Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Taylor Swift and the Scorpio Midheaven: What Are You Hiding?

All of this recent drama surrounding Taylor Swift has really got me thinking about what’s going on with her astrologically. If you’re not up to date on the Kim and Kanye versus Taylor war (and you’re most likely living under a rock), you can just Google it to get up to speed, as I don’t feel like going into all the details. Basically, Kim Kardashian not only called out Taylor for being a liar, in terms of her ongoing beef with Kim’s husband Kanye West, but provided some proof to back it up via some videos on Snapchat of the two’s phone conversation. And it has turned into a full-on scandal, with many people saying that they’re glad that Taylor’s true colors are finally being exposed.

I’ll admit that, although I’m usually nonchalant about celebrity gossip, even I’ve followed this with some interest. There are certain people who scoff, who think it’s childish and petty, and who say that there are more important things to worry about. Certainly, it's not that big of a deal. This is nowhere near the most important news story that’s broke in the past week or two. Personally, for me, I think this whole scandal plays into something actually more complex and interesting: the whole construction of a star’s persona and how such a carefully crafted image can begin to unravel, exposing the true person behind it.

In terms of astrology, a celebrity’s public image – as well as anyone else’s public self – is represented by their Midheaven, any planet conjunct or in aspect to the Midheaven, and any planets in the 10th. Now, Taylor Swift is not only a Scorpio Midheaven but she has Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, in the 10th House (like a lot of Scorpio Midheavens her age), which is going to double the effect of this placement. Whenever the ruler of an angle (or even of any of the other houses) is in that angle’s house, the life area becomes highly charged and the traits are expressed really strongly. Therefore, Taylor is like a super-Scorpio Midheaven and we can see that a lot of that power in the tremendous success that she’s accomplished at such an early age.

But, I believe that there are some dark elements at play with her Scorpio Midheaven that have been tightly controlled or thinly veiled. Taylor has maintained this girl-next-door, America’s Sweetheart image for many years and I do think that it all started when Kanye West infamously interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMA’s in 2009. Ever since then, there has been this running thread throughout Taylor’s narrative of being victimized and then fighting to overcome that and serving as an example. It continues today, with her Grammy acceptance speech this year alluding to Kanye and how she refuses to let anyone try to take credit for her achievements.

The interesting thing about Scorpio’s power is that it often feels like it needs to be earned through battling it out with other people or being wounded, hurt, or victimized, somehow. In spite of how formidable of a sign Scorpio is, it is a highly emotional Water sign and no stranger to playing the victim and the blame game. It can just do so in a different manner. While Cancer can brood and cry for comfort and Pisces may sink into despair, Scorpio can seek revenge. And so, the negative element of a Scorpio Midheaven, that’s played out in front of the world, is this feeling that you’ve been wronged so much throughout life that you need to cut someone else down to size to achieve a victory. This is something that can also be done very subtly and manipulatively.

It’s why certain people who may question Taylor’s chart and try to give her a Leo Rising are off-base. That hidden negativity of her Scorpio Midheaven is due to the fact that she is famous (Midheaven) for destroying her exes (Scorpio) by writing songs about them. And, sure, many artists write songs about their exes. But, there is a distinct feeling of resentment in Taylor’s that feels like a score being settled. There was also the infamous quote about being dumped via "a 27 second phone call" by Joe Jonas (who else keeps track of call logs like that?) and then the subsequent song “Better than Revenge” about actress Camilla Belle, who Jonas began dating afterward, in which she essentially calls her a whore. And, of course, there’s also “Bad Blood”, centered on the famous feud between her and Katy Perry. All over what? “Stolen” back-up dancers. And all the while Taylor has done this, she has managed to usually be very crafty about it, remaining quite indirect about who she’s speaking of, all while being able to, at the same time, directly bring attention to the drama and sullying someone else’s name, in the process. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to post an article about bashing or hating Taylor Swift. I don’t hate her. I’ve just never been a fan and I’ve always found something about her to be a little “off”, quite spiteful and insincere. I mean, this is the same person who said "there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women" when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made a harmless joke about her at the 2013 Golden Globes (no different than the jokes made about all the other big stars that night).

Essentially, the point I’m trying to make here is that success is not the best form of revenge for Midheaven in Scorpio people. Anytime Scorpio is focused on revenge, it is a boomerang that comes right back around. It’s only going to manifest more negativity for that person. This summer has been a very drama-filled one for Taylor. You can’t read a news story about her nowadays without it being negative. Not only has this feud with Kim and Kanye exploded everywhere but she has also butted heads with her ex, producer Calvin Harris, regarding songwriting credits and has received some backlash for her moving-very-fast relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston, widely perceived as a PR stunt, which began just two weeks after the break-up with Harris.

Trying to be “in control” is also how a Midheaven in Scorpio person is going to suffer on a public platform. This only creates patterns of obsession, secrecy, falsehoods, manipulation, and power struggles. If Taylor has spent so much time trying to control the public’s perception of herself and others, then she is only going to experience an inevitable backlash over everything she’s done in order to create this image and experiencing the high of that power. Being a Scorpio Midheaven is definitely about achieving power. But, how do you go after this power? What do you do to get it? This is a question everyone with this placement has to ask themselves. If it’s not pursued in a truly honest manner that is also going to empower other people, you will end up reaping what you sow.

Cultivating more transparency is the way to go for those with the Midheaven in Scorpio. If not, you’ll be brought down to your knees. The key of this placement is finding an outlet for one’s shadow side through a career that deals with those things. As an artist, this is invaluable. Taylor’s song “Blank Space”, besides “Bad Blood”, is probably her most Scorpio-like song. It was written as more of a joke but if she wrote more stuff like this – about having a psycho side, about not being one to cross, about being capable of scaring boyfriends off – and as more of a form of introspection, then maybe she wouldn’t get so much crap. Because, in the end, “Blank Space” was more about pointing the finger at her critics and playing innocent. Insisting that she is a total angel, taking the stance of the victim in her feuds with others, and then secretly indulging in all of that Scorpio stuff is where she gets it wrong. It sends mixed messages that the public is going to be compelled to figure out.

As I said in the Scorpio Midheaven article on here, those of us with this placement are a mystery for the world to solve. There’s always more to us than meets the eye. But, it is crucial how we express this. If we are honest about our depths and about our motivations, then this mystery will simply be something that people find fascinating. We will just be known for being complex people who you have to reflect on to really understand. It’s when we hide things, when we lie about things, when we harbor very secretive motives, that we end up in trouble. I don’t think that those with a Scorpio Midheaven can get away with being overly secretive and manipulative in the world, especially if they’re also a Capricorn Rising (which Taylor is). That means that there will be consequences.

With this being my placement, I’ve figured this out myself. I’m a very private person in my dealings with the public but I also try to be relatively open and honest about most things. The Midheaven works both ways. The more Scorpio Midheaven people hide things from the world, the more the world will suspect they have something to hide. Such a lack of trust, on the part of the person and their community, will only cause the individual to be exposed, to be caught up in scandal, sooner or later. If this is your placement, be a little more transparent with the world. Keep important things private but don’t keep too many secrets or play control games. It will definitely catch up to you. 

Also as a side note, Taylor is currently going through her Mars Return, as she has Mars in Scorpio right on the cusp of her 11th House at 27 degrees. One's Mars Return can put them in significant conflicts with other people. With her Mars in Scorpio in the 11th, the conflicts she has with others can get quite nasty and also can be highly unpredictable and unexpected. One could describe this conflict as just that and since Mars retrograded back into her 10th, it's gone very public. During the Mars Return, if there are any unresolved problems between you and others, these issues can seriously come to a head. 


  1. Excellent. You hit the nail on the head on all which I've felt but couldn't express clearly about Taylor Swift.
    It's also really funny to me that a Scorp friend of mine with Cap rising and Scorp MC declared Blank Space her anthem when it first came out! I also thought it described her perfectly, and truth be told, she IS pretty psycho. I get the same vibe from Taylor. The Scorpio energy, especially when it manifests negatively such as here, is unmistakable.

  2. Haha that's pretty funny. Her Sun amplifies that feeling, especially if its in the 10th or conjunct the Midheaven.

    And yes Scorpio energy is undeniable, especially in the chart's most visible place, the 10th. On the Midheaven, everyone sees it and there's no use in hiding it.

    The Scorpio MC's who accept it and positively work with it turn it into something completely magnetic and irresistible. The Scorpio MC's who deny their power or use it negatively can become highly polarizing and questionable.

  3. Katy Perry is also Scorpio I guess

  4. Oh and Wayman, have you had a chance before to look at Taylor's synastry with Calvin? I did it when they first got together and was astounded to see how compatible they were! I was willing to bet money they would go the distance (and I guess they did, on Taylor's part), maybe even get married, but I remember thinking that with both of them having this Scorpio-Capricorn blend, and especially those Scorpio Marses (Calvin's is even conjunct his Pluto, mind you), IF they break up it's gonna be revenge central.

    So when they announced their split and Calvin tweeted nice things about love and respect and she retweeted him I was like .. Huh! I was wrong. Good for them. But lo and behold, two seconds later, the revenge game started. All this on a transiting Mars in Scorpio background.. Yeah.

    I think they have both met their match in terms of scorpionic stings. I've had really hurtful experiences with the Scorpio in my life (I keep attracting them due to my Scorp Venus and Mercury, which is also chart ruler and conjunct to Pluto -.-) so I really hope they learn something from this experience and improve their energy's manifestation.

    1. No, I didn't know Calvin also has Scorpio Mars! I actually don't even know that much about him. So, that's interesting. I'll have to look up his chart sometime. But, the gloves do have the potential to really come off in a situation with a former couple, both with Mars in Scorpio.

  5. Hey wayman, I just found our about this today and it is very interesting! I don't know if it's just me or if other people have noticed but I've always gotten this intense and intimidating vibe from her and never saw her as a sweet, innocent girl...at least when she went mainstream. I don't know, it may just be me. However, she does have Neptune conjunct her ascendant and Neptune does involve scandal so this would make sense.

  6. I am thinking about something coming from her chart. What if she really thinks she's innocent and everyone is hurtful to her? /or managed to convince herself of that? ..her moon is in cancer and dang, it has so many oppositions that's hard not to project it out on others. Her sun is unaspected! in the 12th, so pretty disconeccted.And neptune conj asc can be awful and ace at playing victim/martir! (not as an excuse for her but it's a HARD aspect, from personal experience) The desire to get even is so There with lilith sandwiched between scorpio mars and scorpio pluto. It really brings an extra-oomph to all that she has in her public house, all energy and all raw.
    People will calm down as it happens...in 2 weeks there will be another drama. Weird enough,this made me more introspective, having a cap stellium in 1st and scorpio pluto mc.
    Smart post. Thank you for the nice read.

    1. Very good point about her Sun in the 12th. These people can have what I like to call a Jesus complex, feeling like they're always being crucified and put up on a cross and then somehow feeling self-important because of it. In fact, that's sometimes the only way that 12th House Sun people, when they're not that self-aware, can get some ego boost or self-importance: through feeling like a victim. . So, that can definitely also be a factor at play here.

    2. Yes, it sounds accurate for a 12th sun. ^^
      But a thought keeps coming after what you wrote, and this is for people in general who have a 12th sun or moon, etc. because we don't (usually) see people being thankful to a 12th person when behaving as a genuine helper/caretaker/altruistic person, so they normaly do not receive an ego-boost. So it's more on what wavelenght the 12th house person is- Victim/saviour for the praise& which is pretty much human standard behaviour or love&compassion without waiting a reward, entering the transcendent realm. Actually, as bad as it sounds, I think ego-boost is detrimental for their purpose to ascension. But on the other hand, what I just wrote is crazy because we are living inside the world. So not giving recognition to everyone is just Awful. Guess I am trying to understand more about this issue of 12th.
      (This comment has nothing to do with the singer above)

      Thank you for sharing about this aspect. :)

  7. Wow I feel like I've learned so much from this page alone!
    You guys are awesome. And you Wayman, holy crap man, you're talented.
    Your blog has been a revelation to me. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Fascinating article! You are such a good writer. I share the Scorpio Midheaven and Capricorn rise with Miss Swift and she is currently dating one of my favs! Very interesting. :)

  9. I would like to praise Kim K, a person whose job and style I detest, for proving once again how badass a Libra can be. (and I am not a Libra nor do I have any planet in Libra!) IMO Libras can be more damaging in battle than any other sign because people mistake avoiding conflict for weakness. Libras avoid conflict but when they have no choice they excel at it.

    The latest reports show that Kim and Kanye tried several times to contact Taylor before the Grammy's but Taylor refused. Can you imagine how outraged Kim was at the injustice of the whole situation? That rage fueled the scandal that cracked Taylor's image.

    No other major player in the industry had the guts or the wits to fight Taylor and expose her, but Libra Kim got mad and said to hell with it. And there are a lot of risks with what she did, she could face criminal charges and she could face people's fear they they will be recorded in any dealing they have with her.

    A porn star and a reality TV star exposed the cunning Taylor.Maybe it's because Kim has never denied who she is, whereas Taylor has.

  10. "Can't get revenge and have a spotless reputation/ Sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make" - lyrics from Mama's broken Heart, Miranda Lambert's song. Miranda is a Scorpio Sun, Cap Moon.

  11. Wow, you make one heck of a convincing argument for using the DD birth time for her chart. I don't know what house system you use.. but I'm looking at it with whole signs and wow does it even further add texture to the picture you already so eloquently painted for us.

    PS: Love this blog! please keep sharing your incredible insights. You have a way with words that I appreciate very much

    1. FYI - In the Whole sign system her MC, Pluto and Mars are in the 11th.. and her sun is in the 12th...

      there's a crazy stellium opposition going on in the 1st and 7th houses and her north node is Aquarius/south node Leo in the 2nd and 8th house respectively... just.. wow.

  12. I just cannot see Taylor's unaspected sun in the 12th, when ALL I get from her is ego. It has to be in the 5th.

    1. Yeah, I'd just have to disagree. I feel like the Capricorn Rising chart fits her so well. Remember that the Sun in the 12th is not a lack of ego at all. It's a lack of awareness of how the ego is manifesting, usually through playing the victim. In all of her disputes with people, it's always a tone of her being wronged or of so-and-so doing this to her. As I said, she doesn't seem to be very introspective or honest in terms of her part in her personal messes. Also, news just broke that she split with Tom Hiddleston and what was the PR spin? "It was all Tom's doing, he wanted the affair to be very public" (when most of the public has known Tom for being very private before he dated her). A lot of what she does just seems very manipulative in order to protect or create this highly idealized version of herself, which is the 12th House Sun at its least self-aware.

      Also, Pluto in the 10th can result in a person coming off as very egotistical because Pluto is about power. When that power isn't pursued in the world in a way that's very evolved or that genuinely empowers others, it can come off as massive ego and be the source of some negativity/backlash.

  13. Wow, this is great stuff!!! I actually came across this because I wanted to investigate and know more about the MC scorpio as for being one myself! Got to know learn something I was not expecting at all, which is great in anyway!!! (THANK YOU!)

    ... I'm not Taylor's fan, or followed the news she was involved, and this article makes so much sense about Taylor anyway, and the penny just dropped as I've remembered hearing a long time ago, before I got in to Astrology about a year ago, that scorpios can be revengeful.
    I despise that kinda of atitude and always thought that is a waste of energy to hold on to, to the point of not feeling good about it... I wonder though - after reading this article - whenever the 'revenge' energy comes to mind or is been felt, it is best to release it in some form, and am I denying or been wrong for somehow putting it away, as sometimes I find myself with this energy back in my system a while if not years later!?!?

    I hope I was clear as I would really appreciate a response!!
    If it helps in anything, here's some of my chart info; Aquarius Rising, Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces 2nd, Sun in Aries 2nd (intercepted), Venues in Taurus 4th, Moon in Gemini 5th, ... ... ... ... Pluto R in Scorpio 10th, Saturn R and Uranus R in Sagittarius 11th, Neptune R and Mars in Capricorn 12th.

    Also remembered that The Veronicas twin duo also with MC Scorpio has a song called Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

    Again, Thank you for the Article!!!