Saturday, February 7, 2015

Libra Rising

Leonardo DiCaprio: Libra Rising

As a Libra Rising, you take that first step by weighing your options and considering how they will affect the people around you. Few are as aware of the impact of their actions on their environment as you are. Your go-to role is often that of mediator, using your people skills and intellect to bring harmony and civilization to any given situation. Your whole manner seems geared toward pleasing people or, at the least, being as reasonable as possible. As a result, you come off as a highly attractive individual, in many senses of the word. Libra Rising people seem to be able to draw people to them like bees to honey, affecting them with your inside-out air of beauty.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Libra Rising who shows how attractive people with this placement typically are. He is well renowned as a pretty boy who most people can, at least, aesthetically appreciate. But, not only is he strikingly good-looking, he has a very polite, agreeable, likable way about him. You project the same kind of uber-charm, appearing to be the kind of person that it’s difficult to dislike. There is also something quite classy about you, no matter how you’re presenting yourself. Libra Rising people behave like they just emerged from charm school, exuding an acute awareness of what to do and what not to do in social settings. More than most people, you really prefer to be liked. Your assessment of your environment involves watching for social cues of approval and disapproval, which gives you an innate skill for getting on someone’s good side.

A very polished, refined air characterizes a Libra Rising individual. You always seem cultivated to be looked at and appreciated, like a fine piece of art. Most people with this placement would not dare to step out of the house looking anything less than lovely. But, even if you’re a bit of a slob, you can still make that messiness look amazing. Leo always somehow looks like a gentleman, whether he’s in a suit at an awards show or pictured letting himself go in his down time. If there are planets conjunct this Ascendant, they are projected in very pleasant, thoughtful ways. You carry yourself with a soft, featherweight step. There is a true lightness of being to a Libra Rising’s mannerisms. You don’t move about in an aggressive or forceful manner. Instead, you seem to glide through your environment. This gracefulness defines all of your movements, as you can make something as simple as reaching for a glass seem wonderfully delicate. Your resting face is a rather polite smile and your expressions can be rather neutral but also show that you’re really thinking.

You handle new people with the same sort of utter grace and social skill. Libra Rising people know exactly how to appease someone while meeting them. Your manner of breaking the ice is very courteous and relatable, as you immediately appear to be very interested in the other person. You want to talk about them and bounce back and forth, figuring out what you have in common. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people with this Ascendant usually make a wonderful first impression. People walk away from you, distinctly feeling that you are just a really nice guy or gal. That matters a lot to you, meaning that you can put any negative or bothersome feelings aside whenever you’re being introduced to someone. Few people value that first impression like a Libra Rising. So, you will invariably be kind, charming, and polite, even if you’re feeling less than spectacular at the moment. 

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