Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cancer Rising

Hmm, why don’t we feel things out before we take that first step? That’s what your Cancer Rising tells you,
Robert DeNiro: Cancer Rising
whenever you’re entering into an environment. You have your antennae poised and ready, intuitively sensing the vibes in the air and the steps that you need to take to remain safe and secure. You are used to assuming a rather reactive role, in any given situation, that makes your move based on another person’s move. With Cancer Rising, you seem to have a distinct concern for other people’s feelings but this might just be a concern about how they feel about you. So, then, strong self-protectiveness comes in, which can lead to a shy, awkward, or guarded vibe.

A prototype of this placement is Robert DeNiro. Not only has he used his Cancer Rising’s emotional awareness to become an iconic, award-winning actor but he is notoriously shy and reserved in his behavior. In the end, most people with this Ascendant are. You might just deny that because we’re so conditioned to believe that shyness is a problem. But, this is just your style of moving through the world: by making sure that each place is a safe place before you get comfortable there. As a result, Cancer Rising folks have gut instincts that they truly need to trust. You are as skilled at sensing potential dangers and threats as an animal, especially one who’s protecting her babies. Your instinctive or irrational side is heightened but that can also give you the air of being moody. More than most people, your behavior is very determined by how you’re feeling in the moment.

People with Cancer Rising either project themselves with obvious softness and sensitivity or with a toughness that most people see right through as an obvious cover for their soft, sensitive nature. Yet, both types typically exude a nurturing energy that shows people that they care and that needs to know that others care, as well. Any planets conjunct this Ascendant are expressed in this comforting manner as well as in a way that is fluidly, regularly changeable. Is it any wonder that DeNiro virtually started the trend of actors changing from role to role? Having Cancer Rising allows your aura to go through many phases, often depending on the environment you’re in or the people you’re with. They might notice you changing your demeanor to reflect their mood. Yet again, your demeanor also changes depending on your mood. But, your way of carrying yourself is invariably fluid, as if you’re swimming through the ocean. You seem to float or paddle, not walk, with your arms always undulating. You give off a moving aura of just wanting to belong, like you’re searching for comfort and understanding, and your feelings are often written all over your face.

Of all the Rising signs, Cancer Rising can have the toughest time with new people. The mere idea of having to meet someone new can give you significantly more discomfort and insecurity than is common. You need to know that you can feel comfortable around this strange person. Therefore, either that shell is firmly in place when you’re meeting new people or your conflicted feelings are right there on the surface for the other person to see. This is why people usually react more emotionally to you than they might someone else. It’s common for people to feel the impulse to protect or reassure a Cancer Rising they’ve just met, due to either your overt vulnerability or guardedness. You’re also very prone to letting someone else do all the ice-breaking for you, further allowing you to sit back and use your intuition to subtly assess the situation. 


  1. I'm naturally shy and I've been trying all my life to overcome my shyness, but no matter what I've done, or how hard I've tried, other people always perceive me as shy.I think I just should accept my fate.

    1. Don't resist who you are! For some people, shyness is a phase and for some, it's just a very ingrained part of who they are. Not everyone "grows out of it" and don't let people convince you that you should. Shyness actually is quite charming, in a way, to many people and you should just gravitate toward those who like you for you.