Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pluto conjunct Ascendant

Benedict Cumberbatch: Pluto in Libra conjunct Ascendant
With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, you’re a real powerhouse and it’s something that you make instantly known. You won’t announce this power in a way that’s too loud or obvious. Instead, it’s something that just emanates from you in waves. As Pluto is another generational planet, your ability to immediately tap into the collective environment is similar to Neptune rising. But, you dig to a darker level, sharply perceiving and intuiting all of the secrets and hidden desires of those around you in an effortless way. And you might not be above using them to your advantage which, of course, is a misuse of your gift. It’s also the kind of thing that people can sense and that can make them back away slowly from you. Pluto rising folks need to learn to harness their enormous power for constructive means. You have a high awareness, often through hard experience, of life’s depths and need to use for that good.

It doesn’t matter what your actual size is. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant makes you a formidable presence that can instantly make people bow down in respect or feel strangely nervous or fearful all of a sudden. Whether it’s intense admiration or repulsion, people can’t help but respond powerfully to your really intense aura. You have the air of someone with concealed knowledge or information. People might find your gaze, in particular, quite unnerving, which seems to be searching them like a laser-beam. There’s something enigmatic about you that affects your appearance. Whether male or female, you’re like the Mona Lisa, whose features seem to give not much of anything away of what’s really going on. People might find you simply hard to grasp or understand. You’re not hard to pin down or label like Neptune rising. You’re more so inscrutable, often keeping your true essence under wraps. Pluto also rules radical transformation, so you can dramatically change your look on a regular basis as a form of rebirth.

Though the will-to-power is very strong with this placement, if your Pluto in the 12th House is conjunct the Ascendant, then you can be deeply unaware of your power and how to use it properly. You can find yourself squandering this immense energy through constantly victimizing yourself, acting as if your worst enemy is out there in the world when it’s really looking right at you in the mirror. When you finally learn how to tap into your power, you can achieve extraordinary things, manifesting exactly what you want. Pluto in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant, on the other hand, is more apt to veer off on unhealthy power trips because of an overuse or poor use of their personal power. It’s your task to learn detach your ego from your desire for power, instead making your quests about the empowerment of others. At this point, your iron will and obsessive focus become tools for healing others’ lives and bringing good to the world, instead of destruction and chaos. 


  1. I have Pluto conjunct my ascendant in the twelfth house. I became psychic at the age of forty. I became clairaudience and am now an angel medium. It seems my sun Moon Venus conjunction in the tenth house was doomed to failure with it all opposite Saturn.
    I see that Pluto taking over after my Saturn return.No fame or fortun e for me. No marriage. No romance. No fortune. The chart of a nun who through denial of worldly pleasures ascends.