Monday, November 23, 2015

Saturn in the 8th House

Having Saturn in the 8th House of your birth chart can be scary. It can be really scary, in fact. Saturn rules fears, worries, and anxieties, while the 8th House pushes everything in it to extremes. Therefore, unless they have other strong 8th House, Scorpio, or Pluto placements, a person with their Saturn in the 8th will probably spend a significant amount of their lives avoiding this placement altogether. When Saturn’s in the majority of the other houses, the person may get away with avoidance of their responsibility and purpose. But, Saturn in the 8th House is the house where Saturn absolutely cannot be avoided. That is, unless you want to spend the rest of your life, writhing in pain and agony. It’s either that or amazing transformation and self-empowerment. The 8th House is all-or-nothing. So, Saturn in the 8th requires nothing less. The choice is up to you.

We see the true face of 8th House placements in intimacy, sexually and emotionally. A person’s 8th House planets can seem opaque or mysterious or even deceptively simple until we get intimately involved with them. Then, a whole other side of this planet emerges. So, Saturn in the 8th House people might not seem that overwhelmed with worry, at the outset. Sure, they may not always be “happy” but you can consider them fairly free of anxiety. That is, until you become intimate with them. Then, you meet a very different person who worries obsessively over all sorts of things that you’d never even think they worried about, like when they’re going to die and if having sex with you will somehow change their life and if you really actually love them or are just pretending to love them until you inevitably stab them in the back.

So, 8th House Saturn people can become bottomless pits of worry and fear, in this negative state, letting the feelings of doom cycle and cycle until they spin out of control. Yet, this really intense, overwhelming fear of being out of control leads to a deep compulsion to be in control of everything. We discover control issues in the 8th House and they manifest very heavily for those with Saturn in the 8th House. Instead of letting life flow freely, they can feel driven to always be in command of every little thing, particularly in their intimate relations with others. This involves the feelings of the other person and the sex that goes on between the two of them. It’s the kind of thing that can become nastily manipulative, if taken too far, as Saturn in the 8th House people, at their worst, can be sexually withholding and unresponsive, just as a way to control their partner. And at the same time, there may be huge anxieties surrounding sex because they feel their partner somehow uses sexuality to control them, which will paralyze them. Any idea of someone “being in control” will just ruin the sex for those with Saturn in the 8th, because real intimacy isn’t about control.

All of these hang-ups around sex can very often be linked back to a traumatic experience in their life, like being raped or molested, where they felt painfully disempowered on a sexual level. 8th House Saturn people also typically aren’t eased into puberty by the adults around them. Maybe they had a father figure, in particular, who had a repressive or avoidant attitude surrounding the subject. The way parents have “the talk” really does impact their child, for better or worse. So, with Saturn in the 8th, the talk might have been totally avoided, giving the person an equally avoidant or fearful attitude toward their sexuality as an adolescent. On the other hand, maybe the talk was too much, too soon. The opposite extreme is a father figure who exposes the child to sex inappropriately, maybe far before puberty even hits. It then becomes too much to handle and really overwhelms the child, which is an attitude that continues through adulthood until these issues are resolved.

A premature familiarity with death can also settle in at this early age. Saturn in the 8th House people frequently experience the passing of an immediate or close family member or of a friend as children that impacts them very deeply. But, at the same time, we try to run from the things of our Saturn until we’re mature enough and strong enough to handle these issues. So, with Saturn in the 8th, you may try to desperately avoid the reality of death and your mortality. It’s something that haunts you yet that you can attempt to block out with the sunny, happy elements of life. But, this placement’s major lesson is that true joy cannot be experienced without acknowledging true pain and loss.

During your Saturn Return in the 8th, especially the first, how well you can handle and confront these painful losses will be tested. With Saturn in this house, your Saturn Return can rock you to your very core. It can feel really traumatizing, in some way or another. You may experience back-to-back deaths in your life, seeming unable to get out of the grief. In some way, you’ve been living with grief your whole life: over being hurt, betrayed, abused, abandoned, or whatever else. In your Saturn Return, the grief will become so overwhelming that you’ll be forced to find a way out of it. And this is when you end up discovering your power. If you stand up to the challenge, your Saturn Return in the 8th will be a wonderfully, intensely transformative time where you shed all the old skins that have held you back. At the end, you can look back and not even recognize that old self.

Some sort of terrible betrayal or unexpected emotional pain can very well hit you during this time, as well. Someone who you believed was your “friend” can dramatically stab you in the back. You might also see a very close relationship crumble before your eyes or anything else come into your life that feels like a knife’s being jabbed into your heart. But, these situations enter into your life in order for you to not only find your strength but your ability to forgive. Not just to forgive those who wrong you but to forgive the chaos of life that you can’t control. You have no control over who dies, who lives, who betrays you, who loves you, or anything else that happens. You just have control over how you deal with these situations. In knowing that, you’ll be able to not only find an amazing inner strength and resourcefulness but develop the skill of letting go and cultivating forgiveness. Why hold on to grudges? The bad things that happened only made you stronger.

The 8th House is always described as “other people’s money” and I’m not too interested in this perspective. I think it’s not good for 8th House people to think too much about other people’s money because it robs them of their power. If anything, other people’s money just brings more issues. Saturn in the 8th House folks know this better than anyone. You can go out and get a loan. But, then, you’re in deep debt if you can’t pay it. You can open a joint bank account with your spouse. And then, you find yourself financially tight if they can’t spend well. And you can gain an inheritance from your dead father or aunt or grandparent. But, then… Well, they just died. Do you really want to rejoice over the money you received from your loved one who’s no longer living?

The complications of these matters become very clear to you during your Saturn Return in the 8th. There can be quite a few situations where other people’s money only brings more turmoil into your life. I’ve read that this 8th House placement needs to be the least concerned with the financial resources of others. I think that’s true because Saturn is all about self-mastery and you can’t master what doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, you have to learn how to become financially empowered on your own. And when you’re in a strong enough of a place, then maybe you can apply for that loan or combine your resources with others’. This may be a time where a marriage falls apart just because you realized that you’ve been sponging off of your spouse in some way, or vice versa, instead of taking responsibility for your own money.

Yet, you can excel when it comes to paying off any possible debts. Most Saturn in the 8th House people have probably amassed a terrible credit history that they never want you to know about. However, they really don’t have much of a choice but to tell their partner. This is a challenge area for you but one you must rise to. You have to face your debts and I know, in this day and age, confronting debt is an anxiety-inducing thing for most people, no matter where their Saturn is. But, the more you do so, the more financially resourceful you’ll be. Then, when it comes time to merge with other people on a financial level, you’ll have the strength to do so successfully.

Paying off debt and gaining inheritance is not just a financial thing. It becomes a very emotional, psychological thing. The “inheritances” of the 8th are not solely the money that your mother left you in her will. That’s just a small fraction of it. It’s also the issues that have been passed down, from one generation to the next. After all, don’t we “inherit” our parents’ issues and then find ourselves figuring out what to do with them? Saturn in the 8th House people keenly feel the dysfunctional or unhappy element of their family line. So, your responsibility is to learn what to do with this psychological inheritance. You have to learn how to transform these issues, in some way, letting them go and often truly letting them die. With an 8th House Saturn, you cannot go through life being carelessly, willingly screwed-up. You have to confront the emotional debt you’ve racked up throughout life: who you’ve hurt and how you’ve hurt yourself and how to heal from it all. 

In doing so, you’ll be diving into some deeper, darker matters. But, you cannot be afraid of what lies in your shadow. Being unwilling to face up to your dark side is like being unwilling to pay off your credit card bills. The interest will just keep piling up and piling up until you’re completely buried in it. So, Saturn in the 8th House have to confront all of it: their rage, their fear, their lust, their obsession, as well as the incredible love and devotion they’re capable of. This will be demanded of you during your Saturn Return in the 8th. Events will happen that may make you consumed with anger and hatred or fall into a severe depression or get totally lost in obsessive-compulsiveness. Through this time, you’ll be faced with your demons and also learn to see them as friends, not things to be feared. As long as you acknowledge and work with them, they’re not so bad.

This inevitably affects your intimate relationships. Any connection in your life that is not a real connection has to fall by the wayside. At the same time, if you’re not willing to truly, deeply connect with others, you’ll see those relationships dying because of you. So, you can no longer be afraid to get real, trusting that the person who really loves you is the one who can witness your shadow side and not leave you because of it. Being abandoned is a huge fear of yours. But, you’re also learning that people who leave you aren’t actually supposed to be there in your life, anyway. The deaths of the 8th House are way more metaphorical, most of the time. A relationship that’s meant to die is just going to die. Accept it, grieve for it, and move on.

Being able to effectively connect to other people means that your attitude toward your sexuality will heal, as well. You can stop feeling shameful or dirty for the intense desires that you possess. Those with Saturn in the 8th can actually become true masters of sex-positive living. At this evolved level, you know how to help your partner air out their sexual frustrations because you’ve had to go through that same process. Sex is something that you learn to take very seriously. The healing that you find through the sexual act brings a lot of purpose into your life. Saturn in the 8th is all about mastering the process of digging up all that’s buried, unhealed, unsolved, or holds great emotional power. So, you can make a career out of that by getting into the arts, the occult, research or investigation, or psychology/anthropology. You have a duty in life to interpret the mysteries around you that others cannot see and the shadows and the secrets that all human beings possess.


  1. I have Saturn in my 8th and this is one of the most insightful interpretations i've ever come across.

  2. Saturn in the 8th here and I have to agree with woon ha, the most insightful and true interpretations of this placement I've ever seen.

  3. I agree. I have read numerous articles on the topic as I have just completed my first Saturn return in the 8th house. Brilliant explanation! We can choose to let fear run our lives or we can look it in the eye and let nothing shake us to the core.

  4. Amazing article, thank you!!!! Thank you times a million!

    If you have time, could you pretty please give me a quick run down of the implications of having Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (in Capricorn) all sitting in my 8th house?

    I also have:
    Mercury/Sun Opposing Saturn/Neptune
    Saturn/Neptune Sextile Pluto
    Jupiter/Mercury Opposing Uranus

    Don't worry I am not expecting you write me a novel, just a little run down of how all this energy comes together! I am so confused.

    By the way i absolutely LOVE your articles and website.. seriously amazing and insightful. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Me too Saturn Uranus Neptune and Venus in cap but my Venus is in my 9th

  5. Just starting to become aware of my 8th house Saturn (in Aquarius -- hoo boy are relationships hard). This article was amazing--
    I can't agree more definitely one of the best interpretations I've read.

  6. Thankfully, if mindful, our lessons with Saturn get easier the older we get. I found my way through healing my Saturn in the 8th house in Pisces and now enjoy the intimacy in personal healthy relationships.

  7. What an article! I am going through Saturn return and everything about relations ,betrayals everything that's so true I am 20 and in one year I experienced all of this...

    1. If you're 20, you're not going through your Saturn Return. Your first Saturn Return occurs around the age of 28 to 29.

      But you are nearing your Saturn square Saturn transit, which occurs when you're 21 and takes the issues of your Saturn and magnifies them in a way for you to acknowledge them.

    2. Saturn in the 8th... that task master of everything most people run a million miles, yet you cant and all for sudden it opens up the vertical depths needed to truly (re) connect...thank you for your spot on artcile

  8. I'm going through my Saturn Return in the 8th right now and am holding on for dear life and praying for the day it will be over. This article is a really good description of what I'm going through. Fear and anxiety have now come into my consciousness and I'm finally having to deal with them. I can no longer run from the anxiety because I want some relief now, if I continue like this for the rest of my life, my body will suffer. I met my beloved a few months ago and he has helped me through some of my self doubt and anxiety but I have to admit I have been extremely controlling when it comes to sex and I have no clue why. It has hurt our relationship. I have also accumulated a large amount of debt and I'm clueless on how I will pay it off because I absolutely hate my occupation right now and make very little money. I feel like I've hit rock bottom. My 29th birthday is tomorrow, wish me luck you guys.

    1. Well happy birthday! The Saturn Return is really hard for a lot of people. But just see these challenges as opportunities for growth. I do wish you luck and hope you come out on the other side of it as a better, stronger person.

      And if you need reassurance, then come back to this article or anything else you can find about Saturn in the 8th. Know that you aren't alone! Alyssa Sharpe has this placement too and she has a great video on her channel about what her Saturn Return felt like.

    2. Thank you for the kind words, I did return to the article for reassurance and it did help immensely. A few months before I wrote this comment I met the man of my dreams, my life has made a turn for greatness. During the Thanksgiving holiday I took him back "home" so we could ask my parents for their blessing to get married. During our brief stay he helped me realize I was physically, emotionally and psychologically abused for 8 years of my life by my parents. I had been in denial all of these years. After I faced the truth about what happened to me I've began to heal. I'm finding who I am again and all the joy that was taken from my life is now re-entering in huge waves. I'm a very strong person because of what happened to me. Much love to everyone!

  9. Thank you so much for this article. With Saturn in the 8th house and currently going through my first Return, this writing hits so many points, it was as if you were describing me to a T. There is so much to take in here, so much to work with. It is all starting to make sense. Tomorrow is the end of my Saturn Return peak and I will be using some information in this article to create a healing ritual for myself to ride out the rest of my Return until the end of next year. So much love to you.. You have no idea how much Light this has shone on my life right now.

  10. I have saturn in the 8th house. After reading this i'm just scared

  11. Hallelujah! Please don't give up on setting yourself free! Remember, dig up, churn, transform, heal, and transmute. Let the lead become gold, ones effort and hard work will be rewarded! I can finally say that I am happy to be me! After having visited the darkness of shadow land and having experienced a few few body canal / root canals, standing on this side of the precipice I can truly say and believe it was worth it! I have Saturn (apex) in the 8th T squaring Moon in 11th and neptune in the 5th. I suppose my soul had no other choice than to outgrow the conditioned personality/ego/identity, pay karmic debt, die, and remember who I really am and the innate gifts that I can share... I am full of Gratitude! Great Article, Thank You, it provides well needed support for those of us
    with Saturn in the 8th, we are not alone...we have each other! Love is the universal key to healing, Love Yourself!

  12. I lost my father, after spending a year and a half with him in the hospital.. It happened alittle bit after I turned 22 years old.. It was the third time Transit Saturn squared Natal Saturn.
    If Saturn Return brings another death of a very dear person to me, I won't be able to live anymore, I will probably die from heart attack or something like that since I have so many health problems...
    Thank God I never trusted my body to anyone when I wanted to be in a relationship 5 years ago..
    Thanks to my North Node in 7th H along with Uranus and Neptune in there and also Sun in 12th H, I realised how pointless and not worthy are relationshipsband sex for me. I am so thankfull I never trusted my Body to anyone.
    Who would want deaths, relationship,financial and sexual problems just to become stronger? No one in this planet.. I won't be ever thankfull for losing my precious dad, it didn't make me stronger it made me weaker and it ruined my life in many ways..
    Alonh with my dad my best friend died.. and I lost metaphorically the other three persons I adored.. In fact I lost my 5 most beloved people of my life..
    if that happened with T.Saturn square N.Saturn I don't want to imagine what will happen when Saturn return occurs..
    I just realised that there is no point at all in connecting with other peiple if it is for losing them.. What is the point? Whobforma relationships expecring them to end? no one!!
    And why should I lose people I love when others have the people they love for almost their whole life?
    Anyway This Saturn position is terror..

    1. I'm sorry for all that you've been through. And all of what you're saying is very understandable and really is the expression of all of your 8th House Saturn fears.

      The thing is that you cannot settle for being in this place: where you cannot deeply connect with anyone and where you are forever afraid of losing people. You're not doing yourself any favors. That's only going to make your 8th House Saturn feel worse and worse. The Saturn Return does require us to face our worst fears, if we haven't already. So, when yours happens, you will need to really confront these issues and shed a lot of the fears you have.

      It's not easy. The comfort you should take is that everyone's Saturn makes life hard for them in some way. Life is hard for all of us, in one form or another. We all have our tough lessons to face. Really understanding and accepting death, loss, and emotional pain and trusting people enough to be truly intimate with them are your tough lessons. You really shouldn't be thankful that you don't trust people enough to be intimate with them. No one should. Everyone needs to trust people but you definitely need to address this problem within yourself because the Saturn in the 8th demands you to.

      Also, the North Node in the 7th is definitely about forming close, connected relationships with others. It's not about flying solo. That's your 1st House South Node talking. The North Node and Saturn often reflect each other, in one way or another, in a person's chart and I think your NN and Saturn show how that trusting people enough to get close to them and have successful relationships with them is an extremely important part of your destiny.

      Also, you may feel this way now but you could experience a very empowering transformation during your Saturn Return that turns you into a brand-new person who can handle these things, especially since the 8th House is all about transformation and healing.

    2. Thank you for your concern,
      I understand what you're saying but I think or I should say I feel like the opposite of that should happen.

      I've read very much about North Node in 7th H, people with this position tend to have no relationships at all, (let alone marriage) in their lives. I am talking for people older than 35 years old.. If North Node "wanted" us to be in relationships it would "make" it happen in one way or another, like other events happen without us causing them.. Being indepedent and happy with yourself is one of the greatest gifts,(South Node in the 1st) why should I burden myself with another human being? Especially when I have the best time when I am alone? I've read about North Node in 7th H Capricorn that if it wants a relationship to work the native has to practically serve and give to the other person without waiting anything in return.. That is exaclty the definition of the world victim or just plain stupid human being, I'll end up homeless and foodless.. How would this make me happy? And of course any relationship would work if someone is stupid enough to play the victim like that..
      *(Transit Pluto is in my 7th H conjucting my North Node, and it will be till Mars, nothing has happened)

      Neptune (ruler of my Moon in Pisces) is in 7th H too is described as a very unlucky placement for relationships and the keyword here is deception and dissapointment.. and in my country being cheated when you are in a relationship is a sure thing.. So why bother being in a relationship if you are not ok with cheating?

      Moon in Pisces in 9th H along with the previously mentioned Neptune in 7th H.. It shows need for spiritual bonds x 3.. Which means physical contacts/reality ruin spiritual pleasure.. I think these explain why I had only platonic relationships.

      Uranus is in 6th H but in a tight conjunction with 7th H cusp in Capricorn. Uranus is opposite Sun, so it doubles the need of freedom for me, and I think it explains why people I am connected with disappear without any reason from my life. This is especially true with the ones that I've fallen for (and they fell for me) in the past.

      Natal Venus conjuction Mars in Leo squared by Pluto in scospio in 5th H.. Intense, painful relationships, native is unlucky in relationships.

      Lilith in 7th H I think is also negative but I am not sure if my memory serves me right..

    3. Saturn in Aquarius is lord of the 7th H and it falls in 8th H (8th H cusp in Aquarius).. I feel like 8th H for Saturn is one of the worst positions for Saturn.. It affects every area in your life, at least according to my experience and o the interpretations given.. It indicates:
      - Sexual problems, it is not only that I do not trust others, I also do not like to be touched by others, I feel like I am suffocating, I felt like this since I was a kid, when anyone hugged/kissed me, being it my parents/relatives/friends/anyone. It is not only that I feel oppressed it is also the fact that I do not get any kind of satisfaction/feeling from being hugged/kissed or when hugging/kissing.. I think Aquarius has to do with that... The only exception is when I like someone (in a romantic/sexual way) I enjoy touching them, but again I kind of can not stand it for too much, I have a need to break free.
      Also Saturn in 8th (I know some people with that position) and they remain virgins like forever, literallly.. I also am sure I am not going to have sex..I mean I did not even when I wanted too. Now being almost 26 years old there is no way I am going to have.. First of all because I am not interested anymore these last 4 years. Second is that even when I was interested I could not trust my body to others.. because again.. what is the point? any relationship comes to an end at some point, why share our precious body again and again?
      - Chronic Health problems especially when you did not cause them and when you can not find the root of the problems for sooo many years, is the worst of all. Knowing that you are going to live a long life full of health problems.. this is a curse.. I can't live/move like a normal person would.. especially at this age.
      - Financial problems.. Relationships will cause financial trouble for the native.. not only that but there is generally bad luck with money.. And to think that natal Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo in 2nd H, (the only good thing in my chart is also ruined).. Not only by Saturn which forms oppositions more than 10 orbs wide from the 8th H.. But natal Pluto in Scorpio from 5th H forms a square to all of the 3 planets in 2nd H..
      I am never going to be lucky with money, as I never was with food, since I was a kid my mother cooked like once in a week or twice a month.. when all mothers I know cooked everyday for their kids.. Money and food are the most important things for me along with health.. At least if I had money I wouldn't feel so bad for not being able to work. Money and food make me feel both safe and happy. I am never going to have enough of then in order to live a comfortable (not luxurious) life.
      - Fear of death, losing father early.. Not only I am not afraid of death but I am jealous of people who die especially if it is in their sleep.. I wish I would be one of them.. only the thought of death gives me some kind of strenth that at some point this pointless life of mine will fortunately come to an end. Unfortunately I do not have the guts to end it myself. What I am afraid though is suffering.. especially long-term suffering.. As for my father's death.. it made me a really worse person.. it is like I've become dead inside.. The only people I care about is my mother and an aunt of mine.. I need them to be healthy and safe otherwise there is no point in me living..

    4. I also consider people without serious health problems very lucky, like they should not even be allowed to complain for anything..
      It is true I am wandering so many times.. Why??
      What did I do to deserve all these? What is the point of living such a sh*ty life? Others make so many wrong choices/decisions and still they are not punished for being/choosing/making the wrong thing or hurting others etc.. What did I even do to deserve this?
      Anyway I got out of point.. The reason I am telling you all these is to make you see my point of view.. My natal chart gives a huge warning that says "Stay away from relationships".. It is not 2 or 3 difficult aspects/positions.. almost all palnets in my chart work together to make it impossible for a relationship to feel good at all.. Relationships feel pointless, very boring and a huge uneeded burden.. I am kind of lucky that my happiness does not depend on relationships like most women do..and for never wanting marriage or children.. Relationships, mariage and family are a nightmare with no ending.. Most people want to break free of their relationships at some points because they feel oppressed and terribly bored.. cheating begins maybe alcohol or abusive behaviour and stuff like that.

      I can not even stand my relatives when they are visiting us, Yet I live with people all the time.. my mom equals for 10 people, so do all my other relatives I guess it has to to with the fact that they are all aries/libras/aquarius sun, moon, mercury etc..
      so their planets square my Sun-Mercury-Chiron-ASC-South Node (in Cancer) and Uranus-Neptune-North Node-7th H (in Capricorn).. How is it even possible more than 10 relatives of mine to have almost all their personal planets in Aries-Libra? It's a blessing for all of them and and another punishment for me.

      Considering my Moon in Pisces and Saturn in 8th H i have that gut feeling that is most of the times correct.. so I may be right that it would be a bad idea for me to be in a relationship.

      I am sorry this is so huge below is my chart link in case it helps you understand better when you visualize it..

    5. Yeah this is a lot and I can't possibly respond to all of that. I would love to give you a reading if you're willing.

      But, yes, you should trust me in saying that the North Node in the 7th IS about figuring out how to be in a relationship. This is just a fact of astrology. You aren't getting what the North Node wants only because you are resisting it and living so comfortably in your 1st House South Node. The South Node has a way of tricking us into thinking this is what we want. And yeah, it does feel nice, to a certain degree, because it's comfortable. But, on a big picture level, it doesn't make us grow. If you are too stuck on being by yourself, then opportunities for you to be in long-term relationships will not go anywhere.

      Also, it's wonderful to be independent and no one should ever feel like they are incomplete without a relationship. I say this as someone with the North Node in the 1st and that is a part of my journey. But, it's about choosing that self-reliance in a very healthy, conscious manner and choosing to be alone just because you enjoy your own company. What your situation sounds like is someone who has been through a lot of pain and has severe trust issues. You aren't choosing being single consciously. You are choosing it out of deep avoidance and fear, which is not the way to go. This is a sign that there are certain issues you need to work out and that's what the 8th House Saturn is all about: confronting a lot of that psychological/emotional baggage.

      What you choose to do with what I'm telling you is up to you. But, unless you seek to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and move past a lot of your past hurts, you won't be able to make the most of your chart and its full potential.

    6. It is funny that we have our North Nodes in opposite houses..hehe
      I would love you to give me a reading but unfortunately I can no pay with my credit card out of my country :(
      maybe you already guessed the country in which I live.
      I really feel like I do not want to be in a relationship, I know I will get bored and at some point I'll think that I was losing all this time instead of concentrating on something more important like finding a way to make money. It is like the first reason is my freedom and then the trust issues help my decision too.
      I would like to know what is my chart's full potential.. Because to me it seems that that there is nothing good practically about it seeing hiwbmy life has been till now.