Friday, February 5, 2016

North Node in Pisces: The Imaginative Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 12th House

Those with a Pisces North Node are reaching for a higher self that is a sum of all of the selves. This is a really beautiful placement for the North Node, as Pisces is about transcendence while the North Node is about rising above previous limitations to become a more evolved person. In my opinion, the North Node is most “at home” in the transpersonal signs (Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) because of the bigger, broader mission that these energies represent. With the North Node in Pisces, you are on a spiritual mission to simply find your spirituality. There is something very faithful, ethereal, and imaginative, deep down within your soul, that you must express and embrace.

In order to do this, you have to learn how to deal with the negative habits that are holding you back. You have the South Node in Virgo, when this is your North Node sign, and that represents a comfort zone that keeps all of your ducks in a little row. On one hand, you do possess a natural gift for self-discipline, humble and productive service, and intelligently assessing what’s happening around you. But, these innate talents very easily get skewed when you’re operating from an unbalanced place. Then, you will be the eternal nag or exhausted workaholic, feeling like nothing and no one is ever good enough, including yourself. Virgo South Node people trip themselves up by being mercilessly hard on themselves. Unfortunately, this attitude will eventually be directed toward others. Even if you don’t voice your criticisms, they might still feel the weight of your judging.

Where does this judgmental nature come from? Since the South Node shows what we’ve brought into this life from our previous life, those with the South Node in Virgo were tireless servants in their former life. This existence revolved around your occupation, to one degree or another. You could’ve just been a work-obsessed individual who never knew how to truly get off the clock. Even when you left the job, you brought your work back home with you. But, this placement is also indicative of an occupation that was particularly high-stress or high-pressure. In their most recent past life, Virgo South Node people could have been doctors, nurses, surgeons, or any other profession where attention to detail was imperative for success. It’s also very likely that you were an assistant to a very important person, whose demanding, busy nature always kept you on your toes, anticipating the next task that had to be done impeccably or else you’d get chewed out or even fired.

Unfortunately, this South Node is often times a signal of someone whose past life involved this kind of mistreatment. You were the thankless individual that kept everything running well and with little appreciation. So, you developed very little appreciation, in return, instead keeping a critical eye on all the things that needed to be done better. This feeling of hard work manifested in your family or private life, as well. You felt like the hired help to your loved ones, even though you regularly put yourself in the position of always helping them and serving them. Such an attitude led to a compulsive feeling of having to organize and schedule everything. Whether it was on the job or at home, you had to make sure you stayed on schedule, to a degree that prevented real relaxation or spontaneity. Instead, you were enslaved to your routines, unsure of what to do without them.

All of these issues were never resolved or conquered in that last life. Now, they’re unfinished business, the spiritual baggage that you’ve carried over into this lifetime. This karmic debt also comes from your past in this current life. So, even if you are a Virgo South Node and don’t exactly buy into past lives (and this placement is an inherent skeptic), these are still problems that have dominated your past in this life. It’s why you’ve been so hard on yourself and others, why you’ve been in relationships or in jobs where you bent over backwards with little to no appreciation, and why you find it such a challenge to just go along with the flow without knowing the next thing that’s supposed to happen. It produces a feeling of anxiety, stress, or tension that virtually becomes an addiction. With your South Node in Virgo, you’re the type of person who claims to do their “best work” when they’re feeling neurotic, pressured or worried that something will go wrong. 

Yet, all of this will leave you with a feeling of being unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Your soul is tired of the endless grind that keeps you relentlessly predictable, a slave to routine, or focused on the trees, instead of the forest. We can continue to pursue our South Node, even though it doesn’t really bring us joy, until we get tired of hitting that wall, again and again. Something has to occur for the breakthrough moment when you’re really ready to develop your Pisces North Node. Maybe you get stuck in a mediocre job that is secure and practical but keeps slowly gnawing away at you and making you unhappy, especially due to the stress. Maybe your daily routine is so dull and deadening that you just can’t take it anymore. You also can find relationships being ripped apart by being the giver or the receiver (or both) of devastating criticisms and judgments.

Any of these things lead to the spiritual awakening that you need to cultivate your North Node in Pisces. And we all have a true spiritual awakening when we decide to focus much more on our North Node. But, for you, this feeling is intensified. Inside of every Pisces North Node, there is a yearning to let go, to release your worries and tensions, to just be swept away by something greater. In many ways, you fulfill your greatest potential when you learn how to lose yourself. I’m not talking losing yourself entirely. The wonderful thing about the North Node is that it’s the expression of almost everything positive about the sign it’s in. Instead of being a poor, pitiful, overwhelmed lost soul like the stereotypical Pisces can be, those with a Pisces North Node are learning how to lose themselves in ways that are full of purpose and meaning.

This is why you have such an imaginative soul. Being an actual artist is not going to be the path for every single North Node in Pisces person. But, it’s the path for many of them and something that pulls them out of that comfort zone of having to be so practical and so analytical. When you lose yourself in art, either in the creation or the appreciation of it, you have to just release preconceived notions and being willing to flow wherever the waves take you. There is this yearning inside of your soul to be an artist, of some kind, whether you’re literally creating art or you’re just making an art of your everyday life. But, this art will have no true life force or energy behind it if you remain stuck in the details. If you are letting your Virgo South Node take over by judging what you do too much, then your imagination will wither. If you find the inspiration within to just release those rigid ideas of right and wrong, the latent artist inside of you will beautifully rise to the surface.

Instead of being obsessed with correctness, you have to be willing to say “I don’t know.” Your worst habits revolve around needing to have all the answers. But, of course, it’s impossible to have all the answers, which is what makes you so anxious or so self-conscious. You can worry far too much about not being right, eventually blocking the Flow that you are meant to access in this lifetime. Pisces North Node people are consciously realizing that life is far more ambiguous and unsolvable than they previously thought. Your compulsive problem-solving of the past, via the South Node in Virgo, made you feel like everything had to have some sort of rational source or conclusion. Yet, unconsciously, all of that analysis made you develop a part of your soul that just wished to ride the currents of what was happening, without everyone or everything having to be specifically defined.

So, your spiritual growth comes from being able to stop over-thinking things, as well as over-working yourself. Time becomes your obsession, when you’re unbalanced, because you remain preoccupied with all the things you need to check off your to-do list. I’ve found that the Virgo South Node can make people go to either extreme: total procrastination or total pre-emptive strikes. You might put off and put off what you have to do, out of fear of not being able to do it right or of falling short of your high expectations, to a degree where you end up with even more stress and it repeats. But, on the flip side, you may be so compulsive about getting everything done that you end up doing things that aren’t even necessary. Cleaning your spotless bathroom because you already finished organizing your neat closet, which you did before paying your phone bill early and double-checking the time of your dentist appointment, just to be safe, may be the story of your life. 

Yet, these day-to-day worries have to be dissolved and released via your Pisces North Node. As I always say, I’m not saying you should leave behind your South Node, contrary to what is sometimes said. The South Node does not need to be abandoned. It needs to be transformed. There is a time to fret over those practical details, as they do need to be done, and there is a time to elevate yourself to a higher plane. Nailing this balance is what is going to allow you to evolve. If that all sounds quite vague, that’s actually the point. If this is your placement and you’re sitting there, wondering how to even do that, you’re still off track. The answer is not in the “why” or the “how.” It’s in just letting it happen. Your North Node in Pisces gives you a latent ability to enter meditative, transcendent states, where your imagination, intuition, and inner life fully come alive. But, how does this happen? Not in a straight line and not through trying to do it right. You just have to allow the moment to sink in. Then, you’ll get there. Pisces, after all, is one of the most mysterious of signs.

It’s also one of the most compassionate. There is great compassion and empathy lying within you. It’s just that your right-or-wrong, black-or-white judgments have been blocking these gifts for so long. You sincerely want to help people but your idea of helping them too often becomes a way of “fixing” them or “correcting” them. Pisces North Node people have to learn that people are not like computers or objects. They cannot be fixed or repaired; at least, not by another person. It’s up to them to change. But, your compulsion of turning people into projects all too often leads you into relationships where you’re obsessively trying to change someone. However, that’s not up to you.

Understanding that, sometimes, you just have to let the Higher Power solve things is a very powerful concept for you. That’s why it’s necessary for you to believe in one. You’re off-path if you can’t embrace some sort of spiritual concept. This will show you that you do not have to solve everything. Sometimes, you must simply release the problem and let the Creator solve it. Let go and let God (whatever your version of God might be). Therefore, in relationships with others, you can simply accept where they are, on their path of development, and figure out a way to deal with them. This is the balanced expression of your Virgo South Node: not trying to correct everyone but simply correcting the way in which you deal with people. Not judging them or picking them apart. Just making a practical decision on how the relationship with them should go.

It’s important for you to use your innate powers of discernment, in this way. You must learn the difference between a flaw that is harmless, in the end, and a flaw that is destructive. If someone is harmlessly flawed, and you’re simply nitpicking, then you can just remain present, with an unconditional love for them. If someone is destructively flawed, in a manner that ruins the relationship, the practical decision you make could be to get yourself some space and distance from them or just end the relationship, while still sending them love. That attitude must turn toward yourself, as well. The good thing about you is that you’re so likely to improve because you have such a clear vision of your flaws. More than most people, you know exactly what you need to work on. But, are you being too hard on yourself? Are these flaws harmless, in the end, or truly hurting others and you? Using your analytical powers to tell the difference will be healing for you.

Healing happens for you on a really powerful level. You have a high sensitivity to energy, much more than you realize. That’s why feeding on stress and anxiety is so horrible for you. It’s not exactly good for anyone but you have a much more fragile system than most. The expression of your higher self brings you to a level of peace and tranquility. The sharp observational skills of your Virgo South Node will allow you to understand when you’re in this “zone.” Stay constantly aware of when your energy is feeling off. You might be absorbing something harmful and toxic, from something or someone, and will need to get yourself some space. When you work at this, you’re extremely skilled at it. While a Pisces Sun or Moon can have difficulty understanding when and how to keep their psychic boundaries strong, you can develop a strong self-discipline, in this sense.

Thanks to the foundational work ethic of your Virgo South Node, you know how to really discipline yourself toward spiritual awareness and growth. Therefore, Pisces North Node folks can become some of the most enlightened people around. You will tirelessly teach yourself the importance of relaxation, compassion, and surrender. As long as you’re not too hard on yourself when you slip up regarding these virtues (because this, too, may become a source of unnecessary self-criticism, if you let it), you’ll be good. Your long-running experience with practical timing allows you to understand the timing of the Universe. With your North Node in Pisces, you evolve by being less and less bound by  the physical clock. Instead, you can tap into the higher rhythms that keep everything in the Universe running smoothly. You develop your exceptional intuition, in this sense, understanding the delicacy that’s required to retreat, recharge, release, and re-emerge throughout life.

The less you worry about the predictable, daily rhythms, the more you will strengthen your imagination. It cannot flourish if you are too bound to routine. That’s why letting go of your regular grind can feel quite terrifying, in a way. You are flinging yourself far into the unknown! But, doing so lets your imaginative nature flourish. You’re being allowed by the Universe to enter into another time and space, where everything exists and everything is possible. The Pisces North Node requires some sort of outlet for all of these visions and dreams and fantasies. This is why acting, writing, singing, and dancing are such satisfying ventures for you, as hobbies or as career pursuits. Opening yourself up to this portal where you can be completely fluid and transcend the concerns of the ego deeply fulfills your soul.

And it’s this fluidity that needs an expression in everyday life, as well. Being an artist is also so good for those with their North Node in Pisces because it helps them to stop judging themselves. You regularly have to go to downright wild, crazy, illogical places as an artist. You have to be freely emotional, believe in things that don’t exist, pretend to be someone you’re not, and act out archetypes and energies that can mesmerize, move, terrify, or freak out others. Developing a comfort with these states of being allows you to get over that hang-up you have, due to your Virgo South Node’s compulsion with correctness, of being ridiculous. You can worry far too much about embarrassing yourself in front of others or being criticized by them. But, accessing your inner craziness as an artist allows you to see that going to these places aren’t so bad.

In fact, they’re quite healthy because they need to get out somehow and Virgo’s emphasis on good health can allow you to pursue the unconscious with diligence. Through your higher self, you realize that nobody is as neatly summed up as we’re lead to think. We’re all crazy and sane, good and evil, clear as day and confusing as hell. These states of being should not be harshly judged. They just need to be approached with great compassion, understanding, and awareness, letting us know how to handle them, channel them, or express them. Therefore, you are meant to live out a vast, wide range of possibilities inside of you. By moving into the ethereal state of being a million different people, you find true fulfillment.


  1. Hi Wayman! Another amazing post! Let me ask you something: my North Node is in the 12th house Leo. Would it be the same as NN in Pisces? I can relate with your words...

    1. Yes, it is going to be very similar but not exactly the same. You shouldn't over-identify with the sign that rules your NN house. I always think of the NN combination as requiring you to lead more with the North Node sign and simply use the attitude and approach of the house to focus on what the sign wants.

      So, with yours, you have to reach the higher self within that is a charismatic superstar yet you have to do so in a 12th House way: through surrender, imagination, compassion, lack of ego.

  2. That is me. Although as a Virgo Sun, I am not true to Virgo. I am not health conscious nor am I a clean freak. But I have a powerful imagination and do enjoy writing, dancing and singing. I do draw, but am not that good at it. Haha. Anyway, loved this article.

  3. I"m worried about you Wayman. Because you haven't posted in sometime now. I just hope everything is okay. :/

    1. Hey, that's really nice. But, no need to worry. I'm fine. Just busy and recovering from a cold. :) Lately, my readings give me a bit less time to write these articles than I'd like. But, I make sure to not go more than a week without posting.

  4. Interesting, I am trying to accept the space in between here as I have a north node in Virgo 8th and a south node in Pieces 1st. Details.. details.

  5. Your right on about Virgo South Node. I am Libra SN in the 6th house. I have been this way since a young child. Whether it be my physical fitness, family, housework or job. Was I this way in a past life? I don't know but I have been in this life. I just wish my Aries Sun, Moon and Saturn in the 12th was as artistic as my Pisces Sun and Moon mother and sister.

  6. Although I've arrived at some conclusions... I'm still a little confused because my NN is in Pisces... in the 6th house. So, I guess it's about combining both themes. What I've thought is that practically all my life I've been studying spiritual stuff... yeah, more about detailed understanding. So I've been guessing life has been pushing me towards tending people and myself in a more intuitive way... ^^ Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Btw, great article,

  7. Hey Wayman!
    I just run into your blog about a week ago. Let me thank you for your insightful posts that have gave me so much information about my own chart placements and astrology in overall. This blog of yours has been a true treasure indeed! Especially loved the Venus in the 8th house post.

    I got NN in sign of Pisces in 8th house. Many things that you wrote about this placement I found true but I came to wonder NN aspects. My Pisces North Node trines Chiron (in a sign of Cancer 11house) and conjucts Venus (in a sign of Pisces 8th house as well). Do these aspects change North Node Pisces lessons somehow? Please can you share some of your awesome wisdom in here cause I would really love to know.
    With thanks and respects and don’t mind about the possible misspellings. <3 ^^

  8. Oh this is interesting. I have South node in Aries in the 6th house. My north node is in conjuction with my sun in libra. Sometimes I feel I've just discovered that there's more to the world other than my objectives and career. I really really like to help others, but I don't always know how. I've picked medicine as an profession, hopefully it will help me to learn more about people and more about myself

  9. Oh this is interesting. I have South node in Aries in the 6th house. My north node is in conjuction with my sun in libra. Sometimes I feel I've just discovered that there's more to the world other than my objectives and career. I really really like to help others, but I don't always know how. I've picked medicine as an profession, hopefully it will help me to learn more about people and more about myself

  10. I loved the post! I have this north node and my sun is actually in virgo, so what about that? :/ BTW I just been reading all of your posts and you're amazing :) Thanks!

    1. If the Sun is either conjunct the South Node, within 8 to 9 degrees or less, or in the same house, these habits will be harder to break because they're a deep part of your identity. So mastering your NN will require you to become bigger than who you've always thought you were.

      It is quite a big challenge but it is worth it. With the balance of your North Node, you can end up being an exceptional version if a Virgo and use those Virgo traits to shine effortlessly.

  11. I just have to say that as someone with NN in Pisces (12th House), so much of what you say is spot on. (I am 64, so I've been able to observe the patterns of my life for quite some time.) This part REALLY struck home: "total procrastination.... You might put off and put off what you have to do, out of fear of not being able to do it right or of falling short of your high expectations" This trait has been almost crippling at times. I have struggled mightily with the Virgo tendencies, but I've noticed how many of them have eased up over the decades with regard to being critical and controlling. (Sun, Moon & Mercury in Pisces has probably helped the NN take hold.) Anyway, thanks for a very intriguing and insightful article. Oh, one thing I was curious about. My NN is 0 degrees of Pisces. Does that placement matter? Do the nodes have "cusp" tendencies?

  12. Finding your blog tonight was so amazing because... I clicked the link for uranus in the 7th house and got sidetracked and went onto the article on those born in 1989 (February) and then this one. Im sure ill be reading way more of your stuff tonight

  13. Hi Wayman, love your post! Whenever I'm down in the dumps I reread this post about my NN. Having one of my transformational years again now.. (SR in the 8th.) It helps. All I can say is that I have become more spiritual with every passing year. Maybe bc of my 5 planets in Scorpio, Moon in 8th and Neptune in 12th house...
    During my first nodal return I applied for Fine Arts school and graduated some years ago. My frustration atm is that while I am on The Path, it won't earn me a living. But, I can't deny my Virgo SN helped me survive with a decent daytime job. With my upcoming Inverse Nodal Return I know I'll have to do something to integrate these polarities (the level of irritation is becoming unbearable) but it's still unclear to me how. Btw, NN falls in my 2nd House so I feel being stuck between a rock and a brick wall. Learning all I can about astrology since last year, at least that feels great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight.

  14. You, sir, have a very anointed way of communicating! That post read and hit me straight up and personal, it was uncanny!!

    I'm still a newbie to astrology, but I have felt in the midst of a great and complete change (with all the related upheaval and spiral downward into rock bottom) in my soul. I physically FELT a break through a couple of days ago. I feel happiness (state of mind), not just happy (feeling). It's been a long time since I've been happy. Since then, I have felt an urge to dance....and I have never been a dancer! The only time I would dance was alone in my home or at the club after a couple of drinks....but I feel that I have discovered a new passion.

    Thank you for putting this aspect into words that touched my soul and give words to my healing. Reading this was truly a blessing and a confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction. You are here doing God's work. Sending much love!! kB

  15. Yes wow, thank you so much, this page is going to become part of my mantra, I am an artist/ energy healer and doing the energy work so grounds me as it allows me to freely roam in the spirit world and communicate some of the things I also attempt to express as an artist but mostly too subtle for people, and yep- wild and crazy yet so detail orientated... Thanks for the heads up that It's ok and important to be all these things as have been vilified so many times for lust being on the planet!!