Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Neptune in the 12th House

People with Neptune in the 12th House have an entire Universe within that they might even struggle to know and understand. Neptune is in its ruling house here, which can bring out both the best and the worst of the 12th House. The negative aspects of disassociation, projection, and self-victimization can run rampant. But, this can also be the most transcendental, inspirational 12th House planet of all. It does all depend on what the 12th House Neptune individual chooses to do with this energy. These people are highly gifted on psychic and creative levels. Their potential to heal and bless the world and themselves is enormous. But, their Neptune needs to be owned first.

12th House planets usually go into hiding during our childhood. Their expression is often shamed by one or both of the parents, not fitting into the 1st House picture that they want to paint of us. And Neptune in the 12th can experience this early guilt and projection on a very deep level. These kids are often criticized for their high sensitivity and their ability to dream and drift. It’s not the realistic, thick-skinned personality that their parents want to see. Therefore, this part of themselves becomes repressed. It’s sad that the 12th House Neptune child’s amazing compassion and imagination is often rejected like this. It’s on account of their parents being too “practical” to value wild dreaming as well as being rather selfish. In extreme cases, they may even be insensitive and cruel.

So, when we learn to hide our 12th House planets, we start seeing them out in the world. At an unevolved level, these qualities become the world’s problem, not our own. Therefore, a repressed Neptune in the 12th person can feel like they’re constantly coming up against impractical, unrealistic people. Those with Neptune in this house are the chameleons of chameleons. So, they can readily blend into the more pragmatic parts of the world, distancing themselves from their unearthly inner Neptune. It’s a cold, hard reality, as their parents have constantly taught them, and they strive to adapt to it. However, this shape-shifting only becomes more and more desperate. It’s actually a form of them running from the fact that they are not realistic, which is generally not a bad thing, and that, deep down, they feel like they are not of this world.
"Private Moon" by Leonid Tishov and Boris Bendikov

The cruelty of mankind can disturb them to the core but, in the midst of their playacting, they might convince themselves that they’re unaffected by it. It’s no doubt that most 12th House Neptune people learn to develop very thick skins. They feel like they have to, in order to survive. So, it can be common for those with this placement to appear to be the least victimized. On the surface, that is. On the inside, they are very tormented by the pain of others, to the point where they might disassociate from it. Neptune in the 12th House feels like everyone else is so fragile and so vulnerable. They are very affected by people who are hurt, lost, confused, or rejected. But, they can fail to realize or admit just how incredibly fragile and vulnerable they themselves are. Their high sensitivity seems to magnify the pain of others. Failing to accept this sensitivity makes things worse.

People with Neptune in this house, therefore, victimize themselves through their denial and their constant disguise-wearing. They can desperately assume whatever role is needed in order to survive the world and not be crushed by it, especially if Neptune is conjunct their Ascendant. But, this can cause a rising break from reality, to the point where they no longer know what or who is real anymore. This is why Neptune in the 12th House can be so intent on burrowing themselves in what’s not real: the make-believe land of movies, books, or other endless fantasies. Therefore, these people’s self-victimization can be deeply private and inward, more so than other 12th House folks. Escape is a particular tool of undoing, whether it’s through isolation, delusion, or addiction. Mental and emotional breakdowns are commonly experienced with this position, even though many people who know them might not have a clue, especially if Pluto or Scorpio is a big influence in the chart.

Now, all of this can be overcome, of course. Often times, it’s after all of this suffering that the light at the end of the tunnel is found. Neptune in the 12th usually experiences life in this redemptive kind of way. A big part of this process is finding the strength to bring their Neptune into awareness. 12th House planets are beautiful blessings once they are acknowledged and integrated into consciousness. We become victims of them when we only see them “out there.” But, when we see them both in ourselves and in others, we can express them with compassion and forgiveness. And since Neptune is all about compassion and forgiveness, this is a big part of the process here.

Basically, Neptune in the 12th House people have to totally accept what it means to be a human being: all of the fragility, fears, dreams, and every other color on the spectrum of mankind. The rather hardened attitude of the parents needs to be discarded and their softer, fluid side must emerge with total understanding and grace. They are very sensitive, intuitive, and unworldly beings. Even though this is not always valued in society, 12th House Neptune needs to realize their yearning to transcend the limitations of our society. These are the same limits that allow people to judge, abuse, mistreat, and reject others so harshly. Learning to do away with these things is what allows them to honor and respect the Neptunian humanity within us all. This allows them to empathize with everyone, as well as see a little bit of everyone within themselves.

"Breath of Autumn" by Dmitry Spiros
This is one of the most artistic placements of all. They contain multitudes, capable of expressing the entire range of the human experience and beyond. Once Neptune is fully brought to the surface in the personality, there are virtually no boundaries. Neptune in the 12th House individuals can make incredibly inspired artists. 12th House planets are perfect for being directed toward creativity and this house’s ruling planet, Neptune, is especially so. An extraordinary imagination and depth is available to be tapped into. There is something very transcendent about these artists’ skills, once they’ve realized their gifts. It’s like they have actually entered into another world. Neptune is all about the world beyond this one and art is the ideal opportunity to experience these different realms. Their creative abilities seem channeled from somewhere else that mystifies even them. It can be an almost supernatural process, as if they’re being possessed by some force.

There can also be a haunting vulnerability to these artists, at their best, eerily speaking right to some mysterious, moving place within your soul. But, they are mysterious souls themselves. Neptune in the 12th people, even in their everyday lives, are deeply touching and deeply touched. At the evolved level, they are capable of seeing right through people, as if they’re made of glass. The breakable quality that we all share is something that they can feel out and understand, as well as man’s potential for healing and saving. They grow by discarding worldly values, realizing that no one’s suffering should be dismissed or devalued. And by doing so, they can stop dismissing their own suffering, allowing their profoundly vulnerable side to be acknowledged and healed.

Yes, it is only fair to point out that Neptune in the 12th cannot save the world and shouldn’t break their back trying to. One of the biggest forms of victimization for this placement can be through attracting constant victims who suck them dry for their good will and compassion. Some boundaries are necessary. However, there are enough greedy people in the world out for self. So, society needs the wonderfully giving spirit of the 12th House Neptune person. Those boundaries will naturally resolve themselves if they keep seeing the need for healing in themselves and others. Therefore, they can recognize when they need to withdraw some and take care of themselves and when they’re healthy and full enough to give to other people.

A free-spirited sense of surrender characterizes a well-adjusted 12th House Neptune. These are the kinds of people who can live every day as if it were a dream, even if they can still function in the more mundane sphere of life. They find a sheer sense of bliss in the other worlds they create. And if anyone can be familiar with true, heavenly bliss, it’s these people. Why is that? Because Heaven isn’t a place on Earth, is it? So, Neptune in the 12th House can intuitively understand that their happiness will never be found on this earthly plane. That’s why they can feel secure in (healthily) escaping into another realm. They know it’s their soul’s calling to do so, as well as everyone else’s. Isn’t there a reason why our culture worships films and music so much? They give us what “the real world” can’t. A 12th House Neptune soul can come to see this transcendence as a human birthright.

The happiest of these individuals are ones who follow an artistic path, as it will allow them the nonlinear flow and creative self-expression they yearn so much for. They adore the freelance life, working whenever they wish, instead of on a rigid time clock, and getting as much of that sleep as they love so much. It’s very easy for Neptune in the 12th House folks to sleep for up to nine, sometimes ten, hours a day. Dreams are a highly important thing for these people and manifest in a really powerful way, especially if Neptune is in major aspect to the Moon. Like Uranus in the 12th, their dreams can be really odd and nonsensical. But, if anyone understands the messages of these dreams, it’s them. Sometimes, it’s in a way that they can just feel deep down in their bones.

Of course, the intuition of this placement is off the charts, particularly when it’s trusted and channeled. Neptune in the 12th is psychic. There’s really no getting around that. But, their psychic abilities can make their lives very chaotic, if they don’t understand them and are just overwhelmed by them. Deciphering their feelings from others’ can be difficult but is not impossible. Visualization tricks are usually the key to this, like imagining themselves in a white bubble or actually seeing a drawn line between them and the other person. Then, they can perceive the energies with more clarity. 12th House Neptune people can also have a tremendously healing touch. Sometimes, this is literal, as there can be a strong motivation toward healing, especially if Neptune aspects Mars. But, it can also just be in their energy field. They just thoroughly understand you, as one human to another, almost as if you already know each other.


  1. I've just found out this blog, and I'm really enjoying your articles. Isn't astrology amazing? lol
    I'm a fellow Neptune in the 12th, conjunct Sun in Sagittarius, with a Capricorn ascendant, and boy isn't this the truth: "12th House planets usually go into hiding during our childhood. Their expression is often shamed by one or both of the parents, not fitting into the 1st House picture that they want to paint of us." My mother, a Virgo Sun and Venus, with Scorpio Moon, with no personal planets (or rising) on fire signs, wanted a Capricorn child (she had a Cap descendant), she did the math and everything, but I decided to be born before the time, and there she was, with a Saggie girl in her arms, BUT with a Cap ascendant :-) (God sort of satisfied her wish, in a way).
    That was the side of me she always preferred. She wanted me to be more serene, less running around games, more siting down playtime.

    "These are the kinds of people who can live every day as if it were a dream, even if they can still function in the more mundane sphere of life. They find a sheer sense of bliss in the other worlds they create." Absolute truth! But, also a problem. I've been the queen of escapism... Not even a Cap Rising, with Mars (in the 2nd) square Saturn, and MC/Pluto/Moon conjunction, have saved me from that. Till today. I hope. I'll try.. We'll see, lol

    Thanks for the article! :-)

  2. Thanks, Suzi! We've got even more in common because I'm also Cap Rising with Moon-Pluto-MC conjunct. Maybe that's part of why you enjoy the articles! :)

    Anyways, I would recommend that you find a positive outlet for your escapism. 12th House Neptune needs to escape. You can't live without it but find forms of escape that are productive and creative not just unhealthy forms of addiction or delusion.

    1. And again... Thanks for the reply :-)

      My forms of escapim have been... TV shows, films, and... talking to myself, lol. A bonafide maladaptive daydreamer. And yes, when I get to do something creative, like photography, or graphic design, it does gets better... :-)

      Anyways, thanks again.

    2. Mr. Stewart we need to talk ASAP. My name is Grace Holmes. 9/21/78 2:01 PM San Francisco, CA look at that NOW. You posted at 11:11. Neptune 12th house Sag, Sag Rising, Virgo/Libra Cusp, Gemini Moon. Mars and Venus in Scorpio. You get what I am saying here? We are in a situation right now. A VERY NOT SO GREAT ONE.

  3. Any political representatives with Neptune in Sagittarius in the Twelfth...?

    1. I have Neptune in Sag 12th house [Stationary] closely square Moon conjunct MC in Virgo.....I'm deeply committed to Green politics & creating more environmental responsibility. I'm curious as to why you associate this position with politics?

    2. YO UNIVERSAL ONE WORK? We are in some shit guys. BIG TIME. Are you feeling this? My Solar Return brought my Neptune in the 12th house RIGHT BACK and the WAKE UP call was NOT SO GOOD.

  4. Thank you so much for your article!!Now I can understand why I am this way.Neptune conj Mars in 12th and trine the Moon in 8th.

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I'm so deeply touched by the truth of it. It cleared many things for me and my path.

  6. This was very informative. I have Neptune conj. Jupiter in 12th. I am trying to formalise my psychic abilities and be of service instead of wasting them just sitting around...ha :)

  7. I really liked this blog post, thank you!
    I have Neptune in my 12th (in sagittarius) which is also my ascendant (sag)... My Neptune trines Mercury and trines Saturn and sextiles my Pluto. I'll have to read more into all of this. :)

    1. I also have Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th with a Sagittarius ascendant. Neptune opposes my sun and trines my mars.

  8. The way u use the words is really Poetic and it suits this placement very well :) i have neptune in 12th conjunct my ascendant and 8th ruler mercury. I have always Drawn into mystic things and occult studies. My moon also on 8th house. My ascendant in capricorn actually i suit it but when i first met people they think im dark mysterious elusive, enigmatic. I appear to them someone kind of a witch if be honest. is it because my neptune placement? Or 8th house moon?

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