Saturday, February 7, 2015

Capricorn Rising

Paul Newman: Capricorn Rising

As a Capricorn Rising individual, there is something about you that makes people sit up straight and show some respect. You navigate your environment with a seriousness of intent, assessing what needs to be accomplished and how that plan should be carried out. Therefore, it’s no surprise that your immediate role is that of an authority, over yourself and/or the people around you. Capricorn Rising gives off the impression of being someone to look to for guidance. Even while very young, you appear to be wonderfully wise, seasoned, and experienced. There is an aged quality to you that can suggest a fine-wine kind of class that keeps getting better and better with time.

Paul Newman wonderfully represented this Capricorn Rising quality, with his Mercury and Venus conjunct this Ascendant. He was the picture of elegance and distinction throughout his life, seeming to be in a class all of his own. With this same placement, you share this same aura. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. You have the presence of being a very important person, heading off to a business lunch or a fancy soiree. But, it’s this classiness and air of success that can also make Capricorn Rising people come off as distinctly remote. After all, it is lonely at the top. And your way of carrying yourself often makes you seem out of reach to most people. You might be a very friendly, warm person. However, your demeanor just often makes you seem unapproachable, in some way. It’s difficult for people to just casually stroll up to you.

This only reinforces that remoteness, to the point where you can seem downright lonely. There’s typically a melancholy aura to Capricorn Rising, on some level. But, it’s usually not a self-pitying melancholy. Instead, you give the impression of being an earthy, capable survivor, who has gone (and is still going) through hard times but consistently endures. This contributes to your well-preserved air, allowing you to age uncannily well. Paul never looked a day over 50 well into his 70’s. You already feel old while young, so you don’t focus your energy on aging. If there are planets conjunct your Ascendant, there are projected with pragmatism and firm purpose. Capricorn Rising people carry themselves like they’re truly going somewhere. You walk with your end destination in mind and most people respectfully move out of your way. Your mannerisms and movements have this same sense of calibrated control. You virtually always know what you’re doing. You’re also the master of the straight face, with a default expression that’s serious and no-nonsense.

Capricorn Rising folks are businesslike with new people, instantly recognizing the bottom line of these interactions. But, this can go one of two ways. It might mean that you are averse to chit-chat and pleasantries, wanting to get right down to the important stuff. However, it can also mean that you’re very suave and sophisticated while breaking the ice. You can effectively make the exact impression you want on others through your worldly demeanor, engaging in the necessary patter like a big-time executive would while meeting new people in the boardroom. Capricorn Rising tends to gain more confidence in this ability as they get older and mature. Therefore, you make a very solid first impression, coming off as a particularly substantial, respectable character. And when you unleash that urbane wit that wouldn’t be out of place at a cocktail party, the deal is sealed. 


  1. I'm 18 and this describes me so well. I feel understood.

  2. I have this rising but I also have Uranus and Neptune conjuncting it so how exactly would these energies play out?

    1. Uranus rising and Neptune rising will both definitely loosen up the expression of the sign. You're difficult to pin down and mysterious, capable of being many different people. You're also unpredictable and often rebellious. But, there's still a maturity and a seriousness to how you carry yourself. Neptune rising in Capricorn will come off as a real old soul, with a lot of spiritual wisdom, whole Uranus rising in Capricorn makes you your own authority, always wanting to be your own boss and not letting anyone take that away from you.

    2. Thank you soooo much for explaining!! You're truly amazing!

  3. I have the sun in Aquarius and mercury in Capricorn conjunct the ascendant as well as saturn and pluto squared to it from the 9th and 8th houses. Uranus also semi squares my ascendant.
    I have always found that my initial meetings with strangers are somewhat tense and there's always an unspoken 'sizing up' as it were, especially with men. I try to relax my outward demeanour but it doesn't matter what I try, a feeling of tightness remains. I am a man of 34 and I find that as I get older people are responding to me in a much more intense way. I always seemed to get noticed, especially in work settings, as I am serious and unafraid to challenge and question motives etc and have an 'all in' attitude to work, which intimidates those who may like to slack their way through their career.
    My point is this: Capricorn rising is easier to live with the older one gets and the more one learns about oneself. The tightness it brings, makes us tougher than most as everything is learned the hard way! Be careful not to be a perfectionist.
    Anyway my 2 cents.
    Great blog by the way. You have a way of putting thing in a very evocative way.

  4. What about sun In Capricorn conjunct ascendant (Capricorn)?