Monday, June 27, 2016

Saturn in the 9th House

Those with Saturn in the 9th House can suffer from a feeling of being trapped, caged in, with nowhere to really go. The 9th House is where you go when you want to feel free, inspired, like the world is at your fingertips. This is a feeling that can be difficult to come by when you have a 9th House Saturn. But, this is also the exact attitude that you need to cultivate in life, as the house where our Saturn falls is where we find our sense of purpose and duty. So, with Saturn in the 9th, it is your duty to free yourself and to not be held back by life. Because when you really stop to think about it, the only thing that’s holding you back is what you believe.

The 9th House is symbolic of our college-age self and how we carry this newly liberated 20-year-old version of ourselves throughout life. College is the time where we get a true taste of freedom and where we have the chance to finally develop our own convictions about life. Through this process, we hone the inner compass that the 9th House represents and that guides us throughout the rest of our lives. But, when you have Saturn in the 9th House, college is not an easy experience. For many people with this placement, something occurred during the college years – or, if the person didn’t attend college, between the age of about 18 to 21 – that makes them feel like freedom is a very precarious thing that can come equipped with some terrible consequences.

There are some 9th House Saturn people who nail themselves down during this time. While their friends were all out going wild and having a good time, they were back at their dorm room, studying the night away. All of the possibilities that college offered – partying, drinking, making new friends, traveling abroad – just seemed to terrify them. Those with this placement routinely grow up feeling like they don’t have any freedom, often because of a father figure who was forced by life to settle down somehow with limited options. So, how this experience impacted them is shown through their college years. These young adults could be so used to not being free, to always having rules and regulations, that they just can’t handle the option of doing whatever they want. They stick firmly to the straight-and-narrow path, which unfortunately means that they cut themselves off from embarking on the wonderful explorations that college offers us.

Instead of being enriched and empowered by the experience of finally being out in the world, on their own, they just take to the college experience with a very ho-hum kind of attitude. In fact, some of these people don’t even want to move away when they go to school. They could’ve remained living at home or just attended a community college on the side, all while paying more attention to their full-time job. For these types of people with Saturn in the 9th, the full-on college experience was just scary. They were so used to being given guidelines that a life where they had to establish their own guidelines was unnerving. For this same reason, they could’ve struggled in their college courses that were more about thinking for themselves instead of just spitting out facts and memorizing answers, which they could’ve been very good at growing up. It’s no surprise, then, that many 9th House Saturn individuals end up not going to college at all.

Yet, there is the other type with this placement: the one who suffered a serious backlash from their newfound freedom. These types also grew up feeling restricted and like they didn’t have any freedom. Life was not an adventure for them, while under their parents’ roofs. But, suddenly, once they went off into the world, they could do whatever they wanted! So, they went to the other extreme: going really wild and crazy. However, we experience consequences in our Saturn’s house when we don’t abide by certain rules. And with Saturn in the 9th House, the rule is to cultivate an inner compass that will effectively guide you through life, instead of just making you roam the world like a wild animal. And for those with this placement, you can only be a boy or girl gone wild for so long before you experience the consequences.

That’s true for most party girls or boys. But, Saturn in the 9th House people get hit much harder when they let themselves roam too freely. So, during the college-age years, something devastating could’ve happened, as a result, like a DUI incident, a totaled car, failing a class, getting arrested, etc. And it might take a couple of these terrible events to occur for these people to slow down, if they do. By the time they have, they’ve ended up with a giant mess on their hands. Then, being free becomes a struggle because these people don’t realize they’ve taken it too far until disaster happens. If Saturn happens to be conjunct the Midheaven, this can really impact their reputation and social status, as well as their burgeoning careers. So, the terrible irony can be that they begin ruining all of their possibilities just because they feel like they can do anything that they want.

This can bring issues with their actual education, as well. For the types who go too wild in college, it becomes difficult to focus on what they’re actually there for. Many delays can be experienced in terms of getting their degree. Questioning and doubting one’s education and why they’re actually even in college is a very common experience for the 9th House Saturn, which is why a lot of these people end up either dropping out or finishing their education quite late. They become infected with this feeling that the grass will be greener elsewhere. Then, they shoot off in a different direction and are horrified to discover that they’re just as miserable there as they were before. Troubles with traveling is also a hallmark of having Saturn in the 9th. These people may move to a different city or country, desperate to find their happiness, and realize that they’re still terribly lonely, empty, misguided, or restless, creating a terrible cycle that prevents them from settling down.

It doesn’t help that the age of 21, which is when many of them are still in school, is when the Saturn square Saturn transit is experienced. This is what I like to call the “pre-Saturn Return”, a time of serious challenges and doubts in a person’s life that brings them face-to-face with the issues of their Saturn, several years before their first Saturn Return. All that being said, looking back on being in college can be very painful for these folks, as it just reminds them of their failures and their setbacks. Maybe the whole experience left them cold or maybe they are somehow still yearning to have those glory days back, now too resistant to settling into the humdrum routine of adulthood. Saturn in the 9th House can feel like such a contradiction and to have this placement means that you may feel, more than most, that responsibility (Saturn) somehow limits your freedom (9th House). How can you be free and responsible at the same time? During the beginning stages of adulthood, most 9th House Saturn people never learn how to, over-doing one or the other.

This carries on into their post-college life by making them feel like they either have to be super-responsible or not care at all about their responsibilities. So, you either get the person who is still a complete wild thing when they should be focusing on growing up, acting like a modern day sort of Peter Pan, or the person who is so intent on growing up that they never allow themselves to really enjoy the journey of life that they’re on. The latter types are living with no sense of inspiration, which prevents them from following a path that’s actually fulfilling to them. In either case, these issues will come to a head during the Saturn Return in the 9th House. I think that, more than most people, these individuals will feel their first Saturn Return very strongly because the issues that it brings up are going to be relatively recent and fresh. Having left school just several years before, their first Saturn Return in the 9th will remind them of everything that’s come to pass.

It can be a time of enormous regret for these individuals. They can particularly regret not making the most of the time they were in school, of not having more fun and allowing themselves to take advantage of more opportunities or of having such a good time that they didn’t stop to find the true meaning of why they were in school in the first place. It’s no surprise that many of them end up going back to school during their first Saturn Return, often times to get their Master’s or maybe to just study something else. The point of the first Saturn Return is to get you to buckle up and move toward the right path. But, it shouldn’t be a time of feeling old and washed up. At the age of 28 or 29, you still have so many possibilities ahead of you. Saturn in the 9th House people learn this lesson probably more than anybody during their first Saturn Return. 

Since the 9th House brings us inspiration, this is a time for that inspiration to be renewed. Saturn is our purpose and with this placement, you find purpose in life through traveling the road to inspiration. You must be pursuing something that brings you genuine enthusiasm. You’ll find that if you’re engaged in a career that is dull, deadening, and doesn’t excite your spirit, it won’t be able to work. You might lose your job or feel like you’re increasingly going insane at work. Eventually, you may even just break free, like an animal busting out of captivity. You need to use this feeling of struggle to figure out what is truly meaningful to you. Start a journey for yourself that is going to make you feel on top of the world, like anything is possible! It’s why career options are quite limitless for you, just as long as you’re doing something that genuinely inspires you.

With this placement, you can all too easily operate under the false conviction that being an adult means that the good times are over, causing you to either never want to be an adult or desperately attempt to grow up and limit yourself, in the process. It all stems from a few of those nasty experiences in those college years of yours where you transgressed and then paid a heavy price. So, your concept of freedom can be either fearful or self-destructive, making you think that you can never go too far again or that you’re going to screw up, anyway, so who cares? You will have to learn that it’s not that black-or-white. There is a way to be responsible and to also live life fully and freely. This is why your Saturn Return in the 9th may feel like it’s slowly killing your spirit. It’s doing so in order for you to realize that it’s your purpose to live life in an adventurous way.

At the same time, your adventures must have purpose. So, being the party-animal type with this placement can be just as empty and unfulfilling. You can have a good time but you must do so in a way that, again, feels meaningful. Therefore, the endless merry-go-round of going out and drinking the night away can eventually begin to wear thin for you and cause you to seek something more substantial. Saturn gives us structure and with Saturn in the 9th, your structure comes from having various explorations and adventures. These exciting acts give you strength. So, go skydiving or travel Europe for a couple of months or move to that city you’ve always dreamed of moving to! On a less extreme end of the spectrum, you can also find strength in just being adventurous enough to make that career move you’ve always dreamed of or trying out new places and events in your town. Anything that makes life feel exciting will make you grow as a person.

People also associate religion with the 9th House all too often. And yes, sometimes, you can see a Saturn in the 9th House individual, particularly after their Saturn Return, take up a certain religion that gives them newfound strength. In many cases, this placement shows a person who grew up without a religious background. Even if you did, there was probably a personal rebellion against it, at some point. But, the issue comes from not believing in anything. With Saturn in the 9th, it is your duty in life to truly find something to believe in. This doesn’t have to be religion. But, you will find maturity by cultivating some sort of philosophy that will get you through life. You need certain convictions to guide you and keep you going. A lack of faith can be another central issue of this placement that needs sorting out. Without this faith, life can easily feel bleak and cause you to feel or seem directionless. But, with this strong, solid sense of faith, you’ll know exactly where to go.


  1. What if someone had an out-of-sign rulership in the 9th house for this placement. Better yet! :o an out-of-sign rulership in general. For anybody. So that anybody could read it. :o

  2. This is my Saturn placement. To be very honest, I almost cried reading this because most of this resonates so deeply with me, especially the picture. I also have Saturn retrograde so of course I internalize all this. My Saturn is in Aries, O degrees, and conjunct my south node.
    Speaking of the Saturn return, I am a bit scared for mine but mine doesn't come for about another 9-10 years so I've got plenty of time to prepare. My progressed sun should also be entering Capricorn around this time.

    1. Aw I'm glad you could relate!:) And given your age, you're right in the middle of all the college experiences that make or break 9th House Saturn people. I"d just say make the most of this time and try to start figuring out the freedom-responsibility balance now.

      And you are going to start your Saturn square Saturn transit next year, as soon as Saturn enters Capricorn (which will be my Saturn Return, yay haha). Like I said, this is like a pre Saturn Return. Its a very powerful time. Mine really changed me. It takes the issues of your Saturn's house and makes them dominate your life for awhile, much like the Return does. But with the square, it can feel like that first major dawning of reality.

      I think most people emerge from the Saturn square Saturn transit around 21-22 feeling more aware of their Saturn issues even if they're still not totally able to handle them until the Saturn Return.

  3. Really enjoyed this article. After learning it the hard way, I finished college and in a way experienced most of the hypothetical situations you mentioned. I quit my first job and moved home because I needed to be free and to have a better job. But I'm feeling just as trapped as before.

    On top of my Saturn in 9th house, I also have Jupiter opposites Saturn. So it's a double whammy and I'm always restricted from being myself. Anytime I decide to let my guard down, something bad happens that makes me full of regrets. I wish I have found that happy medium.