Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pluto conjunct Midheaven

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Michael Fassbender: Pluto in Libra conjunct Midheaven
There’s a strong emphasis on personal power when Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven. Your greatest ambition is to be in a high position of power. What will define you is how exactly you pursue that power and how you’re willing to use it for the benefit of everyone else. Pluto’s power is not meant to be pursued solely for the self. It’s about the empowerment of the people around you, resulting in a transformation of your world. Pluto indicates the period of rebirth and change that a society endures. Therefore, with Pluto as your elevated planet, it’s truly your purpose to change the world. This planet can also have a ruthless edge, in its reaping and its sowing. So, if you succumb to your darkness and allow your thirst for power to corrupt you, then you’ll inevitably have a heavy price to pay.

The kind of authority figure we become is represented by our Midheaven and any planets that may be conjunct it. So, Pluto conjunct Midheaven people are bosses who are very powerful and intense, which can manifest in many different ways. Positively, you can have an extraordinary influence over your employees or those in your professional environment. You have a sharp sense of perception when it comes to human nature and can use this insightfulness to reach, move, and empower people in ways that are uncanny. Those working alongside you can feel stronger and more capable, simply by association with you. However, having Pluto culminating means that you also need to remember how to relax the reins and not become a controlling authority figure. This negative behavior usually manifests when you’re obsessed with your own sense of power. But, you should be secure in the fact that you already fully own that power and focus, instead, on showing others how to truly access their inner strength.

An enormous presence characterizes Pluto conjunct Midheaven individuals from as early as high school. Your classmates and teachers just couldn’t help but to respond to you in very intense ways, either positively or negatively. You probably preferred to remain on the social outskirts at school, yet your high intensity meant that people couldn’t really ignore you. There could’ve been an intimidating quality about you, even if this was never intentional on your part, and this image can carry over into adulthood. Pluto culminating people have a reputation for being forces of nature, in some manner. It might be public knowledge that you’ve been through some exceptionally difficult times but the fact that you survived them only contributes to your indomitable image. You can also smash barriers in your field, with a firm sense of determination and lack of fear. This air of power heightens the strong feelings you provoke in your community. Many people with this placement are the targets of total obsession, seeming to truly drive others into a frenzy of devotion, hatred, admiration, envy, or primal lust.


  1. Hi Wayman,

    If Pluto is 10th house Scorpio between 7-8 degrees but Midheaven is in Libra, will it till be conjunct Libra which is at 14-15 degrees?

    1. Yes! You will feel a conjunction up to 8 degrees.

  2. On my Natal Chart my MH is 27.10 Libra, Pluto at 14 Libra. Sun in Gemini 13 and Neptune at 17 Sagittarius. I wonder what career I would be most suited for.

  3. WTF with being the "target of obsession, seeming to drive others into a frenzy of devotion, admiration, hatred, envy, or primal lust"??? Lol. I know we're ambitious people who like being in control but the description was way over the top! I don't think we're THAT relevant to make people envy us like that. Haha