Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scorpio Midheaven: An Enigma to the World

 ***Also for if you have Pluto conjunct Midheaven

With a Scorpio Midheaven, you are on a life-long mission to discover secrets and uncover the truth. You succeed in the world by being a detective, no matter what your actual profession is. You need a career that provides you with various mysteries to solve and explore. And you can do this with an incredible radar. People with their Midheaven in Scorpio make their way through their public and working environment with an innate perceptiveness. You can call it whatever you want: a lie detector, a bullshit detector, a truth serum. But, no one in your community can be fake, evasive, or insincere for long around you, which is part of what can make people quite nervous around you.

It’s your life goal to be powerful but you must make sure you’re pursuing this power in the right sense of the word. You must empower yourself first before you seek external power from the world. And you’ll find yourself enduring situations where you have to find that inner power. Scorpio Midheaven people, in some way or another, endure something traumatic or turbulent in their life path. Either the road to success or your time in the public eye will involve some sort of abuse, loss, addiction, self-destruction, or death. And the thing that might be most upsetting, especially to a very private soul like you, is that these traumas you’ve suffered will inevitably become public knowledge. But, you should embrace this process, as it will push you to use your status in the world as a means to be an example of strengthening, healing, and transforming yourself.

Daniel Day-Lewis: Neptune conjunct Midheaven in Scorpio
With this placement, fulfillment in your career comes from bringing about transformation. Daniel Day-Lewis has Neptune conjunct his Scorpio Midheaven. And shape-shifting Neptune provides Day-Lewis with an even greater ability to cast a spell on his audience and deeply transform himself into his characters, in a way that very few actors can match. Daniel is one of the most respected actors alive (and many would say he’s the best actor alive). He’s so formidable that he’s in his own league. And his Scorpio Midheaven gives him that ability to achieve that worldly power. But, this is not the kind of power that a Capricorn Midheaven will achieve. It’s not based on the tangible or the practical but on all the intangibles of life that you’ll make a lucrative career out of tapping into.

But, how much do we really know about Daniel Day-Lewis? As much as he wants us to know, as having elusive Neptune on his Scorpio Midheaven makes him a master at disappearing in-between the films he selectively does. That only furthers the air of mystery that defines his public persona. With the Midheaven in Scorpio, you became compelled, starting in adolescence, to control and/or manipulate your public image through projecting this unfathomable nature. As much you wanted to solve mysteries out in the world, you also decided that you were going to be a mystery to solve. So, you became an enigma: sending out red herrings, taking on various guises, disappearing or keeping quite a few secrets in order to keep your peers guessing. They could never really figure you out. Those with this position who are more self-exposing and extroverted are even more enigmatic because they seem so open but you're definitely only getting a piece of the puzzle.

This leads to your lifelong reputation for being sort of unnerving. In high school, you developed into an unknown element in the world, in some way. And people are naturally scared of the unknown, so it’s something that could’ve intimidated your classmates, even if they couldn’t exactly put their finger on what it was about you. But, that also manifested in a positive sense, as well. Midheaven in Scorpio teenagers just have that “it” factor. What is it? Who knows? Yet, that’s what makes your peers driven to decipher you, starting in high school and extending into adulthood. It’s also what brings out a very wide and often extreme range of responses to you from the public.

There are the people who can be irrationally negative toward you, often for no reason. Scorpio Midheaven folks can make enemies out of people they’ve never even bothered, all because this person is somehow off-put by their power. So, you really have to learn the heavy weight that comes with the power you want so badly. Just when you get it, there will be more than a few vultures waiting to take you down. What you have to learn, so this doesn’t make you angry, bitter, resentful, or paranoid, is that no one can ever take your power away, even if they attempt to hurt you or destroy you publicly. Those with Midheaven in Scorpio eventually discover that, in order to survive and stay positive in the world, maintaining a Teflon sort of demeanor is necessary.

It doesn’t mean that you have to think of yourself as invincible. It just means that you have to learn to utilize the powerful wisdom of knowing who and what to respond to. The haters are not worth even a drop of your energy. And your attitude is like sheer magic in this sense. The less energy Scorpio Midheaven people give to their detractors, the less detractors they actually have. At the very least, these voices aren’t so loud anymore. Your energy field out in the world is so powerful. The more you remain unapologetic, fearless yet also without a chip on your shoulder in the face of the haters, the weaker their effect will be. When people realize they can’t do much damage, they move on.

On the flip side, there are the people who are extremely infatuated with you. Even though you might terrify people, sometimes, you also have a knack for completely drawing people in. Again, how you do so is a mystery. If you have any planets conjunct your Midheaven, they’re projected in a very complicated, magnetic, and deep manner. So, the effect of your image on others is tremendous. You may make people totally obsessed with you, in a positive, adoring-fan way, and you’re often surprised to know the strength of many people’s devotion to you. In some token, they’re only giving what you’re giving them, as you’re so absolutely devoted to what you do in the world that your intense passion is reciprocated. People sense those depths and want to dive in.

This can also bring on some frightening situations for you, as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Scorpio Midheaven who hasn’t been stalked, at some point. I’m not necessarily talking to the point of your life being in danger, although that unfortunately wouldn’t be too surprising. But, just about everyone with this placement has been in a pretty dramatic situation where someone was so obsessed with them that they wouldn’t let up. And even though it might have made you want to file a restraining order, a part of you wants to be obsessed over by people in the world. So, you sometimes invite this response, even though another part of you hates being overwhelmed by it.

The thing is that you often don’t understand your appeal to the public. Well, you do and you don’t. Midheaven in Scorpio people know that they’re very alluring and have this huge influence over others. But, you have no idea where the source of this great power is and you’re fine with that. Your goal is to be as much of a riddle to yourself as you are to others. This drives you to keep digging and digging within, finding undiscovered answers that will keep pushing you on your life path. You never want to touch the bottom of your soul throughout this whole journey. You always want to have more to unravel. Doing so through your career would be an excellent bet.

You’ll find many great artists with a Scorpio Midheaven, as the arts provide this opportunity for deep introspection that you’re so motivated by. And when you go there, you really go there. Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most famous Method actors, with a process for getting inside of his character that seems to almost swallow him whole. Whatever you do with your life, you don’t want to go half way. You want to really immerse yourself in it. You must be passionate about your work. That’s crucial. If not, you will virtually destroy what you do. Scorpio can create or destroy. So, you can make incredible strides and do wonderful things or, if you hate what you do, you can sabotage yourself, over and over again, until you wake up, get the message, and transform your life.

So, you won’t find many with this placement being in a profession just for the money. Few of them struggle with focus, either. Since you were a teenager, you were fiercely focused on your future goals, even though you probably didn’t share them freely. But, there is this long-held yearning within a Scorpio Midheaven adolescent. They just dream of making a change in their lives and gaining command over it. Therefore, you perceived what those changes needed to be and how to implement them yet in ways that were deeply inspired. This is a placement that makes for a person who powerfully senses their destiny, usually from some life-changing moment, and is never the same after that, forever obsessed with that vision of the future.

As an authority figure, you are determined to change things. In fact, you’ll do this, regardless. This is what gives many Midheaven in Scorpio employees an air of danger, somehow. Others sense that there’s something about you; that you’re some kind of catalyst for something. The changes you implement can be as small as transforming things or the atmosphere in the workplace. But, on a wider scope, you can really change the way the game’s played in your field as well as break glass ceilings. Planets conjunct your Midheaven will show your strategies for doing so. And because of your mysterious mixture of really drawing people to you yet still scaring them a bit, you make for an excellent leader. That is, just as long as you’re not wielding your amazing power selfishly but to help others. If not, you can inspire a mutiny from others that forces you to eat some humble pie.

But, once you get going, you really get going. Your work can be downright astonishing, in some way or another. Day-Lewis’ acting never fails to be a tour-de-force, giving him that huge gravitas he has. You have the potential to possess just as much weight in your profession. Much of what makes you incredible at what you do is the highly accurate insight and perceptiveness behind it. Your insightfulness is uncanny and even psychic. It’s another way that you just manage to spook people. But, again, this is what your mission is. You want to have a tremendous impact. Just like you don’t want to go halfway, you don’t want people to be affected by you in a lukewarm manner.

This also extends to your sex appeal, which is another aspect of your public image. With a Scorpio Midheaven, a strong sexiness is usually transmitted to the world. This is something you have to grapple with, as you may have love-hate feelings toward this persona. A part of you worries about being obsessed over to the point where it’s threatening or being seen as a “dirty freak.” Yet, another part of you really loves being this sex symbol and feels empowered by it. So, embrace the second sensibility. You have the power to seduce the world and should use it healthily. Those with the Midheaven in Scorpio get very lustful, primal reactions from all kinds of people in their community. The fact that you can exude that sexuality and that unspoken promise of something mind-blowing without actually having to give it away to everyone only seals the deal of that fascination.

And that is evident out in public, where you’re bound to get a lot of stares. But, what are they getting back in return? When you’re out and about, you always have this air of privacy around you. If you’re having lunch with a friend or spending time with your partner, it can seem like you’re the only two people in the world. Yet, when you do interact with strangers, there’s something very intimate and often even erotic about these exchanges. People who don’t even know you often feel very connected with you and like you’re looking right into their soul. Scorpio Midheaven is an expert people-watcher, especially since you know how to do it with great subtlety. You’re incredibly observant, picking up every little thing in your public environment. And you always have a way of seeming in control, of not only yourself of but what’s happening around you. Even when you’re having fun and seemingly letting loose, you still know exactly what you’re doing.


  1. Yay! New series! I always look forward to your posts, although I noticed you've been posting quite rarely recently :(
    Best regards..

  2. This was one of the most informed, exacting yet uncanny articles that I have read in quite some time. I absolutely loved it! Ive never heard of this midheaven position described this way. Do you have a specific blog Web address? I would be interested in more of your work. This article kind of shook me up regarding how accurate it is. Please send me your website address.

    1. Oh my gosh man I felt the same way! This was extremely accurate in every way! I always felt these things but now I can put it into words thanks author!

    2. Oh my gosh man I felt the same way! This was extremely accurate in every way! I always felt these things but now I can put it into words thanks author!

  3. Omg, I couldn't believe how this was exactly me. I am floored. I also have neptune conjunct mc. Everything in this article had my stamp on it.....incl stalking and unnerving people. Thank you as the wrter must have a scorp mc to be so perceptive. Whatever book you write, I will buy.

  4. I am so schocked at this moment. This article is like details of my life. I've never read before an article more truthful in Midheaven in Scorpio than this one. From the childhood trauma, to the obsessive stalking behavior from my ex (he was an Aries Sun but I don't know the rest of his chart) also some other stalking from another person whom I know, I have a filter when I'm outside in a social setting I am suspicious of everyone and think and immediately believe they have a motive, to some people immediately NOT liking me at all without knowing me AT ALL and they didn't liked me for absolutely no legitimate reason. Unexplainably it would just happened like with a couple of people I knew at the job I used to have. Also when I used to attend school and this girl didn't liked me at all and i didn't even have any classes with her nor had I seen her before in the school hallways and she let me know right away she didn't liked me she tried to sabotage me many times after since letting me know. I'm a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon so having more reserved Capricorn Rising and Scorpio Midheaven is a contradiction because I am so guarded in public settings.

    1. This is my Midheaven, too, and I had quite a few situations like that in my late teens, when I was first figuring out how to express this energy. Then, I made it my goal, throughout my twenties, to not be suspicious of people and to not negatively obsess over people's hidden motives; to just relax into things and trust that untrustworthy or fake people will reveal their true colors eventually, without worrying about it, and that I'll survive it and move on. And amazingly, I can't think of the last time I had an enemy-for-no-reason situation.

      We really do create our lives and our attitudes make such a difference. That's true for everyone but especially for Scorpio Midheavens because our energy is so powerful. That's why I said that the less energy you invest in those haters, with this placement, the less they will exist or, at least, cause you any trouble. But, if you worry about who hates you, someone will just show up to hate you for no good reason. Scorpio energy needs to be expressed wisely and consciously or else it'll be nothing but drama.

    2. Also, don't forget that you also have the power to make people like you in a strongly positive way, as well. I don't want to brag but I do find that nowadays the majority of people respond to me very well. Scorpio is that emotional water energy so this Midheaven can also make you bring out really beautiful reactions out of people, as well, as long as you're putting positive vibes out there, not suspicious, controlling ones.

  5. Sometimes when I read about Sorpio Midheaven I feel like reading about Sun/Pluto aspects but this is completly different isn't it? The Midheaven is just our public self so people just see us as powerful while a Sun/Pluto IS powerful?....

  6. omg, im shocked too, how can you write this (sr for my English), I had quite a few situations like that in my highschool too, and then i was supprised and don't know what i should do? and then now i read your article and wwow...exactly!!!
    I have Midheaven in scorpio in 10th h, with scorpio conj Midh and my Midheaven trine moon, sextile venus, uranus, neptune; and square mercury,saturn,chiron. :)
    but i think i don't have enemy, just have 1 person- haters for no reason?? in my workplace, or maybe have someone who i don't really know and notice!?

  7. This is me 100% I gave a shop assistant a hot flush the other day and she playfully followed me round the supermaket. And as a child I constanly day dreamed about my future. I love having this sighn I just with thiese kinds of sighns were easy to know about.

  8. thank you. Just discovered my birth time was incorrect (after 22 years) and reading this about my mid-heaven seems just right...finally.

  9. Your posts are enlightening.. thanks for posting your thoughts..

  10. Lovely post! Pluto in conjunction with Midheaven, and for no reason some people love me and hate me and some have stalked me. Some of them threatened me and I am a non violent person. The first post I read was about stellium in 11th: WoW! Never read something like that before, you´ve got to the point. Thank you Wayman Stewart! I´ve got impressed. As a Scorpio Midheaven you went far to bring these powerful visions which you are sharing with us!