Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sagittarius Rising

Everyone needs to make room because you’re coming through. With Sagittarius Rising, you move through your environment by taking up a lot of space. You are the type to spread yourself around, in
Marlon Brando: Sagittarius Rising
more than a few definitions of that phrase. So, thanks to those bigger-than-life mannerisms, people always know that you’ve arrived. A lot of people with Sagittarius Rising are so animated and loud that they come off much like a Looney Tunes character. Others with this placement can be somewhat subtle but there’s really no such thing as reserve with these folks. You readily play the role of the person who sweeps in to bring a truth, humor, and enthusiasm that might be missing.

Marlon Brando had a Sagittarius Rising and he is the perfect example of this placement’s aura of wildness and almost animalistic vigor. Brando was well-known for not being able to be tamed, channeling that explosive fire into his brilliant acting but also giving him the feel of a jungle creature trapped in a foreign, confining place. Like your Sagittarius Rising brother, you have this same air. You can sometimes feel trapped within your environment and compelled to break free of it, in some way. This is one of the most restless Ascendant placements, as you move about by completely feeling on the move. When you manage to sit still, though, there is an earnest straightforwardness about you that startles others. This is a Rising sign that often doesn’t understand the pretenses or social niceties of a situation, which leads to a bluntness that’s as lovable as it is embarrassing.

However, grace and refinement isn’t exactly your style. There is a clumsiness and sloppiness that defines your bearing, in many different ways. You carry yourself in a way that makes you constantly fall and flail, tripping over your feet, other people’s feet, any furniture in the way, etc. Sagittarius Rising has a manner that says that it just wants to get wherever it’s going. So, you’re quite myopic in that sense, not noticing the stumbling blocks or barriers (or walls) in your path. With this Ascendant, any planets conjunct it will be expressed in a very big, candid way. There’s no holding back your energy. Like Brando, never known for censoring himself, you project yourself in a way that’s bullshit-free. And, sometimes, it might not be appropriate. But, you don’t really think before you make a move, which further explains your klutzy energy. Sagittarius Rising people are big gesticulators, forever waving their arms, and are constantly wearing a facial expression that’s like an exclamation mark. You have a goofy vibe and always appear to be on the verge of laughter.

This is the way in which you break the ice: by being a clown. Sagittarius Rising individuals are some of the disarming people you’ll ever meet, as they have an ability to instantly joke around with someone else and lighten the vibe in the room. You’re great to have at a party because there’s really no one that you’re not willing to introduce yourself to. In fact, you enjoy getting to know a wide variety of people from different social groups, backgrounds, occupations, etc. You see meeting new people as an endless opportunity to learn something that you didn’t know before. Therefore, making new friends really expands your horizons. Those with Sagittarius Rising end up making a rather overwhelming first impression. You also have a knack for totally embarrassing yourself in front of new people with your tactless, clumsy ways. But, your fails are ultimately endearing. 

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  1. I'm a 1st decan Sagittarius rising. Excellent article!