Monday, November 16, 2015

Saturn in the 5th House

Saturn in the 5th House of your birth chart is going to be a contradiction. The 5th House is where we have fun and Saturn is not all fun and games. But, does this mean that you’ll never have fun or experience joy? No. It just means that you’re going to have to work toward having fun. Whatever house Saturn is in represents what we need to really work on. So, the contradiction of Saturn in the 5th House means that you will have to work hard toward spontaneity, pleasure, and play. The trick is doing this hard work without straining too much or then it just becomes, well, work.

The 5th House, by sign or planets, represents our inner child. This is who we were as children when we were just expressing ourselves and enjoying life. But, Saturn in the 5th shows that this ability was quite stunted in childhood. People with this placement have an inner child that’s dead-serious: mature, responsible, focused on goals. There wasn’t much time for silliness and carefree laughs. Unlike Saturn in the 4th, this grown-up child-self doesn’t seem to be the product of circumstances or environment. Instead, it was just the way you were. Our 5th House is who we are when we’re just living in the moment. And it’s difficult for you to simply live in the moment. 

Making friends in childhood may be tough when you have Saturn in the 5th. During recess, you were hesitant to just get in there and play. Instead, you may have wanted to just sit on the sidelines and read or do some homework. It’s not to say that you didn’t have any friends as a kid. But, you may have felt uncomfortable in other children’s company because you just weren’t as lighthearted as they were. As a result, you could’ve preferred the companionship of adults. In fact, Saturn in the 5th House children fully enjoy pretending like they’re adults, taking it so seriously that you end up being quite convinced. They know how to play house very well and often get joy from imagining the days when they’ll finally be a grown-up and get to pay the bills and have a house of their own.

There is a true seriousness to one’s creative spirit, then, when Saturn is in the 5th House of the birth chart. This placement doesn’t mean that a person lacks creativity. In fact, most people with Saturn in this house can be amazingly creative. The problem for them is all of the anxieties and fears (which is what Saturn represents) that surrounds creativity. With this placement, creative blockages can become a serious thing. It’s not because you’re lacking in creative talent but because you’re worried too much about the result. The most truly satisfying creativity is spontaneous and Saturn in the 5th struggles with true spontaneity. So, here, you can find the writer who is unable to start his novel for weeks or the cook who keeps tossing out her dishes because none of them are just right.

Unable to freely express your creativity, too obsessed with making it all flawless and too worried about how it will be received, your efforts can feel like they’re withering and dying. Saturn in the 5th House represents this kind of stage fright, on all levels. Don’t forget that creativity is a very general thing. Everything we do requires creative energy. So, this doesn’t just apply to artistic things. It can mean that you just freeze up when you’re around people, unsure of what to say or do, because you’re too worried about the “script” you’re supposed to be following.

When unevolved, Saturn in the 5th scripts life neurotically and compulsively, to the point of never being able to improvise. There may be some of these people who convince you that they’re more easygoing and fun-loving. But, they are following a carefully written script of being easygoing and fun-loving. And when someone deviates from the lines of dialogue in their head, they can be paralyzed. With this position, it’s about developing the strength and self-sufficiency to be able to engage in improvisation. You must learn how to hit the ball back however it’s thrown to you, trusting that whatever you do or say will be good enough, instead of trying to plan all of it.

The cliché thing that’s also said about a 5th House Saturn is that you won’t have children or you won’t like children. Neither has to be the case. Plenty of loving parents have a 5th House Saturn. It just means general issues with children that need to be worked out. Saturn is what makes us worry and kids really worry you and freak you out. It comes from having never been a total kid yourself. So, you don’t understand why these little people have to be so loud and restless and uninhibited. Most children worry about very little and that worries you. They run everywhere, they can’t stop jumping on furniture, they can’t stop talking, they can’t stop singing those silly songs! It can be enough to give you a headache but it does not mean that you hate kids.

In fact, we can surprise ourselves through our Saturn because once we work on it, we can discover that we’re really skilled in this area of life. So, you actually can be very good with children. You just have to overcome your insecurities around them. A big part of this is also the fact that you worry about screwing up as a parent. This is what can cause delays in parenting because you’re convinced you’re going to fail and end up raising some messed-up kid who needs a lifetime of therapy. The fact that you aren’t exactly effortless with children doesn’t help you, in this regard. You can also somehow be haunted by children. Their carefree, unrestricted nature only reminds you of how restricted you felt as a child and it can bring up a lot of sadness you don’t want to deal with.

This is why you not only learn a lot by being a parent but you can actually learn a lot from children. They end up being your wise teachers because they show you how to let go. It’s something that really comes to a head during your Saturn Return, especially the first. Many people dread and fear the Saturn Return. And it’s true that this can be a really challenging time. But, Saturn in the other 11 houses isn’t really going to make a person “have fun” during their Saturn Return. However, with a Saturn Return in the 5th House, your difficulties are going to come from a demand from the Universe to have fun. As a result, this is probably the lightest Saturn Return one can have, although that doesn’t mean that it’ll be smooth-sailing.

I imagine one’s Saturn Return in the 5th being like a long invite to a party that you keep turning down. You keep coming up with excuses: you have to go to bed early, you have to clean, you have to watch your cat. But, while sitting at home, you’re miserable because all you want to do is go to the party. During this time, you’ll learn that the only person who’s stopping you from going is you! So, circumstances in life will be pushing you to loosen up and be freer. Your old ways of being very clamped down and something of a party pooper will no longer work during this time. Now, you’ve got to get out there and learn how to shake off your troubles for a while and be free.

As I said before, Saturn in the 5th is teaching you how to live in the moment. You can do so with an attitude of competence and strength. You already know how to be responsible. But, you are seeing the importance of truly living. It doesn’t mean that you can’t still be an adult. Too often, people see responsibility and fun as mutually exclusive. However, the beauty of having Saturn in the 5th is that they are one and the same for you. It’s your responsibility to have fun and you can find the sense of fun in being responsible. So, becoming a true adult allows you to get in touch with your inner child. Adulthood very often feels like a second childhood for people with Saturn in the 5th House.

You grow up by taking yourself less seriously. Saturn in the 5th House people can feel embarrassment on a profound level. The smallest mistake on your part can make you want to crawl into a hole and not come back out. During your Saturn Return, you’ll probably feel yourself “slipping” quite frequently. You might say and do things that make you feel foolish, as your level of self-control can be relaxing right now. But, instead of wanting to die of humiliation, you have to just let it all happen. When you learn to live in the moment, you can brush these silly moments off and move on. This is how your true maturity comes to the surface: by not freaking out every time you happen to stumble or slip. Accidents happen and they’re often the source of amazing creativity.

So, this approach of taking yourself less seriously will benefit you creatively, as well. It’s very common for Saturn in the 5th House people to take this powerful creative energy of theirs and make it artistic. A career in the visual and performing arts will be very lucrative for you. Saturn is where we gain our purpose and with Saturn in the 5th, your purpose is gained through this life of solid self-expression. It can get to the point where you find much less structure in that practical grind you’ve been trying to stick to for so long. Instead, you find structure in anything that helps you feel free and like you can express yourself anyway you see fit. There are boundaries in art that you can respect, which allow you to go to all sorts of places of expression in a very responsible way.

Let’s also not forget that the 5th House represents dating and general romance. Therefore, it’s typical to hear Saturn in the 5th House forever talking about their dry spells on this front. It can be difficult for you to date, prior to your Saturn Return, because it may give you serious anxiety. You worry in this area of life, unable to just be casual when it comes to meeting people and hooking up and hanging out. In fact, you can be so serious with the people you date that it ends up scaring them off. This is when you’re unable to see the fun that’s inherent in dating. And since it’s your duty to have fun, your Saturn Return in the 5th can be a time where this part of your life finally flourishes, so long as you’re heeding the lessons of Saturn and getting on the right track.

You’re never going to be flighty when you date someone but you can find a solid joy in just seeing where it all goes. Saturn takes a slow, steady progress. And your problem, earlier in life, may be that you try to jump the gun, going from zero to complete commitment by the end of the first date. Instead, you can find the strength in simply taking it all step by step. In the process, you can see how much fun you can experience through romance. So, don’t despair. Those profiles of Saturn in the 5th having a terrible love life are off-base. This placement can become an expert flirter and lover yet will do so with an end game in mind: finding someone who truly brings them joy.

Dating someone with kids can often happen with Saturn in the 5th, challenging you to not see children as a burden but as an appealing part of the whole package. When it comes to parenting, unless you’re in a truly mature and self-aware place, it’s best to wait to have children until your first Saturn Return. Then, you’ll find these little people changing your life. If and when you have kids, they’ll probably remind you a lot of you as a child, in that they’ll be capable, knowing mini-adults. They will feed off of the dedication and reliability they sense from you, as parenting is another true duty of yours. Yet, it’s not something that you should take on too heavily. It’s important to encourage an atmosphere of play and honest, open expression with your children, especially if they’re self-conscious and self-restricting themselves. In this way, you can stop the cycle.

At the same time, there are certain Saturn in the 5th House people who learn that they’re okay waiting a while to become parents. In their case, their “children” are their creative projects. That is the double meaning of the 5th House, anyway: your literal child and your metaphorical child. So, they can channel a lot of that parental energy into their creativity, not having actual kids until later in life, if at all. Another strong possibility with this placement is working with kids, in some capacity, either in daycare or elementary school. Quite a few 5th House Saturn folks can structure their lives by dealing successfully with other people’s kids while not having their own.  


  1. My heart almost skipped a beat. Just two days ago I was down and out thinking about my 5th house Saturn placement thinking, "Oh man my life sucks! And it's always gonna suck! Thanks, Saturn!" I've tried time and time again to slightly tweak my birth time to put Saturn in my 4th, but it truly belongs in my 5th house no matter how much I try to deny it. I had quite a bit of friends in high school. We always talked and laughed and had a good time in SCHOOL. When I questioned why they never invited me anywhere they said, "We knew you wouldn't come." I was a bit upset, but they were right! I isolated myself and blamed others for not "understanding me". Day by day, I'm changing and learning to be more carefree and relaxed. It's not easy, but I bounce back every time which makes me believe I'm supposed to be happy. I'm glad you wrote about this placement in a realistic view rather than fatalistic like so many other people do.

    Quick question: I also have Mercury in my 5th house although it's somewhat near the end. My 6th house begins at 8 degrees Aries and my Mercury is at 1 degree Aries. Should I interpret Mercury as being in my 6th house or does this only apply to angles? Thank you!

    1. Haha, I've heard just as many people complain about Saturn in the 4th, so that wouldn't have gotten you off scot-free. They're both sort of similar in that they're the "child who grows up quickly" placements for Saturn (along with Saturn in the 1st). But, yes, I'm not fatalistic about any placement. It's what you make of it and I'm glad you're learning your lessons here. Just to ask: How creative are you? And how are the 'children' and 'dating' parts of the 5th House for you, if you don't mind me asking?

      As far as your question, Mercury is too far from the 6th House cusp. I think the majority of astrologers would say that. I almost never "round up", unless the planet is the same exact degree as the house cusp (for instance, if your Mercury was 8.02 degrees and your 6th House in Aries was 8.44). But, for the ones who do, I think they would say it has to be no more than 3 to 4 degrees away from the cusp to be interpreted in the next house. Now, if it was an angle, then yeah, it would definitely be conjunct. But, I think planets can only conjunct the angles, not the other eight cusps.

  2. Always deeply enjoy your writing, Wayman, so I was very happy to see my Saturn discussed. You've turned this often fatalistically described placement into something manageable and inspiring. Thank you for shining a light on Saturn in the 5th!

  3. I'm trying to prepare for the return in 2017, however, this doesn't seem like a drag total since this has been a struggle all my life. I have had two miscarriage but a little girl in between. She doesn't remind me of my life but only my attitude (sharing Mars in Virgo). I do admit this resonant with me completely. I always have a hang up when I want to be completely free and allow myself joy and fun. It's just that I limit myself for fear of something going wrong. I'm always on alert for danger or pain in some way because it's everywhere and I'm afraid of it coming to me or my child (even more so). I worry all the time. I make plans for fun and end up reorganizing so that I'm responsible for something/someone instead of being in the moment (Virgo placement doesn't help me with fun and heartfelt emotions). I was even super serious about my birth. I had difficulty with this stubborn birth but the C section happened, and I didn't cry. I couldn't let myself be open to feel yhat intense happiness only children have because I was too busy being strong and hard. Not to say I don't love or appreciate my baby. She teaches and touches me everyday and reminds me to be open. And because of her I am opening up more than before. . . It's just that with love I am way too serious about my feelings and others and where it's going to just enjoy the early experience. I can't wait to get to the other side. I really want to restructure this to be a greater person. I'm waiting on my 10 year class reunion/Saturn Return no.1! (Sun/Asc Leo, Moon Aqua(6th), merc, Venus, Mars Virgo, Jupiter cancer, Saturn R, Uranus R, Neptune Capricorn, Pluto Scorpio!!)

    1. Hey, I'm glad it resonated with you. The good thing is that you're self-aware and that you're willing to admit these problems. Keep working at it. In two or three more years, you might finally experience the breakthrough you've been aiming for. Assuming your child is an infant now, she will be a toddler during your Saturn Return and, maybe, being able to play around with her and re-experience life through her will be very healing for you.

      I'm very certain that I will not be at my 10 year high school reunion, by the way. Haha. I'm anticipating my Saturn Return but definitely not that event.

  4. I just recently found out that Jim Morrison had this placement which is odd because he seems to be the complete antithesis of a 5th house Saturn.

    1. Iam like jim morison,ruff,tough,serious,crazy n cool,and very confident

  5. I have Saturn in my 5th house in Sagittarius. I have been struggling to conceive a baby for the last few years and always wondered why as there is nothing physically wrong with me. Imagine my horror at reading all the bad things like 'you won't have children if saturn is in your 5th house'. Reading this has made me feel a little better. But my question is this: What do I do to overcome my limitations so I can have a baby with my husband?

  6. Reading this made me feel less serious than what i already am, ha!
    I had to re-type so many times because i want my comment to "sound" perfect. ugh. I get these creative urges at times and its frustrating because i stop myself from expressing them, i guess thats saturn restricting me ;/ One example - in high school i had a one close friend and her friends became my friends but i was never one to make friends. I guess that's also why i never got invited to hang out unless my friend invited me to go with her. I distance myself, a lot. - i'am learning and trying to bounce back every now and then (:
    This was a great, read. thank you!

  7. Nice post! I have my second Saturn Return coming up at 19 Sag in my 5th house (Koch house puts the 5th cusp at 20 Sag, in other systems Saturn is well into the 5th). Also my Sun is at 18 Virgo, so that just increases the effect. A saving grace perhaps is that my Saturn trines my Uranus + Ascendant/Moon in Leo (14/17/18) so there's some fiery help!

    It's funny, for many people Saturn transits seem to push them to buckle down with much needed discipline. I find Saturn transits usually tell me "enough already, lighten up!" I guess Saturn likes limits, even to seriousness and drudgery. For those of us already too inclined to being hard on ourselves (Saturn in the 5th, Saturn square Sun, etc), Saturn maybe shows us we've gone too far.

    Btw, I have no children, and my partner is 12 years older than me, found rather late in life.

  8. I hate it help!!..ive never been in a house/appartment for more than 2 years,im moving constantly,my birthcard is 5ofclubs.i grew up without my dad my mum kept me away from him,also my kids were taken away from me,my husband would drink,sleep around.all these thanks to sturn in my 5th house.

  9. What a great article on Saturn in the 5th. I just learned my Saturn is on the 5th house cusp, and it makes so much sense now why I've always felt an inner restriction to being free and creative. I had to grow up fast. I'm actually looking forward to my Saturn Return now, if it means learning to embrace new freedoms!

  10. I laughed out loud in relief while reading this. I actually almost want to cry because this is so... me! I feel as if saturn has a heavy influence in my life. I'llege list out things I resonated with: my inner child is definitely "dead-serious" and mature. I look back and remember never completely giving into the pleasures & lightheartedness of childhood. If the ice cream truck came by my cousins would start running off asking their parents for money. Meanwhile I would stay outside because I didn't want my mom to waste money on something I didn't need. My mom tells me that whenever we visited others' houses, I would sit right by her side while my cousins ran off to play. I even remember feeling some pride when my aunts would say "look how well behaved she is." The perfect little mini-adult i guess.

    "[...]creative blockages can become a serious thing. It’s not because you’re lacking in creative talent but because you’re worried too much about the result." This!! Sums up my approach to writing! I love writing in my journal so much. But when it comes to academic writing (essays) I have such a hard time choosing what to write about. I never want to start because I immediately want my first draft to be perfect & it's a bit disappointing to not see what you'd like or expect from yourself in those beginning stages.

    I just recently had a convo with my mom about how I'might afraid of havung kids. "A big part of this is also the fact that you worry about screwing up as a parent." Yup. It's scary to me! Someone's life is now in my hands andown I feel as if I know very little about life (both the complicated & the mundane) so how could I expect to raise another being? What kind of influence will i have on this child? And yes, seeing carefree children does make me a little sad. I see my younger sister actually experiencing childhood and it makes me wish I hadn't been so restricted. Either way, I am sort of experiencing some things I missed out on as a child through her.

    Now, if during my saturn return the universe expects me to have fun, I will take on this duty. It was actually really relieved to read that. I want to get in touch with my inner child. I want to take myself less seriously. I want to just have fun and be carefree for once. Thanks for this article!

  11. I felt my subconscious mind this reading this out loud to me... every single line i read resonates with me. Incredible. I do love kids though. I'm trying to get pregnant now that Natal Saturn is back on 5th again. I can try and relax and not be too uptight about things..

  12. I have the 1989 stellium with Saturn in Capricorn, and it ended up being in my 5th house. Lucky me! It feels like a huge curse at times, and a lot of the articles and writing out there about Saturn in the 5th is decidedly gloomy. Everything you wrote here is spot on, and I really appreciate the more optimistic perspective of the placement. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I hate that this article sums up almost everything about saturn in the 5th. With this position, it's also possible to have unwanted pregnancies or miscarriages, no babies at all, lack of sexual experiences, dates, pleasure from such activities and real depression. Cause everything feels so heavy, something that other placements cannot experience.
    I thought a lot that maybe it's something wrong with me because i experience all this.
    This is funny, cause i used to write when i was way younger and people who know me think i am thw ultimate social butterfly..cause this is how i am. And i awkwardly resonate with all these things, still. There are a few who know me deeply. We are what we are.
    I came at peace with the idea that maybe some of the many things i want like any other person wants are not for me. But then i kept some little little hope that everything happens at the right time..cause Saturn delays, but does not restrict. It's age is usually around 30-35...he lifts all restrictions by then. patient. I know you all are. Saturn taught you that the hard way. Cheers.

  14. It was hard to explain to myself why I didn't want to have kids...there is why!! Saturn in 5th house (Virgo) with a stellium here (Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction and Mercury conjunct Venus). I had no idea how hard I was on myself until 3 years ago when I started changing my attitude towards myself. I used to think I didn't like kids, found them very annoying. Wanting kids didn't exist on my list. Later in life I understood why: I was that little adult, always serious with the homework, feeling better in the presence of adults, always wanting to be taken seriously. I was looking forward to grow up and be considered an adult. With an authoritative father, a very controlling mother and grandmother it wasn't hard to cut your enthusiasm. Later on I realized being an adult sucks, I became too serious. A guy I was dating during my student years said that I was too realistic/serious for him. I think I scared the hell out of him.

    Now it's my turn to have fun, be silly, play with kids and relax. I have always wanted to play guitar and here I am, a year and a half later into this (self teaching). And I finally feel free after so many years of 'deep sleep'. I'm in my late 30's and I know I won't have kids. I discovered myself not too long ago and I'm having so much husband says that I grow younger as I age. And for me is enough that I play with my friends' kids, I take my share of fun from them😊.
    Saturn in 5th house is not so bad after all, I learned how to have fun responsibly.

  15. Saturn in Sagittarius in 5th house (religion, foreigners, education, children, publishing, creative works) over my natal Venus in Sagittarius by transit: Here is what is happening: I am working in schools with the children of immigrants (foreigners), and using my guitar to entertain (5th house necessity). There is teaching, organizing and managing the group (of children), while at the same time it has been for the Catholic school system (religion), all of which I do enjoy because my Venus is in the 5th house in Sagittarius. I am also trying to give birth to a book (creativity) and get it published. Right on the mark for a 5th house transit of Saturn!

  16. So pleased I found this blog site. I have been going through a number of the article and I love subtle but highly relevant different slant on classic definitions. An incredibly accurate account of Saturn in the fifth house that incorporates my personal growth experience. I have Saturn in fifth house in Acquarius. As a child I was deadly serious. Read books and newspapers and was troubled by what went on in the world. In my teens I got involved in campaigns around humanitarian causes, usually with people older than myself. Frivolous play was a no go area. My isolation from my peers was excentuated by a Capricorn moon in the fourth house square Neptune. I did have a lot of real responsibility in the home as the eldest girl, working school work and campaigning around responsibilities for household chores and looking after younger siblings. I enjoyed art, acting and music, but was often frustrated and blocked in these activities. I have a good singing voice, but was rarely chosen for anything because I was labelled as dull, bookish and over serious. I adopted the label and accepted it. Working at being an A grade student. In my late 20's I did start to work on lightening up. Still strong on humanitarian causes and passionate when injustice occurs, but it is balancing out. I met my husband at the time of my Saturn return and I am still married as I approach my second Saturn return, due in four years time. I had to work hard at parties, but generally now I enjoy them, even when I have not picked the company. I love Choral work and join as many choirs and Choral workshops as I can, experimenting with different types of music. I have moments when I get pulled back. I tried painting again after many years and made some good water colours and hand painted silk scarves. I was getting on spivingly and decided to sell them to raise money for the building maintenance of the local church. I sold 3 or 4 items for the asking price, but a number remained unsold on the stall at the back of the church. Some of the committee wanted to clear out the stall by reducing prices. They wanted me to sell the pictures at insultingly low prices. I resisted for a time, but under pressure relented. One man bought a cheap painting and said it was a bargain, because the frame was worth more than the price charged, which indeed it was. I lost all faith in my ability as a painter and have not produced anything since. This all happened at the time that Saturn was transiting over my Neptune in Scorpio in the third house. I hope I can get it together to pick up art again. In the meantime I am enjoying singing and get the odd bit of solo work. I have worked on expressing my Sagittarius third house mercury along with my Sagittarius Venus and Mars conjunction. I certainly have enjoyed travelling and exploring esoteric matters. I never had children, because I thought I would screw them up. It is now too late. However, my humanitarian Acquarian side goes into fund raising for charities, doing paperwork and administration for community groups and giving free legal advice in my local Citizens Advice Office. Thank you for showing that 5th house Saturn, whilst difficult is a challenge to rise to rather than a curse. It is part of the evolution of the soul. Love, light and laughter. Jane

  17. I have saturn and chiron in my 5th house. I'm screwed! No wonder my life feels like a chore.

  18. I'm dating a man with saturn in his 5th house in Capricorn. I am looking forward to his Saturn returning soon, and finally moving away from his moon (and my asc, his moon conjuncts my asc @15 degrees Sagittarius)

    This article is dead accurate. For the last 3 years we have been together 90% of all our problems arose out of his lack of spontaneity, playfulness, his perfectionism, and the fact that i very often felt like i am dating a 300 year old. Stiff, immovable, passive, old tired man who never seem to do anything "perfect" and is unable to take any however gentle and mild criticism without collapsing completely in utter despair. In 3 years i can barely remember ever seeing him shine with joy, and there were plenty of reasons and plenty of moments for that. His inhibitions have been really hard on both of us. It feels as if i have no way of sharing the joy and happy feelings with him in any other way than purely intellectual. These things just get registered, noted but never aroused in him. On the other hand any dissatisfaction i may experience is nearly impossible to communicate without it being viewed as nothing more than a bad reflection of him, triggering his defenses and every now and then an impulsive breakups from his side. The lack of his presence for better or worse in the moment dealt far greater damage than any one of his imperfections. On top of this, he has Venus in leo, which greatly amplifies his self centered sensibility. With sun in virgo, saturn in capricorn 5th house, asc and venus in leo he is having it pretty rough. The perfect script that runs inside his head never seems to come true and is cause for nothing but disappointment for him. Hopefully he will learn to loosen up, hopefully he'll accept that perfection is not what i stood by for the last 3 years, because in all honesty, there were never any perfections. On the contrary. So throwing fits about not being perfect is barking up the wrong tree. Saturn is finally steadily moving away from his moon so i expect some of the obstacles to be removed, his sense of hopelessness should diminish. Hope he realizes that with no risk there is no chance either. And all the chances and growth are outside comfort zone. This will be massive transformation for him and i wonder how it will play out, and if we'll stick through it together or perhaps go separate ways. We are burdened by our history so i would assume splitting from it is fairly probable if it turns out to impede our individual development once other limitations are removed. But then again, Saturn might demand from us to take that burden responsibly on our shoulders and work things out for the better together.