Saturday, February 7, 2015

Taurus Rising

Sheryl Crow: Taurus Rising

That first step is just one of many deliberate steps for you, due to your Taurus Rising. You’re never really in a rush and will take your time when faced with any situation. Your manner of navigating your environment, therefore, is a slow, patient one. But, wherever you plan on going, you will surely get there in due time. For this reason, you automatically play a sort of Earth Mother (or Earth Father) role in your environment. Taurus Rising people immediately come off as soothing, relaxed, and reliable. Others get the sense, right off the bat, that they can rest their head on your shoulder and absorb your grounded calm. You seem to have sprouted right up from the earth itself. 

It’s fitting that Sheryl Crow has a Taurus Rising, as she readily embodies this placement’s appealing earthiness. The music industry is full of wild, crazy characters but Sheryl’s relaxing, down-home vibe stands out and just puts you at ease. You have the same kind of air about you. Not only does your rootedness make you seem really chill, it also gives the impression that you’re a very solid character. There is a firmness to individuals with Taurus Rising that mirrors the very ground that we walk on. You are unshakable in your demeanor, far from easily rattled. People with this Ascendant are generally the types to remain unperturbed in situations get most people running and jumping with fear, anxiety, or overexcitement. Even if you don’t exactly feel this calm, you have the air of always being so, which is why the very rare moments where you fully freak out are so remarkable.

There is something very sensible about the way that you carry yourself. Your Taurus Rising means that you move about in ways that don’t overexert or expend too much energy. You know just how to use this energy, meaning that there’s a slow, measured quality to your movements. People do get the sense that you’re taking everything step by step, which can cause impatience in more urgent types. But, the more they rush you, the more insistently steady you’ll remain. What’s the hurry, anyway? Even if there is a hurry, you see no reason in racing about. If any planets are conjunct the Ascendant, they are projected with this salt-of-the-earth sensibility. Sheryl seems like all she needs are the simple things in life, as do you. But, there is also a naturally beautiful quality to the typical Taurus Rising, even if you’re not conventionally attractive. You just appeal to the five senses, like gazing at a sunset or staring at a finely painted picture. Even your voice is music to the ears. Your resting face is unshaken and peaceful. It often seems like you’re enjoying something.

Taurus Rising is distinctly cautious with new people. Again, the issue of taking your time comes into play. However, as reserved or hesitant as you might be, you are also usually very pleasant during first meetings. So, the initial impression you can make is of someone who is perfectly nice and lovely but not much else. Taurus Rising people most likely take a few meetings to fully break the ice. The more you gain a sense of where your footing is with this person, the more you’re capable of engaging with them. This is why you’re more apt than the average person to just stick with people you know. It’s an approach that can be the result of feelings of uncertainty on your part. But, it’s also just the way you like to go about these kinds of situations and you stick to it. Your solidity also instantly comes through, as you go through the introductory rituals firmly and with good sense. 

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  1. I have this rising but I also have Saturn and Jupiter conjunct it and Uranus and Mercury square it so how exactly would these energies play out?