Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mars in the 8th House

People with their Mars in the 8th House have huge reserves of passion and focus to channel toward their goals and endeavors. The desires of the Mars sign are intensified in this house, sometimes to an overwhelming degree. Gemini Mars in the 8th House, for example, would take their desire for communication and mental stimulation to impassioned extremes. However, the desire nature of an 8th House Mars individual can also become downright destructive, if taken too far. These people want what they want so ferociously, and sometimes so desperately, that they are willing to push themselves all the way to the edge to get it. And they might just end up plummeting off the cliff.

But, the intensity of confrontations, formidable challenges, and the facing of fears gets their blood-pumping. Mars is at home in the 8th House, giving these individuals a ferocity that shouldn’t be underestimated. What scares the hell out of most people is something that they simply find invigorating. Though 8th House Mars people don’t flinch or waver, this doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily as fearless as they might seem to be. In fact, they might be full of fear, which is why they are so driven to conquer their fears. This position can instill some unnecessary paranoia, especially in situations where they’re powerless or not in control. Mars in the 8th individuals can feel constantly thrown into fated situations that are out of their control. These dilemmas can sometimes be totally catastrophic, forcing them to look inward, be reborn, and strengthen their inner resources.

Yet, few people can survive like those with an 8th House Mars. If they learn to focus on developing their inner power, instead of obsessively trying to be in control of their environment, an incredible strength and courage can emerge. These are the kinds of people you want in an emergency situation. Many people with this placement know how to keep a cool lid on their intense passions when they need to, controlling themselves and focusing on the matter at hand. Other people with this Mars might be more expressive and reactive but it’s still rare for them to helplessly collapse when faced with trouble. Instead, they charge right ahead in the face of danger, confident in their ability to survive. It’s just important for them to remember that they’re not invincible.

Mars in the 8th House is very driven but is often better suited at directing their drive toward more intuitive or spiritual things. They have an incredible kind of radar, focusing and sharpening the observational powers of their Mars sign to cut right to the core of a situation. Virgo Mars in the 8th, therefore, isn’t going to let absolutely anything get by them. Their approach to taking action is to read the situation and intuitively feel their way through it. Gut responses and insights are their hidden weapon, which can sometimes make people feel a bit uneasy, as if they are concealing secrets from you or nonverbally sizing you up. Well, they are. But, 8th House Mars people feel energized by digging below the surface. When they are forced to take a very superficial, simple approach, it’s rather disheartening. They desire a case to solve and are exceptionally good at it. But, they have to also remember that a cigar can sometimes just be a cigar.

Because of their detective-like drive and determination, any sort of activity that involves unraveling mysteries and uncovering the truth is where they can achieve the most. You don’t want to bet against the typical 8th House Mars person’s penetrating insight. They can strongly assert themselves as researchers, psychologists, spiritualists, or artists, due to their uncanny understanding of human nature and unseen forces. But, it’s this same understanding that can turn many moments with them into a constant game of chess. They know how to predict your next move, as well as leave you in the dark as far as theirs. Mars in the 8th House isn’t quick to reveal their motives. The trickiest of these people are the ones who seem like such open books. They might be outspoken and even unfiltered. But, they are always aware of what to reveal and what to conceal. So, they might be playing the ultimate trick of seeming to give away everything when they are actually full of secrets.

And since there is so much stored up inside of them, it can be very shocking to some when it all comes spilling out. The temper of a Mars in the 8th House person can be quite devastating. All of this darkness seems to bubble up and drives them to brutally aim for the jugular, in a way that seems intent on annihilating the other person. Because of this reason, people with this placement usually learn how to gain a kind of self-control over their temper that allows them to let go of their anger more easily. They hopefully learn to relax more and/or express their frustration or dissatisfaction right away, preventing the build up that leads to the immense explosion.

Still, this is a highly passionate placement, motivated by a smoldering fire within that cannot be put out. Sometimes, the passion and intensity of those with Mars in the 8th are just ever so visible, but not fully detected. Sometimes, these qualities burst out so strongly that they startle others. There is usually a lot of sex appeal that goes with having an 8th House Mars. These people simmer with raw sexuality and power, in a way that mesmerizes those around them and gains really intense responses from people. Sex is something they like to dive in wholeheartedly, stripping away everything (literally and figuratively) in order to really let loose. It might seem as if they are saving up a lot of their energy for their bedroom, using it as a visceral outlet for their passion. They desire someone who can meet them on their level. Basically, they like getting animalistic, so people who are restrained, hesitant, or detached in their sexual nature will be a turn-off for them.

This brings up the issue of desire, again, because it’s something that a Mars in the 8th House person needs to come to terms with. They must maintain their laser-focus drive without becoming too attached to their desires and that includes people. Having this placement can make you very obsessive over the object of your lust and/or affection, particularly if they reject you. To be blunt, there is a stalker streak within these people, which is when the dark side of not getting what they want overwhelms them. It’s just that they have such a tremendous desire to connect on a very deep level with someone else that it’s often excruciating when it’s not returned. But, this desire can be properly directed by focusing their attention on those that give them the attention they deserve.

With Mars in the 8th, being very sexual is something that also needs to be fully accepted, which can be tough to do in an often sex-negative culture. But, sex-positivity is one of the highest expressions of this placement. Though they’re often very subtle or very private about it, sex is a total preoccupation with them, to a point where it might become rather difficult to handle. But, Mars represents what we have to act on in order to feel invigorated. So, the intensity of their sexual desires needs to be constantly explored and expressed. It’s like this very primal being inside of them that insists on being fed. This is where the sexiness of many 8th House Mars people comes in because they give off these really powerful vibrations of always being ready to get it on. And they typically don’t disappoint in bed, either, with their highly intuitive sense of what to do and when. Understanding people as accurately and deeply as they do, being an amazing lover and pushing all of the right buttons seems to come very easily to them. 


  1. So accurate. I am surrounded by many with this placement. My mum and sister for example have this placement. Both Scorpio sun's and my sister has libra moon sextile her Pluto and Pluto in opposition to ascendant. Pluto is in seventh house in her natal chart. Both are immensely powerful women with an astounding ability to dig up peoples secrets and just know what's going to happen next. People often underestimate them especially my mother yet they use this to their advantage. It's an intriguing position. Thanks for the article Wayman.

  2. This is SO ACCURATE i have venus in pisces and mars in pisces the 8th house on the cusp of pisces. this is probably the most accurate I've come across so far! (as I've done a of research :p). can get a little lost in it. heh! ^>^ <3 awesome post.

  3. I have Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house but the sign on my 8th house cusp is Virgo!!

  4. I have Algol Mars in 8th house, trines Libra Saturn and Jupiter on my Asc 1st house and my Pluto in 1st house. This is an extremely accurate description!! Thank you!! I am very suspicious deep down, but on the outward appearances, I look and feel like the most receptive person in the world. I like misleading people and letting them think they're smarter and better than me....meanwhile I go undetected and score victories without contest. ��������

  5. Chiron (cancer), mars (cancer) and jupiter (gemini) in 8th house
    Hmmm.. What do you think? 😁

  6. Thank you for this, I can now make peace with things that have been troubling me for a long time!

  7. I have 8th house Mars in Pisces. I think it kind of subdues the effects.

  8. i have venus/mars here in leo. thank you for the detailed description about these placements because now it's easier to make sense and maintain these energies in/outward.

  9. You nailed this! Lol! I have my Venus conjunct Mars in the 8th conjunct North Node in Cancer in the 8th (cusp 9th). My Nessus and Vertex are also in Gemini in the 8th. For me, I especially notice my Mars in Gemini because when I get upset - though I've learned to manage it well, but if pushed, I "fight with my mouth" (that is, I can get verbally nasty and/or intense, direct and daunting - all with my mouth. Ugh). Couple that with my Cappy Moon in the 3rd house, and well... I probably should have been an attorney. Lol!