Friday, August 7, 2015

Mercury-Pluto Aspects: The X-Ray

If you have Mercury conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Pluto, you are the x-ray. This is the way that your mind works, giving everything and everyone a scan and seeing into all of the graphic details that lie hidden beneath the information you’ve been presented. Mercury represents our comprehensive and communicative abilities while Pluto is the digger, the energy with the powers of sharp perception. So, on one hand, this gives you an ability to fiercely focus and get down to the nitty-gritty. On the other hand, this talent can feel like a bit of a curse because it allows you to see things that you sometimes don’t want to see. But, that’s just how your mind works!

When taken too far, this trait can easily turn into a total paranoia and suspicion that you can’t turn off. This is often more so the case for those with the square and the opposition; sometimes, the conjunction, as well (which can be both a difficult and a seamless aspect). But, even those with the sextile and the trine might find themselves not believing that the cigar is just a cigar. You can be constantly convinced that there’s always something else to all of this; that there’s some ulterior motive that people just aren’t telling you. If you have this mindset, conversations can obviously take on a tense or uncomfortable tone. Others can feel like they’re being grilled by a detective.

This attitude colored your approach in your school years. Mercury’s sign, house, and aspects determine how we intellectually performed from about kindergarten to the 12th grade. It’s how we learned, how well we took to school and the classroom, and what subjects were our favorite. With a Mercury-Pluto aspect, you could’ve been a tremendous student, thanks to that high level of focus and concentration you’re capable of. If you had the proper confidence and discipline, you were unstoppable. You could obsess over anything that you had been taught, as your mind is very obsessive-compulsive, and break it all down so that you understood everything.

But, that suspicious part of your mind could’ve stepped in to sabotage things regularly, as well. Mercury-Pluto students tend to be quite untrusting toward their teachers. They just tell you these things and you’re supposed to take them at face value? No, thanks. You probably did your best learning outside of the classroom, where you could sit with that textbook and decipher the answers for yourself. Because of this, students with a Mercury-Pluto aspect are quite subversive toward their teachers, which consequently makes teachers feel suspicious toward them. It’s not in the way that a Mercury-Uranus kid rebels against the classroom. It’s more so in Mercury-Pluto’s drive to prove that their teacher is kind of full of it and even take them down. You were an element of danger. You saw the weaknesses in their logic and might not have been shy about calling them on it, especially if Mercury is in a Fire or Air sign. You were that way toward the whole system, being that kid who insists that they have the right answer, even when the textbook says that they’re wrong.

This might have been because you were just extremely passionate about learning. But, your subversive attitude also could’ve been because you couldn’t have cared less and just wanted to destroy the system. Mercury-Pluto kids go to extremes, in this sense, because Pluto is quite all-or-nothing. So, you either cared wholeheartedly about doing well in school and made all A’s due to putting so much fierce energy into it or you cared very little, if at all, about doing well in school. Yet, even when you didn’t care much, you still had a way of pulling out a victory on that test or report card at the 11th hour. Pluto is the survivor and when in aspect to Mercury, it means that you knew how to somehow turn that terrible quarter around and come out with decent or even amazing grades, even when you were coming close to failing just weeks before.

In a way, you still mentally function like this. Mercury-Pluto people often need a disaster in their lives in order to feel truly stimulated. Just like getting a C- in English put a fire under you that drove you to give your all to get that A, you tend to concentrate the best when things are challenging, possibly even horrible. This affects you in many different areas. If Mercury is our “light bulb” moment, yours often doesn’t happen until things have gotten bad. You might suddenly get a bunch of ideas on how to renovate your home once it looks like a complete war zone. It can take getting into a car wreck for you to recognize that you need to stop driving recklessly. And moments of confrontation in your relations with others can bring you a clarity that those calm moments didn’t.

Because of that particular reason, you tend to feel very invigorated by confrontation and conflict. Mercury wants to communicate and Pluto wants to expose. Therefore, you’re probably really comfortable with conversations that are hard-hitting and brutally truthful. Everyday chit-chat might make you tune out or go on autopilot. But, when you get into with your significant other about the sex not being good enough or talk to your best friend about your trust issues, your brain gets going and going. Your intelligence fires up. However, it can sometimes be hard for Pluto people to realize that you can’t be super-deep and probing all the time. That just gets exhausting, for both parties.

And because of your Mercury-Pluto aspect, people feel very exposed in their conversations with you. Sometimes, this makes people even more at ease in opening up with you and other times, it may make them shut down and feel uneasy. That x-ray vision shows you all of their guts and blood and this is something they can sense. So, what are you going to do with your perceptive powers? Don’t make the mistake of just being invasive, always looking for the darkness and the nastiness in others. Because if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’re going to get. Having the square and the opposition can make you particularly prone to this, as you would like to get away from this stuff but something keeps compulsively pulling you toward it. 

Like all Plutonians, you must use your powers of perception primarily for good and for healing. You cannot keep digging and digging for trouble in other people’s psyche, especially if they’re not asking for it. That’s pretty much like psychic trespassing. The fact that other people might seem to communicate in “superficial” ways compared to you can make you even more frustrated. But, Mercury-Pluto people need to learn to find the depth in everything that they discuss. You don’t have to talk about the Universe and your past and the meaning of life to have a good conversation. You can talk to someone about the errands you ran today or five o’clock traffic and still find meaning and depth in these talks. There’s meaning in everything! This can be a liberating concept for those with Mercury-Pluto aspects. Just about anything someone tells you can tell you something deeper about themselves, human nature, and life, if you listen closely and pay attention to all the little nuances.

This is definitely something you do well, even though you may not want someone paying attention to all of your nuances. But, exposure is a two-way street! So, don’t be a hypocrite. Be willing for others to turn that x-ray back on you. Mercury-Pluto people can sometimes be scared of their thoughts being revealed, which is why they often carefully give just a portion of what they’re thinking. Yet, this is a vibe that many people can pick up on and they might not be able to trust you for it. Transparency might terrify you but it’s the only way you can reach that profound connection you’re looking for when talking to others. And little do you know that this lack of intimacy results in a frustration that just builds and builds inside of you, poisoning your thoughts and words.

At the unevolved level, Mercury-Pluto aspects can make a person bring a toxic tone to their conversation. You might become so cynical about and exhausted with people and life and everything else that your speech (Mercury) just gets plain nasty (Pluto). Sarcasm is a go-to weapon for those with these placements and it can veer from friendly, just-kidding sarcasm to the vicious, below-the-belt variety. You certainly have some deadly comebacks for those who think they can freely ridicule you. But, what you might not realize is that they don’t mean much harm in what they say. It can be tough to kid around with a Mercury-Pluto person because they can readily take what you say as an attack and go on a ferocious defense. And they can rip you to pieces, in the process. You might also get a sadistic stimulation out of just tearing people up just for fun.

Basically, your mouth and your mind are very powerful. So, again, use that power with responsibility! The good thing about Mercury-Pluto is that your communication with others can have a wonderfully transformative, empowering effect. It’ll probably take a process of redemption and rebirth to get to this level. You must realize how much your words have hurt, in the past, and how you can rise above this. Instead of aiming for others’ weak spots, you need to be able to gaze beneath their surface in a positive way. Understand what they’re hiding from themselves and how to communicate with them in ways that will bring out their latent talents and strengths as well as help them conquer their fears and weaknesses. You must be willing to heal others with your words.

What you say does pack quite a punch. Another positive manifestation of Mercury in aspect to Pluto is the ability to speak with immense passion. You must be willing to let this passion flow freely outward. Don’t try to control it because that actually makes it harder for you to speak! Instead, be willing to grace others with your intensity while speaking to them. Everything can be dull and bland before you walk into the room. Then, you make the conversation electrifying and fully alive. You do also know how to manipulate others in conversation. Mind games, after all, are your forte, even though you can more so screw with people’s heads harmlessly. But, you can manipulative yourself mentally just as much. No matter how talkative and how open a Mercury-Pluto person is, there are multiple layers of thoughts inside of them that you might hardly know about. As with all Pluto aspects, this multilayered, complex quality isn’t something you can fully get away from. Plutonians always maintain some element of mystery. With you, it’s with what’s going on in your head.

These thoughts might be best released through writing. Mercury-Pluto can make for a magnificent writer, making people think deeply and explore all sorts of enigmas and secrets. If you are a writer, there is probably a really dense, complicated quality to your work. You would be great at penning mystery stories, psychological thrillers, or complex, emotionally rich character studies. You’re the most stimulated by these works of fiction and nonfiction. Those with Mercury-Pluto aspects love themselves a gripping horror film or crime-thriller. Your mental juices also get going from a no-holds-barred drama that shows the uglier side of life. Mercury is also our sense of humor, so you love watching dark-comedies, as well as writing them. You are like a character out of a dark-comedy. Your wit is always going to be quite acerbic and sharp-tongued. You can find great humor in the less than pleasant parts of life. People might find you funny in an acidic, aim-for-the-jugular way. But, they often times don’t even know the worst jokes that you secretly entertain yourself with.

Mercury conjunct Pluto: Since you have the conjunction, you have the sharpest tongue and mind, using these assets the most seamlessly. But, are you just slashing and burning your way through life or are you using your mental powers for the right reasons? That penetrating point of view is like a superpower. So, don’t use it selfishly or ruthlessly. Use it in order to better other people.

Mercury square or opposite Pluto: With the square or the opposition, it’s difficult for you to exert your perceptiveness without feeling bitter or misanthropic. You see all of this crap all of the time and try to turn a blind eye to it. But, it burns you up on the inside. Use that anger as motivation to open up other people’s eyes to what’s really happening. Speak and think in order to create, not destroy.

Mercury sextile or trine Pluto: Your x-ray vision is of the gentler, kinder variety, due to having the sextile or the trine. You see through a lot of the things and people around you but you only feel like this makes you stronger and sharper. Still, you might expect a bit too much to be able to use this to your advantage, playing too many mind games with others. So, stay truly honest in your approach.


  1. Hi! Love the article! I was wondering...since I don't have aspect Pluto-Mercury, but yes!! definitely I am the detective type!! and like to reveling people secrets and I am so passionate when communicating. Do you know what other connections can give the same effect? =)

    1. Any other major aspect from Pluto to your personal planets. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love your blog! You do an amazing work! Congratulations!

  3. Very bang on....Mercury/Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, 12th house (also conjunct my sun in Libra).

    Basically yes to everything here. I totally tuned out most of elementary school, but somehow scored very high on tests which got me through in the end. I was so focused on my own personal "studies" that I didn't see any reason to listen to a lick of anything else unless it pertained to THAT thing PERIOD.

    In high school I consciously decided I wanted to do well in school and became a straight A student.

    I am definitely way too dark with people which makes it hard for me to get angry because I really just want to say the darkest, deepest thing that will tear the other person to shreds.

    Pluto wants to DESTROY.

    Or I go on huge life changing rants to lovers who do me wrong and they DO change- for the next person!

    The best part of this aspect is that I can grasp pretty much anything (with great alacrity, too) so long as I am genuinely interested.

    If I feel any passion for the subject I can basically absorb the information by osmosis! Thus explaining how I became an intermediate astrologer almost without my own knowledge...I was reading so much for so many years I didn't stop to realize I had really learned something. I was too busy obsessing.

    Which is really the worst problem...I am so obsessive I just can't let go of something until I figure it out. Whether it's what happened to that shirt I lost or the meaning of life itself, I will fall down such a deep thought hole that the room disappears and I am officially in outer space (the conjunction is in the 12th house, you see).

    Or sometimes there is so much going on in my head that it feels like a pit of snakes writhing around each other. Hard to say where the tail and head of anything is...!

    1. Haha, I love your comment. You have a very interesting way with words. Do you write? If so I would love to read more

  4. I know what you are talking about, my brain works pretty much the same way. And what you say about school - there was this one time when I learned two years worth of English class in 2 weeks. And another time, I got an A in chemistry out of spite, just because the teacher doubted I could do it. (It was a D in the year before, then I choose this Advanced class and ta-daak) Took me a year and hundreds of hours until I finally got to the root. :) It's not a big secret or embarrassing, but this here as bit TOO public to discuss. Also, it would take too long. I'd be really glad if found me on facebook. (Nadine Rick, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany; a reddish picture)

    See you I hope

    1. Unfortunately, I hate Facebook. Haha, I haven't had an active personal profile in years. Yet, my e-mail is always open, whenever you want to talk more.

  5. Do you work with Declinations Wayman?. My Mercury is parallel Pluto at zero degrees declination. This is also considered powerful and like a conjunction. Great article

    1. Hey, no, I have heard of the parallel and it being similar to a conjunction. But, I just pare my work down to the conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, and trine. And thank you!

  6. Thank you. I have Mercury Pluto exact conjunction in the 4th house of family & home. I am skeptical of others' superficial words (including my parents & siblings where truth was taboo) but also excellent in research. I have to be careful of my poison pen.

  7. Mercury conjunct Pluto 0°06a in Libra, 5th house. Square Saturn 0°01a in Cancer, trine Jupiter 1° Aquarius, 9th, Sextile Neptune 1° Sagittarius 6th,Semi sextile Venus 1° Scorpio, 6th. Trine Midheaven and Ascendant too, although looser.

    Oh, and mercury pluto is base point for a boomerang yod with Moon in Taurus the apex, Venus the outlet.

    This is a great article, thanks for the advice :)

  8. Great article, it definitely tells a lot of good info!

    Just on a curious note, is a mercury-pluto semisquare the same as a re gugular square?

    P.S: on a side note, 3 of my personal planets have a pluto aspect! No wonder I want to get to the bottom of this!

  9. I have the sextile, but for 2000+ words, this article was not as hard hitting or acid burning as your saturn-mercury article, and it should have been. More to the point, the pluto-mercury aspect is not always what it seems, in the shadow, Pluto plants nightmares, i think you did not expose those, nor the much higher vibrations of this curse/bestowment, you've made Pluto sound a bit passive, maybe let's look at the character that plays Loki, after all that's the Norse Hades, but let's let at the actor Thomas William Hiddleston, did you see those smooth facial features, and the tones he's used to incite his terror, or Vako, from Chronicles of Riddik, maybe even Elias Toufexis (Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mankind Divided) This is definitely a Pluto at play on the vocal.
    Pluto is a real darkness, one you should give more weight too, like a demon hiding a black hole behind it :)

  10. Great article I definitely needed to read this. I myself am a Virgo mercury trine Uranus in Capricorn, but My girlfriend, ex gf, mother, and a friend all have this aspect and I could never wrap my head around how it functions. It really seemed to get in the way of basic daily communications and was more annoying to deal with them than anything. I have alot of signicant Pluto aspects in my chart (Venus, mars, ascendant, Pluto in Scorpio) so am definitely no stranger to its darkness, but was totally clueless about this aspect until recently figuring out all these annoying people in my life had the same aspect. Lol. Thanks again. And God bless u Mercury Pluto people

  11. I've got the Mercury Pluto square to the near 0 degree orb. There may be some bitterness or misanthropic feelings. We could say this of any person in reality though. And I do see all of this crap and I don't turn a blind eye to it. As a matter of fact I delve further into it. What bothers me is people's reactions to my words. People do not like when one speaks the brutal truth. This aspect more than any other will destabilize another's security. And we all want security in some form. We all need physical security. Therefore, we need to eat, a home. Yet most people also crave mental security through some ideal be it religious or nationalistic. Mental security does not exist by following an ideal. The ideal is an expression of the self. Astrology in essence, while it may feel true, may be nothing but seeking the personal in myth. Any aspect can be related to any human being. The fact remains that we all seek something beyond this reality. The brain is thought and thought cannot penetrate the beyond. The beyond is an ending of thought. In the beyond there is no comparison, there is only love. And love cannot exist within a system.

  12. Hey you guys! My pluto in scorpio (1st house) square mercury in leo (9th house) and what can I say... I have 0 friends, but I'm not sure if people are running away from me or I'm running away from them. Never mind. It is hard, I love to spending time with others, having fun but people are so difficult and I can't find harmony way of communicate with them... so shame that there is no other civilizations on earth, only humans, but I am human too and I don't like it at all. Great article, so informative and very accurate, good job. OK sooo I'm going to find out how to live with mercury-pluto aspect, bye bye now!

  13. People often get scared and shy when I read their chart and go straight to the darkest thing in their personality and often denay it ,kinda like trying to hide from it and it pisses me off mercury in Aries trine Pluto in sag

  14. Mercury in Aquarius trine Pluto here. Yes to all that you said