Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Saturn in the 2nd House

Those who are born with Saturn in their 2nd House are creating structure for themselves in this life through solid self-worth. Self-esteem is a necessary part of all of our lives, so long as we want to be stable and healthy individuals. Whatever is in your 2nd House, whether it’s the sign on the cusp or any potential planets in this house, shows how you can build strong self-esteem. But, what happens when you have Saturn in the 2nd House? It means that, more than the average individual, cultivating this self-worth is going to be more challenging for you. There are many blockages standing in the way of you truly loving yourself and feeling at ease in your own skin. The wisdom of this placement stems from realizing that a lot of these blockages are self-created.

It’s not enough to say that you suffer from not feeling “good enough.” That is quite a general statement that can apply to everyone at some point in their life. It’s that having Saturn in the 2nd House might make you deeply resistant to even overcoming this feeling. When you’re caught up in your fears, insecurities, and doubts, without doing the work involved to better yourself, it’s as if no amount of self-help statements, compliments, affection from others, money, or nice things will ever compensate for that crippling feeling of lack. It’s just this emptiness inside that nothing can really fill. But, many 2nd House Saturn people can desperately attempt to fill it. It’s not uncommon to see some with this placement become massive, compulsive consumers, under the misguided belief that buying all of this stuff is going to make them a better person. 

The age-old phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” applies to Saturn in the 2nd House for so many reasons. The first being that, yes, going down the route of extreme materialism isn’t going to get you anywhere, with this placement. The reason for that is because it’s immature and Saturn just doesn’t do immaturity. If you foolishly think that your worth is tied up in the car you drive, how much money you make, or the house you have, you’ll soon realize how mistaken you are. It’s actually quite a pattern for people with a 2nd House Saturn to see their material things repossessed or taken away, in some way, that brings their worst fears to life. Eviction or foreclosure notices can plague you, that beautiful car could get wrecked or totaled, and you may even regularly become the victim of theft, major or minor. This is especially true if you have Uranus or Neptune in the 2nd House, as well. Your wallet may constantly get lost or stolen or maybe people are just always “borrowing” your stuff, often without even asking and never returning it.

All this does is exaggerate the green-eyed monster of greed and possessiveness within you. If Saturn represents what we fear and what inner difficulties we have to face, as a result, Saturn in the 2nd House indicates a fear of just losing your shit. Not necessarily losing your mind, unless, again, you have Neptune in the 2nd, as well. I mean literally losing what you have. It’s enough to give you a very neurotic case of “what’s mine is mine.” If you run into someone with this placement who freaks out if you so much as move their laptop or rearrange their books or anything else that’s seemingly harmless, they are still operating out of a place of fear and worry. The root of all of this is your poor self-esteem; the feeling that these possessions are an extension of yourself. While the 1st House represents one’s point of view and way of behaving, the 2nd House follows this house by attaching that sense of individuality to something solid and substantial. But, because Saturn is here, it can be tough to feel solid and substantial, which is what makes you desperately possessive.

Also, the potential for cheapness and stinginess of this placement is legendary. Saturn in the 2nd House can make a person feel depressed for having to spend $25 at the grocery store; for groceries that they most certainly needed. The sheer act of just spending money can be disheartening for you. It’s as if you look at your bank account and want it to remain perfect and only want to build from there. So, any form of spending is seen as a threat to your security. But, of course, this can get absurd. It’s to the point where you can truly worry about ending up in the poorhouse. Saturn is our worst fear and Saturn in the 2nd House means that one’s worst fear is poverty, ending up some homeless beggar on the street without a cent to one’s name. This is a worry that can continue far into adulthood, even when the person has cultivated financial security for themselves. The truth is, when they are acting out of fear and anxiety, there is never enough security for these people. All they can think about is wanting more and hoarding what they already own.

This is another definition of the “money does not equal happiness” mantra. You can spend all that time pinching your pennies and still end up feeling insecure and unhappy, often because you’ve become such a curmudgeon that you can’t help but feel unhappy. It’s quite a breakthrough for Saturn in the 2nd House individuals to understand that money has to be enjoyed. You cannot just earn and save in such a rigid fashion without taking the time to not only use your money with an attitude of joy but have a true attitude of appreciation for what you already own. This is a wisdom that dawns on you during your Saturn Return in the 2nd, particularly the first time around. With this placement, the Saturn Return can make you feel broker than ever. But, it also might make you stop and realize just how silly you’re being because you already own so much.

It’s a compulsive feeling for you to feel like you don’t have much. When it comes to your income, you might always say, “I don’t make much money…” When it comes to your home, you might think, “Well, it’s not the nicest place…” In terms of the car you’ve just bought, “Well, it’s not the newest model…” And so on and so forth. It takes maturity for you to realize how you keep undermining yourself by diminishing the worth of whatever you own. In your Saturn Return, this will make it harder and harder for you to manifest anything. The 2nd House rules our power of attraction yet in a strictly financial, material sense. It’s the attitude that you have toward money and possessions that attracts these things into your life. So, guess what? If Saturn in the 2nd gives you this compulsive sense that you’re living such a basic, broke lifestyle, even when you’re doing perfectly okay for yourself, you’re going to feel less and less resources coming in during your Saturn Return. It can get to the point where you make even less money than you did before, where you have to downsize to an even smaller, less comfortable place, and where you can’t even afford your car.

Saturn teaches us the consequences of our actions and our attitudes. So, don’t believe that crises like this are a curse; a sign that there is never enough to go around. It’s the fact that you believe this that makes you feel like there is not enough, especially when you compare your lifestyle to others’ (another downfall of this placement). Someone else may have no trouble at all experiencing gratitude and appreciation for what they have, causing them to live very comfortably, even if it’s still quite a modest lifestyle. But, you might feel like no one suffers like you do financially. The truth is that many people just don’t obsess over their financial standing like you do. Once you ease up on yourself, in this way, you will find it increasingly easier to attract the resources you need.

In fact, if anyone can learn to master this Law of Attraction, it’s the Saturn in the 2nd House person. The life area represented by our Saturn’s house becomes something that we are a true master at, through plenty of effort, persistence, and discipline, as well as through many stumbles and setbacks. You can experience wonderful success by taking the right attitude toward money. Of course, you have to be practical and disciplined about how you save and spend. At the same time, don’t be too rigid or controlling. If you trust that there is more money coming your way, you will find your income being strengthened significantly. The less the 2nd House Saturn individual worries about money, the more they’ll have, especially since you already possess a skill for handling money efficiently. This combined with your newfound gratitude will bring a steady cash flow your way.

Now, you do get the cases where the 2nd House Saturn person starts off life as the other extreme and is actually just a mess with money and has no idea how to save or spend it (which goes back to my theory of this placement being capable of mass consumption or consumerism). But, I’ve found that this is rarer than the stingy type. Still, being particularly reckless and irresponsible with money is also a sign of a low level of appreciation for it. It is coming from the same place of fear and low self-esteem. You might not believe you deserve what you have, so you are very foolish with it, creating self-destructive patterns. For either the ones who are very cheap or very reckless, this attitude can stem from the relationship with the father figure; something that Saturn represents, in the sense of what one learns from the paternal parent. This is usually a parent who may not have felt like he (or she) got everything that was deserved. Maybe the father had trouble maintaining a steady income or, conversely, was so money-hungry that nothing was ever enough. Either way, this imparted a sense to the child that finances were to be obsessed over and were always a struggle.

This goes back to the issues of self-esteem. The 2nd House, after all, isn’t all about money. But, the relationship between money and self-love ties into the theme of one’s worth. Yet, Saturn in the 2nd House people often get it backwards, believing that their financial worth defines their personal worth. If you take it upon yourself to see that it’s, in fact, your personal worth that causes your financial worth to skyrocket, you will be expressing this placement with strength and maturity. You need to discipline yourself to truly, deeply love yourself, to want to experience real peace of mind. The stability you seek first has to come from within. Then, it can manifest externally. So, I think the only way you will be able to worry less about money or be less neurotic or destructive about it is to be much more comfortable in your skin and worry less about yourself.

Doing lots of affirmations to tell yourself that you’re good enough is crucial and will very likely help you through that Saturn Return in the 2nd House. This is a time where you may be so full of negative inner voices that it’s hard to see anything good about yourself. So, this is when the good sense and simplicity of the 2nd House must be channeled. Just don’t listen to any of those voices! Saturn in the 2nd House people are very susceptible to people’s input over their worth. The society we live in can be very judgmental and for very superficial reasons. Someone just dropping a hint that you don’t make enough money, for example, is enough to lead you to feel terribly unsure of your worth. Do not look to others for this validation. Find structure in the simplicity of listening to that one voice – your own voice – and making sure this voice is full of love and appreciation for whatever you have and whatever you stand for. It doesn’t matter if it’s “enough” for others. Is it enough for you? This allows you to cultivate the strong values you need to feel accomplished.

Saturn in the 2nd means that your purpose in life does revolve around whatever it is that you truly value and enjoy. When it comes to career choices, it wouldn’t be surprising to see you go into something very business-like and practical, where managing resources is an essential skill. However, you also need to go after something that you will find genuinely pleasurable. But, of course, it also needs to keep you feeling secure. The sweet spot is something that brings you plenty of joy and that also delivers a steady income. It doesn’t always have to start out as a steady paying job, however. 2nd House Saturn people can often greatly succeed in careers that seem quite unstable, like the arts, freelancing, or self-employment. You are finding your purpose through being a solid “builder.” This means that you can tap into the patience and the determination needed to take all the steps toward turning this path of yours into a very tangible and sustainable reality.

Again, this is another result of your manifestation mojo. You can create financial security for yourself doing something that someone else would find daunting, intimidating, or impossible, due to the lack of certainty. But, you have a way of steadying yourself in the face of material uncertainty. Saturn in the 2nd gives one a knack for making a dollar out of fifteen cents, mostly because many of these folks spend a major part of their lives as such cheapskates (or “frugal”, if you want to put it nicely). Such firm resourcefulness can potentially cause you to become very financially comfortable, if not wealthy. As long as you value yourself, you can create a good lifestyle for yourself.


  1. Wow I can never get tired of your articles.
    You write them in a way everyone can relate :) and understand without those vague and subtexts concepts and terms, neverthreless beautiful.
    I myself have this placement and I am the type to be reckless and irresposible I always find myself just sharing my money with people and at the end of the day, not having enough for the things I need to live to function normaly or to appreciate myself ahaha, all the while thinking people are valuing me for that ( coming to think about it, it's a wrong way to think of people you value and surround yourself with ).
    I also have Aquarius on the cusp I really don't know how this plays out together ( Saturn in Pisces), but I still cried while reading this - not out of self pity but out of the bottom line meaning of this placement you wrote so well, in a way that reassures, supports and strengthens your readers with love and just sheer fact of knowing someome out there unnderstands you.
    Thank you so much for this. 💜

    1. Well, apparently, people get very emotional or moved when they read my articles. I guess that's my Moon conjunct MC. My work just makes people cry! Haha, but I find that pretty moving, as well. :) So, thanks.

      And yes, I think the sign that the 2nd House Saturn is in can definitely determine whether the person is going to struggle with being too rigid with their money or too careless. So, with you having Saturn in Pisces, it makes sense that you spend recklessly and this is the thing you have to confront and deal with.

  2. Thank you for this article, you nailed it :)

    I've experienced the Saturn(ine) fear also through this obsession that I need to learn more and more and I always felt that I never have enough knowledge which I equated with security on some level...
    I used to be so obsessed with just learning more and more, watching tutorials, following classes and so on. And still felt that it's not enough, and so I always experienced that other people who didn't spend so much time as I did on learning and accumulating knowledge (or at least they didn't seem to) somehow always performed better, remembered stuff easier and so on.
    And it just makes sense now to me, that this kind of knowledge-greed was indeed stemming from the same source, like the greed some people have for material stuff and then we realise that what we are trying to fill is a bottomless pit. And the solution is to build what you want on self worth, not build for the sole reason to achieve self worth.

    Now I'm starting to grasp this, and change my attitude. My dream is to be able to transmute this fear or financial instability and fill my time with what I love (which are many things) and be able to earn a steady income from that. I'm starting to see this more and more clearly as the direction I'm going.
    I also have three other planets in the 2nd, which definitely adds some colouring here, but I can relate to most of what you wrote.

    1. Glad you could relate. And it's very interesting that you feel greedy for information. It does make sense that the 2nd House Saturn's potential for greed can manifest in many ways, depending on the sign, even though it will all come back to self-worth, in the end. It's usually about money and possessions but it could also be anything that the Saturn sign values.

      If you don't mind me asking, what sign is your Saturn in and what other planets are in your 2nd House?

    2. I think the core belief is something like "if I have enough knowledge then I will always have financial security".
      I have in my 2nd Saturn, Venus, Jupiter conjunct in Libra plus Pluto also in Libra a bit further away (I guess could call all this a stellium). And Virgo on the 2nd house cusp.

    3. Also Pluto being very close to the 3rd house cusp I was thinking that the 3rd house influence might be felt on it. I'm not sure if this theory works, but I see it as a possibility.

    4. Yeah I think that feeling comes from having Saturn in Libra, an Air sign, and conjunct Jupiter, which can want more, more, more.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your insight! This is really an amazing post. I have this position (in Leo) and have struggled with it's challenges all my life. Being cheap, constantly worrying about money (no matter how much I have), always feeling like there isn't enough money and if I just had more I would feel better, while no matter what happens that "feeling better" never actually comes.

    This piece has helped open my eyes to appreciate what I have in the moment. I have so much to be grateful for. I feel much better and have more clarity on how to move forward. I always looked at this as a bad placement, so thank you for highlighting the positive aspects of it.

  4. Are you unable to gain fame if you don't have planets in any of the last 3 houses (10, 11, and 12)?

  5. So, I have my 2nd house Aries Sun (0" Op Pluto) intercepted by Pisces. Venus in Pisces opposed by Saturn in the 7th. Certainly can relate to much of what you highlighted regarding feeling good enough.. a definate harmonic between 1st and 2nd houses there. My income is so much easier to come by when I am sure of my self worth. Something in my past has really manifested in my life as a wounding in re to masculinity (Sat in Virgo in 7th Op Venus Pisces in the 1st). Anything related to emotion seems bigger than life. Off the rails on my cment, which could go in any number of your posts. Thank you !

  6. Hi Wayman, thank you for this piece. While I don't have Saturn in my 2nd, my south node is in Capricorn in the 2nd house and I resonate highly with what you wrote. Self worth tied to financial stability and security. "I don't love myself, my reality reflects that, but hey, I got money in the bank so I'm good." All this changed when money was no longer there and I realized what real abundance is--having what you need in the moment; not living in time, but loving the NOW and trusting. So far, I got no money of my own earning in the bank, but I got everything I need and I've never been happier.

  7. I'm coming up to my 2nd Saturn Return in Capricorn in 2nd house and I'm not looking forward to it! I also have the reckless pattern that you write about. Yes it all came from my father, now deceased. Working on moving away from the patterning before the 2nd Saturn Return hits in December. Getting organized with all debts owed, running credit reports and paying off debts as quickly as possible. Thank goodness I'm self employed in something I love and that makes me a lot of money!

    1. Same here, Saturn Return in Capricorn 2nd house this September woohoo :) For me it's not so much about money, I know how to take care of it, but self-worth...I hope I can work on that somehow before it's gonna hit me even harder by the end of this year.

  8. I have my saturn in aries retrogrades in 2nd house What do you mean? Mars in leo in 7th house trine

  9. I have Saturn in Aries 2nd House making a lot of hard aspects to my personal planets. Even though I'm still studying, I am afraid that I might get poor once I've done studying. Thanks for this article.

  10. I have already learn this and I'm 17. I have discipline myself because no one taught me. I know what are important things to buy or pay. I reward myself every month because of the amount I saved. All those people out who are struggling make a list of things important to buy or pay. Then make a list that is not so important. If we mentally train our brain by doing this and by stopping and thinking do I really really need this? When your dealing money think logic. Don't bring your feelings into money. Unless you wanna donate then yes use all the happy emotions to giving money to the need. We must also save money for need. Every week I put 5$ in a box for the people that might need it. So make your own system if your having trouble understanding mine. Do please appreciate what you have, getting close to G-d has made me feel richer. I have realized how bless am I to have a roof above my head and food upon my table. Start to realize all things around. Never compare yourself to others who have money because those who are rich of money don't truly feel rich, even if they have billions of money on there hands.

  11. Thank you for your post. They truly apply to me and has truly helped me to understand myself. They were of great help.