Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scorpio Rising

Beyonce: Scorpio Rising

With Scorpio Rising, you navigate your way through situations with perceptive instincts and an inner sense of power. Your way of immediately engaging with your environment is by figuring out the ways in which you’re in control of it or not. You innately see the hierarchies of power in any situation, as well as all of the other feelings, thoughts, and motivations seething beneath the surface. So, your environmental role is often one of a detective of some sort, digging to the real truth of what’s going on. As a result, Scorpio Rising folks can have an air that makes people a bit uneasy, especially since you don’t give away your motives as eagerly as you search for others’.

Though her birth time is often debated, the belief that Beyonce Knowles has a Scorpio Rising seems to be right on point. A notoriously private woman, she has always been adamant on maintaining certain secrets of hers, even if it’s regarding something relatively harmless. She’s evidence that people with this Ascendant can give off the impression of keeping their cards close to the vest. But, you might not realize that such secrecy can breed the same kind of mistrust or wariness in others. However, there is also an intense magnetism to Scorpio Rising that can almost helplessly draw people near. You exude a raw intensity, right off the bat, that others can’t help but find fascinating. Yet, how far do they really want to plumb? Alas, you will probably resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to intimidate many people, often times when you don’t even mean to.

There is something both very powerful and rather understated about the presence of a Scorpio Rising. Your vibe is amazingly strong, deep, electrifying. However, you also have a manner that’s quiet or underplayed. You are only projecting only a fraction of what you’re really feeling; the tip of the iceberg. This is what naturally leaves people wanting more. Any planets that might be on the Ascendant are expressed with this combination of subtlety and intensity. They also make a tremendous impact. But, that’s what you’re about: power. It’s no coincidence that so many of Beyonce’s songs are about empowerment. She’s expressing the Scorpio Rising agenda. This motive makes you move about like you’re going in for the kill, though you do so in a sleek, covert style. There’s something very seductive about your mannerisms, seeming geared to cast someone under your magical spell. Your movements and expressions are distinctly controlled yet can suddenly become volatile and forceful. Your resting face, therefore, can either be quite blank and enigmatic or unnerving enough to stop someone in their tracks (which you often do, possibly to your chagrin).

Scorpio Rising folks don’t make neutral impressions on others, generally speaking. Many people walk away either loving you or hating you, often inexplicably to them. However, this might be because you either love or hate the people you first meet, using your finely tuned intuitive radar to suss out who’s worth your time from who isn’t. Therefore, your process of breaking the ice can simply involve dishing out some ice, instantly sensing that this person isn’t worth the energy. For those who you deem worthy, you put every ounce of your energy into the process. However, those with Scorpio Rising have a way of introducing themselves by hiding or veiling themselves. The conversation remains firmly focused on other things, particularly the other person. By the end, the person feels like they still know nothing about you, thus making them more intrigued. 


  1. I've read that some people with Scorpio as their rising sign aren't aware of their intensity and sexual magnetism. Why is this? Could it be from the introverted nature of the sign?

    1. It could be or the fact that the intensity of Scorpio energy can be hard to be fully aware of, especially if the person's not into astrology. But, even astrology devotees with Scorpio personal planets sometimes don't realize how intense and magnetic they're being, particularly Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising people. That energy is experienced as so natural for the person that it can often be surprising when other people react the way they do.

  2. Do all Scorpio rising people have that piercing xray eyes? Beyonce doesn't look like she has it. Maybe it depends on decan?

  3. Quick question I asked earlier on another article of yours, but I am not sure how often you, or others, check the comment sections so I wanted to ask on here as well. How would it impact someone/how might one behave, if they have 12th house Pluto in a two degree conjunction with the Ascendant, both in Scorpio? The entire 12th house is ruled by Scorpio in this Chart, and due to it being a late degree ascendant, and much of the 1st house is taken up by Sagittarius. (Mars is in the 9th.) I have been looking for an answer to this for months, and I haven't been able to really get one that is tailored to having that exact placement. Thank you so much! I love your site!

  4. Fantastic work Wayman, I have to say I absolutely love your style. No bells, no whistles or gimmicks. No need when you have unadulterated quality and profound insight. You're quite inspirational my bro. Taurus Sun, Scorpio Asc, Scorpio 12th House.