Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gemini Rising

Sandra Bullock: Gemini Rising

Wherever you go, you want to dabble in everything that’s going on. Your Gemini Rising gives you a highly inquisitive approach to your environment. New situations are full of lots of shiny, distracting objects, so to speak, to satisfy your curiosity. Those objects don’t have to be people but it’s better when they are. Having Gemini Rising gives you the go-to role of communicator, instantly talking, joking, sharing, and all around socializing with the people around you. Therefore, you might give off the impression of being a chatterbox or a busybody. You also seem wildly scattered, as your insatiable interest in everything around you keeps ping-ponging you from one thing to the next.

Sandra Bullock has Gemini Rising, with Venus and Mars conjunct, and is an excellent example of this placement. She instantly charms people with her quick wit and lighthearted, garrulous demeanor. You exude the same kind of freshness and free-spiritedness as Sandra, swiftly blowing through your environment like a sudden gust of wind. However, this can make it difficult for others to pin you down, as well. Gemini Rising people have a distinct duality to their nature that’s much more pronounced than the average person. It seems like there’s some light switch in the back of your head that keeps getting flipped on and off, often making you behave like two separate people. It can happen in the blink of an eye, throwing people for a loop. But, it’s this unpredictable edge that makes you exciting. People can call you quite a few things, alright. But, not boring.

You navigate any given situation sort of like a pixie. Gemini Rising folks have an aura that suggests that they’re floating on air, flying from one location to the next like Tinkerbell (or Peter Pan). It’s like your feet don’t touch the ground. There is something whimsical and mercurial about the way that planets conjunct this Ascendant are projected. Sandra can always turn an interview or on-camera moment upside down. Your movements are usually quick and unexpected, as well as motivated by sheer boredom. Gemini Rising people come off as very restless, possibly even attention-deficit. Like Sagittarius Rising, sitting still can be an issue. Your mannerisms are highly fidgety, as you seem to shift about every five seconds. Therefore, you definitely require the breathing room to move around freely. Tightly enclosed, suffocating places can genuinely freak you out. Your presence is also quite intellectual, combining your light, witty spirit with an ability to truly think and analyze. Your expressions are logical, not clouded by emotion yet still dominated by your ever-shifting thoughts. Your resting face is very clever, always seeming on the verge of a good comment.

It’s typically effortless for you to break the ice. This is one of the more outgoing Ascendants, making you very at ease around new people. In fact, you might gravitate more toward new folks, as they provide much more opportunity to satisfy your curiosity. Gemini Rising individuals are generally masterful at engaging in conversation during that first meeting, seeming to know just what to say to keep it interesting, casual, and free of awkwardness. However, if you’re feeling nervous or insecure, you might talk a bit too much when meeting someone, resulting in an uncontrollable kind of word vomit. Yet, most of the time, you will strike people with your active humor and easy social skills. You’re the kind of person who can readily joke around with someone you don’t know, as well as talk about the most random stuff with them. Gemini Rising is most likely to make a stranger laugh. 

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  1. So true! I'm a Leo with Gemini rising and mars in the first house, like Sandra.