Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aquarius Rising

So many people are willing to trap themselves in a little box. But, not you. With Aquarius Rising, you navigate your way through an environment in a way that breaks away from traditional behaviors and
Jennifer Lawrence: Aquarius Rising
social expectations. This allows you to constantly throw people off-kilter when you’re around. You consistently play the role of a rebel, throwing out the rule book and operating on your own terms. However, it’s not always something that you’re doing on purpose. Aquarius Rising people are just rather detached from the conventional ways that people behave. This is what can make you appear to be from some other planet, simply studying all of us earthlings’ habits.

Jennifer Lawrence is probably the ideal Aquarius Rising mascot. She exhibits this placement’s traits through her beloved ability to go against the famous-actress grain. Not only is she highly unpredictable, liable to do and say just about anything, but she is refreshingly unpretentious, as well. With the same Ascendant as Jennifer, you possess the same wild-card air. Aquarius Rising has a distinctly quirky, free-spirited vibe. You care what people think much less than others. Well, at the very least, you have no problem with people thinking you’re a weirdo or that you’re being a troublemaker. Sometimes, your manner can veer out of control into truly bizarre territory. But, this is often because you’re following your own brilliance. You can approach any situation and figure out a way to do or think about things differently, radically opening others’ minds.

There is a strangeness about you that is immediately noticeable, but often in a very striking way. Your Aquarius Rising can make people do a double-take, when passing you, and make sure they saw what they saw. But, you might not even notice, as you have a kind of aloof remove from what’s happening around you. This distant air is curiously combined with the highly electric energy you project that people experience as akin to getting a sudden shock. Jennifer’s frenetic, chaotic manner has a way of being startling and exciting, at the same time. If you have any planets conjunct the Ascendant, they are expressed in this abrupt, out-of-nowhere manner and they also stick out like a sore thumb. Aquarius Rising people carry themselves in an all-over-the-place fashion. Your walk is particularly erratic and you make very sudden, unexpected movements. Your facial expressions are often odd and flash across your face as quickly as lightning yet can also turn cool as ice.

But, your way with strangers and new people is avidly friendly. Aquarius Rising people don’t really know a stranger, as you are extremely personable from the first meeting with someone. You can treat the guy you just had a random conversation with at the supermarket like an old friend. This leads you to seem to have and make friends everywhere. People with Aquarius Rising are also the least likely to give you the bland “Hi, nice to meet you” routine. No, you regularly break the ice by doing and saying unusual things. This allows you to make an impression on people that takes them back and surprises them. In fact, you often push the weird envelope in order to be a bit provocative and see what the other person is able to handle. Those who go right along with the crazy will end up being long-term friends with you. But, then again, almost everyone’s your friend.

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