see in you. It often confuses you but you go with it. You give off an exotic, otherworldly impression, like you’re not really from this earth. The truth is that you often feel this way. You’re probably highly artistic and spiritual, giving you a value system of compassion, anti-materialism, and non-judgment that doesn’t really gel with most of the world’s. You just seem like you’re on your own plane. Your eyes have a dreamy, hypnotic quality. In fact, you often seem like you just took a nap or are in need of one.

When you have Neptune in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, it can be difficult for you to own up to your incredibly empathetic and creative nature. You were probably so disappointed with the world at one point in your life that you unconsciously took on its attitudes, believing yourself to be lacking in compassion or creatively uninspired when you’re the total opposite. Once you finally free the inner artist and spiritualist within, you’ll be so profoundly inspired that you’ll never want to go back in that little box you were in again. Having Neptune in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant doesn’t give you any container to speak of to break out from, however. All of that energy is flowing outward into your environment, in a way that feels outside of your control. The lesson is learning how to flow with it without getting too lost in it and especially without letting others dictate how it all should flow.


  1. A very good post indeed dear Sir. Thank you. I've been looking in this direction for quite some time. Could you elaborate some more about the conjunction in the first house, right at the cusp (0,05 degrees)? I feel it has a profound effect on my life, especially because Neptune is squared Sun in 3rd Pisces and trine Pluto (r) in 10th Virgo.

    Basically I've no real contact to the world but I completely understand it. So much different angles I can look at it, it sometimes drives me insane seeing and feeling what I see and feel! Should that not interest people? I feel that people first and foremost consider my presence to be a threat, but of course it is my own uncertainty of not knowing how I come across and how to communicate. It feels I'm missing an 'antenna' to be able to transgress this heavily aspected sign and easily resort to destruction instead of generation or operation.

    Looking forward to your response.
    - Alex

  2. Thank you so much for this. It was precisely what I needed to read :)

  3. Hey I really thank god for finding this blog, your articles helps me so much : ) thank you for that
    Although I do have a question, I didn't quietly understand the part where you explained about neptune in the 1st house conjunct the ascendant... English is not my native language :/ could you please explain it in a more of a simple way ?
    Thank you :)

    1. your creativity and spirituality aren't kept hidden or held back. it's noticeable, may sometimes feel out of control, or hard to restrain.

  4. Thank you. My Neptune is exactly conj my ascendant degree and minute, square Moon and Saturn. Your knowledge resonates on so many levels. Only wish I'd known this 40 years ago. Funny that I should find this wonderful blog on my mothers birthday!

  5. Can somebody tell me the effect of having Neptune square the ascendant instead of conjunct? Please and thanks

  6. Thank you for this article. 100% match with me: Neptune in my 1st house conjunct Saggi asc. in 1 degree. It is so accurate, you made me laugh. :)