Friday, February 20, 2015

Uranus in the 12th House

Having Uranus in the 12th House can be an incredibly inventive, creative placement. There is a profound connection to the sheer brilliance that mankind is capable of. Planets in the 12th House need to be acknowledged but, at the same time, they should not belong to the ego. We should express them as belonging to everyone. Therefore, with Uranus in the 12th House, you can see the mad genius, the inventiveness, and the individualism in everyone you come across. You can develop the remarkable ability to just let everyone be, not judging at all. Once you come to bring your own Uranus side into the light, you can see that everyone is a little different and that there’s nothing wrong with that. People’s quirks bring out a deep sense of compassion within you.

Those with a 12th House Uranus intuitively know what it’s like to be outcast and harshly judged. Their parental figures might have stressed a need for them to stay in the box. Unconventional behavior may not have been approved of from early on, as well as any sort of independent thinking that challenged the parents’ authority. Therefore, your Uranus was shoved back into your unconscious, making it difficult for you to consciously be aware of it. However, no energy can remain fully repressed for long. When they’re unacknowledged, 12th House planets still find a way to creep out and re-emerge, usually in a self-victimizing or self-defeating manner. 

Geopoliticus Child by Salvador Dali
With Uranus in the 12th House, this is often through an irrational phobia of not having enough freedom. You might see everyone else as being free and being able to do whatever they want, to an out-of-control degree, while you’re trapped in these frustrating limitations. You can constantly feel judged and misunderstood, wherever you go, which only amplifies your Uranus’ hidden desire to rebel. This causes you to push things to the edge, often without even realizing it. Your behavior can become increasingly defiant, provocative or contrary, because of these fears of judgment. The resulting alienation fuels the cycle of you feeling misunderstood, creating the legendary “suffering” of the 12th House. This placement, as well as Jupiter in the 12th, can also instill anxieties about being physically enclosed and trapped. Claustrophobia can be a serious reaction for Uranus in the 12th, as anything that feels like it’s cutting off your personal freedom is like a living nightmare.

Recognizing the Uranus within will unlock your full creative genius and allow you to express those rebellious, free-thinking impulses in constructive ways. Planets in the 12th House are usually channeled into artistic outlets. So, with Uranus in this house, you can truly become an artist that is ahead of your time. The source of your inspiration is a free-flowing detachment from people’s expectations and ideas. You intuitively understand that there is a very wide range of opinions out there on just about everything, which dissipates any sort of motivation for approval. Uranus in the 12th House deeply empathizes with the pain and the perspective of those who most would simply write off and judge. As an artist, you have an affinity with characters who wouldn’t exactly be popular or easily accepted in real life, no matter what their behavior may be. You can also be creative in very untraditional ways, working in a really idiosyncratic style that breaks all the rules.

People with Uranus in the 12th House can become incredibly tolerant, accepting a wide range of lifestyles and personalities in an unconditional manner. You have a sixth sense for what can make other people feel totally free to be themselves and you give that to them. This opens up the Pandora’s Box within, in a good way. When you can release the parental conditioning of not disturbing the status quo and behaving in an acceptable manner, your brilliance fully emerges. 12th House Uranus people have a habit of blinding themselves to their weirder, crazier ideas, slightly afraid of their outlandish inner selves. When they are able to embrace their weirdness, without self-judgment, there is a non-stop flow of ideas and intellectual possibilities that is unleashed.

In fact, this stream of inventiveness might become so overwhelming that it seems like you’re channeling it from some other plane. That’s the essence of Uranus in the 12th. This house symbolizes our connection to the collective unconscious. So, you can powerfully tap into the endless range of ideas from all of the inventors and innovators of the past and present and even the future. Uranus is about originality. Placed in this chameleonic house, you can take what’s original about the people around you and blend it with your own originality to create something not only refreshingly new and innovative but that will have a universal impact. Your artwork transcends barriers of race, gender, and class, finding the common, fascinating humanity that we all share.

The challenge with Uranus in the 12th House is basically accepting the fact that you’re not “normal”, as well as that there is no such thing as normal. Embracing being strange or quirky is something that inspires you and helps you achieve transcendence. It also gets you in touch with your amazing intuition. You get intuitive flashes that not only come out of nowhere but also seem to make absolutely no sense. But, if you learn to go with it, you’ll realize just what valuable insights you’re being provided. Your intuition can often send you all over the place, in a highly unpredictable, uncontrollable fashion. Your dreams will also be flat-out bizarre and totally nonlinear, especially if Uranus is in aspect to your Mercury and/or Moon. However, the more you flow with these intuitive abilities, the more they’ll seem to make total sense to you. And it might look as if you’re the kooky one, from the outside looking in. But, it will all be experienced as downright logic, in your head.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mars-Saturn Aspects: The Workhorse

Having Mars conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Saturn in your birth chart makes you the workhorse. This is one of the most formidable aspects in astrology, usually creating people who are very driven and determined. Mars, in essence, is our drive. It’s what motivates us and gets us out of bed in the morning. Saturn is a planet that represents ambition, achievement, and how we’re able to assume responsibility for ourselves. Therefore, having a Mars-Saturn aspect means that you are a person that will push and push yourself to great accomplishments and results. Hopefully, you’re not pushing yourself too hard, however. The challenge that people with these aspects face can be knowing when to ease up on yourself, as well as when to not have to do things the hard way.

People with their Mars in aspect to Saturn might have had this message reinforced to them, growing up. I believe that the Moon is what primarily indicates our childhood experiences. So, Mars-Saturn folks usually don’t grow up with the same kind of tough conditioning that a Moon-Saturn person will (unless, of course, Saturn is also touching their Moon). But, all of the planets can be shaped by our early experiences to some extent. And, as a Mars-Saturn person, you were very influenced by what you saw as the hardships around you, especially the things that your parents had to deal with. If Mars is in a Water sign and/or one of the Water houses (the 4th, 8th, or 12th), you had an innate understanding of difficulties and struggles, even as a child, that was very intuitive, as well as of what it means to overcome difficulties. This strengthened the motivation within you to conquer obstacles and to set up solid goals for yourself that drives the rest of your life. 

Saturn can be a tough planet, when we don’t know when to work with it. Its influence can make it seem like we’re constantly being limited and challenged. But, we’re probably just not recognizing how necessary these limitations are and how they can help us to grow. It’s about discipline, basically, and is what can make Saturn seem like the bad-cop parent of astrology, at times. However, for this reason, with Mars in aspect to Saturn, you most likely weren’t a problem child. You have a way of taking action (Mars) that seems to recognize boundaries and rules (Saturn). Even if you’re more free-thinking or defiant, you can at least play the game when necessary, showing a certain amount of respect for the ruling authorities or systems that gets you by. So, when your friends or even your siblings were busy openly rebelling against the parents and teachers of the world, you knew how to get what you wanted in a more traditional, respectful way.

Yet, this also means that you can rule yourself with quite an iron fist when you become an adult. Mars is how we assert ourselves and with the aspect to Saturn, you assert yourself by being the authority. If the square or opposition is involved, this assertiveness might become a bit harsh or rigid, at times. This is when discipline, of the self and others, just turns into tyranny. It’s common for Mars-Saturn people to feel like everyone around them is slacking and that they have to pick up their dead weight. It’s like you’re busy working hard on the job and everyone else is screwing around. In fact, at your actual job, this might be your constant experience. So, it might turn you into something of a taskmaster. Mars can represent how we become overly aggressive. Mars-Saturn, therefore, becomes overly aggressive by shoving their agenda and their rules down people’s throats. And if they don’t like it, then you might just “fire” them.

Therefore, this aspect can indicate that you’re the one who’s limiting other people. You’ve got to learn how to give others the freedom to just do their own thing, without having these strict expectations of them. Sometimes, the rules are meant to be broken. If you have significant Uranus aspects or influences, however, it might be much easier for you to digest this concept. Relaxing with others can allow you to relax when it comes to yourself, as well. Mars-Saturn folks expect nothing less than the best from themselves and tend to be easily disappointed with their output. That is, when you’re operating in this rigid mindset. You are very driven toward success but you should learn to change your definition of success. The only failure is not trying.

However, there is still a certain strictness with yourself, as a Mars-Saturn individual, that you should maintain. You definitely have a systematic way of getting things done, particularly if your Mars is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. You’re not fully “in the zone” when you’re not acting on this system for yourself. Sure, you shouldn’t be obsessed with being in control. But, you enjoy having a certain control over your life and yourself. Mars is what energizes us. So, exerting this control energizes you, allowing you to feel like the boss of your life. This is probably the central motivation for Mars-Saturn: to be your own boss. Is it any wonder that you’d be perfectly suited for self-employment? You’re self-directed, organized, and don’t allow yourself to slack off too much.

This combination is probably the ultimate workaholic aspect in astrology. Those with the conjunction, square, and opposition can be like productivity machines, even though having the square or the opposition can make you a bit on-off in your work output. And those with the sextile and trine can only relax and do nothing for so long before they start feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. We must act on our Mars to keep ourselves invigorated. It’s our passion in life. So, with Mars-Saturn, work is your passion. All that work-life balance stuff is great but you are definitely someone who thrives on being busy, as well as constantly doing things that you feel are going to contribute to something substantial and long-term. You love the feeling of building a solid career for yourself, in particular, creating that lifelong legacy for yourself, brick by brick.

Melancholy by Edvard Munch
Mars can be the root cause of any sort of depression, even more so than the Moon. But, the thing about Mars-Saturn is that depression can be constantly lingering and lurking. It takes extra effort for people with these aspects to shake away those melancholy vibes and they usually do so by remaining active and productive. Saturn can really give you the blues. And, in some contradictory way, this sense of melancholy and isolation is something that’s very motivating for Mars-Saturn people. Feeling down in the dumps gives you a clearer sense of purpose than being perfectly upbeat and cheerful, behaving like nothing’s wrong. You thrive on being assertive (Mars) about what sucks about your situation (Saturn), so you can continue to work hard to overcome it and achieve more, bringing you to a more successful place in life than before.

Just be aware that this can potentially lead to a cycle of negativity that becomes counterproductive. Saturn is used to having stumbling blocks in its way. So, with Mars in aspect to Saturn, you feel like the journey toward your goals is going to be littered with obstacles and possible failures. Even if there are more optimistic influences in your chart, these pessimistic thoughts can end up plaguing you, in the end. In fact, you might not feel properly motivated unless things are really difficult. When things are going fine, your drive might weaken. But, when you’re in between a rock and a hard place, something kicks in and you feel more motivated than ever. This can be a catch-22, as it can be a self-defeating way to approach your goals. However, it also can make you amazingly resilient, with a sense of determination that can weather all of the hard knocks. If you stop focusing on the difficulties of your journey, this determination can serve you very well.

Mars-Saturn individuals have a remarkable ability to take their goals one step at a time, keeping their vision focused on their long-term plan. You just aren’t the kind of person who gives up. You’re not a quitter and can find it somewhat odd that other people throw in the towel much more easily. You just believe that they haven’t thought of another way to get there. This is a combination that truly believes in the power of old-fashioned hard work. Saturn doesn’t like shortcuts and doesn’t skate by on luck or charm or even convenient connections. It simply works and works and works for whatever it wants. Therefore, even if it takes you longer to get where you want to go than everyone else, you really thrive on that feeling of doing nothing but bust your butt to get there. 

Even if you have strong Air sign influences that suggest some flightiness, having Mars aspect Saturn makes you a very reliable person, when it comes to your work, obligations, and responsibilities. You take these things seriously and go about them in a professional, dutiful manner. Most Mars-Saturn people see their word as their bond and don’t like to break it, to the point of feeling deeply guilty when they do. You know that you’re someone that people count on and you like to be consistent, in that department. Therefore, you just about always do what you tell people that you’re going to do, such as paying back any borrowed money in a timely fashion and priding yourself on being there for people when you have something important planned to do.

There is a wonderfully mature quality to the typical Mars-Saturn person when they are young that only becomes more developed with time. While Mercury-Saturn can intellectually comprehend things well beyond their years, you have an ability to take action (Mars) in ways that are well beyond your years. Most people with this placement are capable of fully taking responsibility for their actions from a very early age. You aren’t quick to shift the blame to others. In fact, you might be a bit too quick to take the blame for when things go wrong, shouldering others’ problems as if they’re your own. In any sort of argument, this might be where you sell yourself short, especially if Mars is in aspect to Neptune, as well. You can feel as if it’s all your fault. It’s important for you, then, to realize when you’re carrying too much of a burden on your shoulders. You’ve got to learn how to not feel the desire to be responsible for everyone around you.

But, at the same time, there is something very parental about the way that you express anger (also ruled by Mars). What pushes your buttons is when other people step out of line, doing things that are seriously uncalled for and immature. Mars-Saturn often become noticeably irritated or angry around people who are behaving too childishly. And when you go off, you have an ability to put people in check that makes them feel as if they’re receiving a heated yet humbling lecture from their mother or father. You can even be this way with people who are older than you. Basically, you really know how to tell people to grow up. For this very reason, your temper is likely very controlled and in-check, most of the time. More than most people, your temper becomes more contained as you age. The ability to not get mad over unimportant things is characteristic of Mars-Saturn. You only lose it in that disciplinary way, like a good parent or boss. Other than that, you see no reason to be angry and just focus on something more practical.

Mars in aspect to Saturn also influences the lovemaking style, as Mars governs the way in which we have sex. For you, there is a strong sense of duty when it comes to sex. You can almost see fulfilling the desires of your partner as a responsibility. People with these aspects are quick to take control in the bedroom, simply because you have an understanding of how to structure everything to both your liking and your partner’s liking. However, there might be a sense of being thrown off when things don’t go according to plan sexually. Again, relaxing into it more is the answer. But, this certainly doesn’t mean that you’re a bore in bed. Mars-Saturn people have remarkable stamina, capable of putting in as much “work” as necessary. In fact, it’s common for them to outlast their partners in this sense. Like with every goal, you’ll go and go and go until you get there.

Mars conjunct Saturn: Due to having the conjunction, it’s so natural for you to work yourself to the grindstone that you don’t even stop to think about how hard you’re going. You might suffer the most from a cynical outlook on your goals and achievements. But, you’re also admirably uncomplaining, free of self-pity, always doing whatever needs to be done to get by.

Mars square or opposite Saturn: The square or the opposition can symbolize a resistance to one’s responsibilities or duties, at certain times. This only piles more up on your plate, which you seem to thrive on. You struggle between an acceptance that achieving goals can be hard and a desire for an easier route. Finding the middle ground is what will help you become a highly effective person. 

Mars sextile or trine Saturn: With the sextile and the trine, there is an effortless ability to labor consistently toward one’s goals and virtually never throw in the towel. Out of this group, you’re most likely to see struggle and hardships as a positive opportunity for growth. Still, your familiarity with the hard knocks does give you spells of melancholy that need working through. 

Planets in the 7th House: Neptune

Alright, let’s continue with our planets in the 7th House series. We’ve already tackled the Sun and Saturn. Let’s now take a look at people who happen to have their Neptune in the 7th House. As I said in my previous articles, I do believe that there is a certain interdependence involved with the manifestation of planets in the 7th. But, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot exist without being in a committed relationship or without someone by your side. Planets in the 7th House like an equal, reciprocated expression from the other person, in one-on-one interactions. These planets usually express themselves best when faced with someone who embodies that planet’s energy.

Now, what does that mean when it comes to Neptune in the 7th House? Neptune is a blurry kind of planet, often described as lacking clear boundaries. It sometimes doesn’t know where one person ends and the other person begins. So, obviously, that makes things very interesting if Neptune happens to fall in your birth chart’s 7th House. In fact, I might be tempted to say that this is the house where Neptune’s confusion over boundaries can express itself the strongest. The 7th House has to do with how we interact with, cooperate with, and influence other people. So, Neptune is going to completely go with the flow with other people when in the 7th House.

If you have this placement, you definitely aren’t going to be someone who imposes their agenda on other people, at least not in obvious ways. This lack of agenda might be your essential agenda, in the end. But, you have a way of floating along with the social currents that can make it seem like you don’t have much of a will of your own, even if you do. When a situation just involves yourself, you might be very strong-willed. But, when it involves someone else, that willpower can dissolve altogether. You could say that this placement creates a very easily influenced individual. But, you can also say that 7th House Neptune folks find it frighteningly easy to influence other people, as well, to the point of not even knowing that they’re doing it.

Basically, you have a highly intuitive, attuned sense of the other person, in any given social situation. You can not only read them but you can relate to them on a deep level, blurring the lines between what you think and what they think, what you want and what they want. Therefore, a 7th House Neptune person is going to influence people by becoming them. You can also influence others by becoming a sort of blank canvas, onto which nearly anything can be projected. There is a strong sense of ambiguity that people sense when interacting with those with Neptune in their 7th House. You can transmit a million different messages at once or possibly none at all.

But, the way in which your ambiguity and fluidity differs from, say, Neptune in the 1st House is that you require this same sort of multi-faceted style of relating back from other people. This is how your Neptune expresses itself to the fullest. Therefore, when you’re faced with rigid, mundane, one-note kind of people, your Neptune can sort of shrink into itself and have a hard time being expressed. You are most attracted to people who make you feel as if you’re drifting away in some sort of lovely dream. Those who are more realistic, cut-and-dry types can leave your Neptune cold. 

So do people who are harsher or more judgmental. Neptune in the 7th House creates a person who relates to others in a highly uncritical manner, even if there happens to be some strong Virgo action going on. In spite of the flaws you see in others, you aren’t likely to rip them to shreds or take them to task for it. So, it’s disheartening being around people who aren’t able to show the same kind of compassion. Nothing turns off a 7th House Neptune more than a lack of empathy. When faced with this behavior from another person, your Neptune switches off, to the point where you might seem to be rather cold or mean. After all, you are a mirror for other people. But, in the end, this is the kind of pattern that kills your beautiful, magical, humane Neptune’s expression.

Sometimes, there can be some aloofness or unavailability to you, because of this inability to deal with the narrow, nasty behavior of others. You can make yourself out of reach and, therefore, fail to express the otherworldliness of your 7th House Neptune with others. You might feel pressured to discard that ethereal sensibility in order to fit in. However, Neptune has a need to transcend the ordinary and the limiting. So, with Neptune in the 7th House, there must be a sense of transcendence in your interactions with others. You have to fully express Neptune’s qualities, willing to take other people to a higher, lovelier plane. Whoever wants to come with you can come and whoever doesn’t is simply missing out. Don’t let them make you hide your Neptune.

As a result, at your best, there is just something out-of-the-ordinary about interacting with you. People don’t really have regular conversations with you. They are enlightened, transported, taken out of themselves and into a larger, more wonderful reality. It’s no wonder, then, that Neptune in the 7th House people are like a drug for those around them. People feel like they’re accessing some sort of natural high when they’re around you, especially if you’re operating in a really inspired, creative mode. Neptune represents artistry and having Neptune in the house of relating means that you relate to others in a way that an artist would: compassionate, deep, free-flowing, and transformative, changing your “character” based on whoever you happen to be around.

In fact, it’s very likely that you are an artist, with this position, and you make beautiful art for the sole purpose of it having a positive influence on others. There is no ego at all with an artist to a 7th House Neptune. It’s all about how your work will affect and move other people. Neptune is known for having a potential for isolation and solitude. But, this might just be the least solitary house placement for Neptune. Even if you do have a certain solitary air, you never deal with people as if trapped in a vacuum. You don’t want to get lost in your own little world alone. You want to bring other people with you, totally getting lost with them.

Therefore, Neptune in the 7th House people usually prefer to get involved with highly creative types. In your romantic relationships, in particular, there can be a very powerful, psychic merging between you and this significant other. You two can create beautiful art together and envision entirely new worlds. In any case, there needs to be some sense of you living out your relationship in another reality. You love being able to retire with your significant other and totally envelop yourselves in the atmosphere of your making. As a result, 7th House Neptune people are not likely to get involved with people who are overly realistic and worldly. They cannot lack imagination and free spirit. If so, your Neptune will feel unfulfilled and you’ll end up floating in another direction.

Just one thing to watch out for can be a strong habit of overly idealizing relationships. You might live out these partnerships like they are part of some colorful fairy tale. And the other person can be expected to always indulge in these fantasies with you. If not, then you can end up disappointed. You are apt to glamorizing your relationship. But, you will also end up attracting people who you can live out a glamorous relationship with. People with Neptune in the 7th House usually have love affairs that sound more like the plot of a romantic-comedy or a moving drama than something that could actually happen in reality. But, it happens to you, as you have a powerful knack for getting into relationships that seem beautifully, inspiringly fated by the Universe itself. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aries Rising

Your first approach to your environment is to attack it. Aries Rising makes you act first and ask questions
Chris Rock: Aries Rising
later. As a result, your style of handling situations, particularly new ones, is an aggressive one. It involves taking charge of the situation, marshaling your actions and figuring out exactly what needs to be done. So, as soon as you enter a room, you’re apt to dominate it. Aries Rising people, therefore, make quite a strong impression on others. Your go-to role is that of a little soldier, blazing a trail through whatever environment you find yourself in. Others just have to be careful to not get burned. You have quite an explosive presence that might come on a bit too strong, at times.

A perfect example of an Aries Rising is Chris Rock, who has his Moon conjunct this Ascendant. Not only does this brilliantly brash comedian display this placement through his outspoken, in-your-face standup, but through his equally fiery manner. It’s no surprise that he has such a habit of yelling on-stage. Like your Aries Rising twin, you just want to make sure that other people hear what you have to say. Even if you’re not particularly loud, there’s still an assertiveness to your demeanor that is very noticeable and clear. You have an air about you that says that you want to get right to the point, with no beating around the bush. There can even be something rather confrontational, at times, about the way that you carry yourself. It’s as if you’re looking for some sort of fight. Aries Rising folks exude that fighting spirit, coming off as ferocious and vigorous enough to take on just about any opponent.

This athleticism defines your manner, whether or not you are actually athletic. But, the chances of that are quite high with this Ascendant. You enjoy breaking a sweat and might often seem like you’ve just run half a mile, even when you just strolled around the corner. People may regularly ask why you seem out of breath. Aries Rising emanates a tremendous deal of energy. If there are planets conjunct your Ascendant, you project them with a highly dynamic, bold style. Chris embodies the firecracker aura of this placement, as if he’s constantly about to burst. You give off this impression that there’s only so much time left before you explode again, even if you’re feeling perfectly calm. You don’t project much calm. Instead, you always seem impatient and in a hurry. Aries Rising people’s walk is a distinct, strident march and suggests that you’re two seconds away from shoving everyone aside. Your mannerisms are highly impulsive and indelicate. You might constantly break things or get into frequent accidents. Your default facial expression is determined, maybe even a bit tense or angry-looking, seeming to silently dare others to challenge you.

A competitive edge creeps in whenever you’re meeting someone, even if you don’t mean for it to. Aries Rising individuals really size up new people, trying to figure out their mettle as well as test them and see how they stand up to them. So, you might be a bit aggressive when breaking the ice, engaging in friendly trash talk, for example, right off the bat. But, your aggressiveness is usually your way of overcompensating for your fears or insecurities. You hate succumbing to insecurity and hate even more for someone to get the impression that you’re weak. So, Aries Rising folks are very courageous while introducing themselves. The sheer process of introducing yourself is an assertive one. You’re that classic person who boldly struts up to talk to someone, while everyone else is too scared to. So, you can make a first impression of being someone who’s got some serious balls.