Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pisces Rising

Michael Jackson: Pisces Rising

With Pisces Rising, your way of navigating your environment is like drifting through a dream. Therefore, taking that first step can be a confusing one, as you don’t always know just where you’re going. Yet, the flip side potential is that you approach situations by becoming a character, assuming the role that you think will best fit the environment. Pisces Rising’s role is not a constant one. It shifts shape, depending on where you find yourself or who you’re around. So, you don’t make the same impression on people twice. This placement can give off any sort of air that it wants to, although there is an underlying vulnerability or melancholy beneath all these roles.

Michael Jackson was a prototypical Pisces Rising, who had his Moon conjunct the Ascendant. He had a fragile, lost, otherworldly vibe that made you want to rescue him or pity him. He just seemed too imaginative and compassionate to be of this earth, which is how many people with this placement can appear. However, that’s the stereotypical description. Those with this Ascendant can absolutely go any which way. You are a consummate actor, capable of assuming an almost boundless range of demeanors. So, you might decide you don’t want to come off as soft and dreamy anymore. Then, you project toughness. You might not want to be tough anymore. Then, you project lightheartedness or suave cool or acerbic wit or fiery temper. For that reason, there is no “typical” Pisces Rising. You can transform your manner to become anyone you want to be, which might be confusing for others and even for yourself.

However, there are still some core characteristics that people with Pisces Rising share. You carry yourself as if you’re swept up in some kind of haze. It’s almost as if you’re sleepwalking through your environment and it’s no wonder that you probably bump into things a lot. Again, you don’t always see where you’re going. Many with this placement space out frequently, as well, and can seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol even when they’re totally sober. With this Ascendant, any possible planets conjunct it are expressed like a natural high. Michael always operated on his own wavelength and, like him, people can wonder what plane you’re on and how can they get there. Yet, not even you have this answer. Your essential mannerisms are very fluid and rhythmic, as if you’re dancing on water. I say “essential mannerisms” because they frequently change. Pisces Rising can walk and move very differently, at any given time. In fact, you often start carrying yourself like the person you’re with. Your default face can be sleepy, as if you’re about to doze off, but can also be vividly expressive and empathetic, easily moving others’ sympathies.

Your manner of breaking the ice with people is highly elusive. People can walk away from you totally buying into the illusion you’ve sold, even when the truth of your persona is quite different. Not to say that Pisces Rising is insincere or deceptive. It’s just that you meet people by assuming a character, playing out your part like it’s a film role. But, for this same reason, people might sometimes not know what to think. They sense that there’s more to you and your initial impression is clouding their deeper impression of you. Like I said, this placement can go in any direction. There is also a possibility that you can introduce yourself in a way that suggests that there are no boundaries between you two, like you knew each other in a past life. But, Pisces Rising can also ditch the social persona and truly disappear into the crowd, wanting to hide and not meet anyone.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It resonates a lot with me and I feel very much understood, you make it clearer for me to understand myself. I'm always like this, I don't feel like I have an identity when I meet someone new, I always try to see what suites me best in new situation and act.