Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Birth Chart (Rectified)

Birth chart rectification is sometimes necessary even when a person has their birth time on their birth certificate, as I have recently discovered. In my previous article, I wrote about certain doubts I had about my Ascendant, after having this discussion recently with a few people. Because, you know, birth certificates can be wrong. They’re made by people and people can make mistakes, just like your mother or father or aunt can be wrong in their memory of your birth time. 

I say this because I have talked before about how, when I first had my birth chart done, I had that “eureka” moment when I discovered the rest of my personal planets and they made so much sense. But, the one thing that just didn’t make as much sense was my alleged Capricorn Ascendant. I think I just learned to make sense of it and it was easy because I have such a strong Saturn influence that I believed to be the Capricorn Rising at play. And, in the end, I feel like I spent the past eight years projecting a lot about my chart and its placements instead of actually experiencing them and listening to my instincts, which would sometimes tell me that certain things were “off” but I became very good at rationalizing them. 

Anyways, I decided to try out rectifying my chart because I felt like there was a very good chance that I was actually an Aquarius Ascendant and not a Capricorn Ascendant. And not just because of my North Node, either. My gut just kept nagging at me and telling me that there was more to the equation. So, I looked into it.

And honestly, the Aquarius Rising chart fits so much better in so many ways. It’s not that I didn’t like being a Capricorn Rising or didn’t think it was a cool sign or anything. I’ve always actually stood up for Capricorn against its bad press. It’s just that I never felt like, “This is me”, when reading about it like I would about my other placements. But, something about the Aquarius Ascendant resonates so much, beyond even just the North Node. So, from now on, this is the chart that I’m sticking to. 

August 8, 1989
7:20 PM
Little Rock, AR

So, that makes me:
Sun in Leo
     Sun in the 7th House; conjunct South Node, square Pluto
Moon in Scorpio
     Moon in the 9th; conjunct Pluto, sextile Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, trine Jupiter
Aquarius Ascendant
     Moon square Ascendant


Most of my house cusps are the same because my house line-up, in the old chart, was close to the traditional Aquarius Rising line-up anyway. I still have the North Node in the 1st, Sun in the 7th, Venus in the 8th, and Saturn and Neptune in the 12th. Jupiter moves to my 5th, Uranus to my 11th, the Moon and Pluto to my 9th, and Mercury and Mars to the 7th. 

The thing that really tipped the scales for me, in terms of deciding on this new chart, was the transits for it. In my old chart, the transits were always generalized and, as I said, I feel like I did a lot of projecting them instead of experiencing them. I think I either lived them out the way I thought I was supposed to or looked back on them and highlighted the things I thought were relevant. As much as astrology haters may harp about “confirmation bias”, they do have a bit of a point. Astrology, of course, is not false or mind-trickery. But, it’s important for you to truly experience your birth chart and transit chart, instead of just going along with the descriptions or trying to be or do what you think that you should be or do because of them.

With this chart, the transits I’ve been through are more specific and compelling while they were so generalized in the old chart. I can actually pinpoint exact events with transiting planets hitting certain angles or moving into certain houses. A lot of turning points in my life are very accurately described by this chart. For instance, it seems like I actually just ended the Saturn in the 10th House transit a few days ago. It makes sense, as the past two years have been loaded with responsibility and me having to be “the boss”, which began ever since I started doing chart readings a couple years ago and became effectively self-employed. This occurred once Saturn in Scorpio hit my now 22-degree Scorpio Midheaven in October 2014. And for the following two years, I did experience a major boost in success but I also experienced serious roadblocks to certain successes as well as a constant feeling of pressure and of having things riding all on my shoulders.

When you’re doing a birth chart rectification, I see now that it’s not enough to just think about the person’s nature, behavior, personality. Testing the transits in the chart are really what make or break it. So, this convinces me that I’m actually an Aquarius Ascendant. So does the fact that my persona has always been progressive, independent, free-thinking, and nonconforming. Again, though I always blamed my North Node, I haven’t had to be “awakened” to this side of myself and my inner potential. I’ve always been conscious of it. I feel like, if you ask someone what they think of themselves, the first thing they respond with will be reflective of their Rising sign. Your Sun is your true identity, at the end of the day. But, the Rising sign is how you view your place in life and it’s much more immediate and impulsive than the Sun. So, the automatic way someone describes themselves is the Ascendant, while the more self-aware answer is the Sun. My first response when you ask me who I am has always been “different” or “free-spirited” a la Aquarius.

In terms of the Descendant, I have always been way more attracted to Leo than Cancer. I’ve always been looking more so for someone who is self-confident with a strong personality than someone who will take care of me or protect me (I actually don’t really like that). And if Mercury in Virgo is in the 7th, that explains, beyond my Virgo Venus, just why I have always been so drawn to and close to Virgo people. Also, having the Moon now square my Ascendant actually makes more sense than having it conjunct the Midheaven. The Moon would still be conjunct my Midheaven ruler, Pluto, and in the same sign, so it still has some subtle affect in terms of my life goals and public profile.  

But, my struggles with being defensive, guarded, and sometimes shy while growing up would be more symbolized by Moon square Ascendant. That was a block to the very friendly, open side to me sometimes because I was always just scared of being hurt or the situation not being “safe”. Yet, when I deliberately stopped taking things personally and let that guard down as an adult, I was able to naturally be really friendly in behavior and not have my emotions (Moon) get in the way (square). Also, I have always said that I have to “feel people out” when I meet them and go with my immediate hunches about them. My Scorpio Moon could be quite harsh about that, back in the day, and then that would totally affect how I acted toward that person. Nowadays, I have a much better handle on that but I still have that raw honesty with people. I just act on my feelings a lot!   

I do not take the “Ascendant is your appearance” thing too literally. I actually think it can get quite silly. A person’s lips or jawline does not tell you their Rising sign, in my opinion. It tells you their genetics. But, I do think that every Ascendant can manifest certain significant physical traits, due to the bodily parts and functions they rule. Aquarius rules the blood circulation, nervous system, calves and ankles. My legs have always been a standout feature and more developed than my upper body. If I had a dollar for every time people told me my hands were cold (even when I’m not cold at all), I’d be rich. I do get weird nervous tics and twitches as well as random body spasms. Many Aquarius Rising people are remarkably tall and my height gets commented on a lot. I’m 5’10” but people act like I’m 6’2”. I look taller than I am, thanks to being so lean and having such freakishly long limbs.

Basically, I can relate to so much more about the Aquarius Rising appearance, as well, like looking much younger than you are (instead of the Capricorn Rising thing where I was actually supposed to look older in youth, which has definitely never been true), getting stared at a lot, and being able to surprise people just through your movements or your presence. In my gut, this feels like the right Rising sign. So, I’m going to go with it. It’s good to have a healthy sense of doubt and not blindly follow whatever you are told. So, remember that just because you have your birth certificate doesn’t mean that this is your actual time of birth. I’m not saying everyone’s time will be off but it can be the case for many people, which is why you need to think for yourself.

There is one astrologer that has a theory that the time that the soul is born is the actual time of birth, not the time one comes out the mother’s womb. So, the soul’s birth time trumps the physical birth. That may or may not be true and may be too esoteric for some people. Maybe the wrong time was recorded or remembered. Regardless, if there is some sense of discrepancy there between how you feel and what your chart says, you should look into it. Who knows? You could actually be the Rising sign either before or after your alleged Ascendant, which would usually be the case if working off of the birth certificate.

Anyways, that is the end of the ramble about myself. I just thought I would share that because I’ve used this blog to share so much about my chart (which I used to have posted up) and many of you probably know quite a bit about me, in that regard. It’s kind of a trip to get a new chart after eight years of the old one. But, it’s great because it’s not only a better fit but I feel like it is my destiny in my life, thanks to my Nodes, to have a stronger, more self-defined sense of who I am. True to my South Node, I thought I knew who I was but I was just sort of “performing” a version of myself. But, now, I feel like I finally have a perspective on myself that is based on my point of view and not someone else’s. And that’s the reason I’m here.

P.S. I know my blog posts have been seriously lacking lately. I feel like, after all of the series I finished earlier this year, I’ve just become tapped out recently. I am thinking of a new series to do, along with much more frequent articles. I feel like I want to do a “Jupiter in the houses” series next. If you would be interested in that or if you have ideas for any other one, comment below about it!


  1. Great post! Personally, I think it’s pretty incredible that you’ve been open-minded enough to see that your chart was off a bit, despite the fact that you’re obviously very invested in Astrology. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to bring up (even slight) inaccuracies, especially pertaining to you personally, about something like this (that comes under a lot of heavy fire for its validity, but that you firmly believe in). So… thanks for sharing!
    I think the Jupiter in the houses series sounds great! As for other requests/ideas, personally one of my favorite articles you’ve made was “Intercepted Planets/Signs: Unsupervised Children”. Perhaps going a bit more in depth about interceptions and how they affect the planets/signs they encompass would be really fascinating (of course that’s coming from me, someone with a stellium intercepted).
    Anyway, thanks for the great article!

    1. Thanks. But yeah it's not that wild of an idea actually. Birth certificates could potentially be off because they're made by people and people can mess up. It seems pretty reasonable. I think, if anyone resists it, it's because it threatens their own status quo and makes them fear that their own chart may be wrong. But it is better to know the real truth about yourself than just cling to what you are told.

  2. North node in Aquarius is the ruler of your ascendant. According to Vedic astrology. You are a ruler. Because sidereal astrology plays a part. Look it up. Congratulations. :)

  3. Chiron in the houses and signs. Is serious yet funny, showing that RANGE in an article would be funny and inspirational.

  4. Chart rectification is not that simple but it's nice that your intuition guided you towards what you feel your natal chart trully is.

    Not sure how the minute was rectified though...if we think about it, when you are born, doctors and nurses have their full attention on the baby and the mother. So it;s more likely to be born earlier and they write the date 5 or even 10 minutes later, after everything is ok. It's not like they are preocuupied to write time and date when you are still in the womb getting ready to be in the world. Just an opinion.

    Mercury in the houses could be fun too. :D

    1. Yeah it was actually a long process. I didn't just randomly decide on it. Like I said, specific transit events, things that were pretty life changing or direction altering, were what made me settle on the minute, due to how they hit certain angles or houses, including the Ascendant. To me, that is the best way to rectify.

      And again, doctors and nurses are only human. Mistakes can happen, possibly in the actual making of the birth certificate. Many people have had errors on theirs, including the time. A lot of people's birth certificates will be wholly accurate. But it would be a bit naive to think that everyone's is, especially if the Rising sign before or after feels like a better fit for the person.

      But don't get me wrong. It is important to have the birth certificate. I just think that if there is room for doubt, it shouldn't be the be all, end all.

    2. My words came out in the wrong order and ruined the whole intention of my post. (saturn square mercury, always a pleasure).

      I wanted to say: ''Not sure how you rectified your birthchart! if you placed the minute of birth earlier than initial or later. instead of : ''not sure how the minute was rectified" ( I do believe in human errors, wrong birth times and so on :) )

      Chart rectification becomes even more important when you are in doubt and when transits are off but evenmore when your ascendant is on the closing degree of a sign//opening on another one. My whole point was to suggest to pay attention on logic as well when rectifying the chart (solely when we talk about minutes). It was something I learned from a respectable astrologer and from nurses in the maternity. They are concerned with your safety first. Only then they tend to other stuff. Oh... I hope you;ll have the patience to read through this again, it feels so bad to be misunderstood...#wavinggeminiflag

    3. Oh, no, no. It's okay. I didn't take any offense to your post! I think I just have a way of explaining myself that can come off at times as defensive when I don't intend to be at all. Another reason why I think I have Moon square Ascendant! :) And online, when it's hard to understand tone, that can happen even more.

      I was just making a point but I see what you're saying. You mean the exact minute rather than the exact degree. I feel like the degree may be more important, in this instance, because even if the rectified time is just a couple minutes off, there's less harm in that than the degree of the Ascendant being off. I think getting the degree of the Ascendant right is more important and that obviously makes it much more likely for the time to be right.

      So, there was a little misunderstanding on both our parts but no worries. You're fine. :)

    4. That's a relief. :)
      A similar issue , except I seem agressive...
      As a mars in 3rd square asc I can rub nice people the wrong way and that's never what I want.

      I understood your point as well. It's reasonable and hey, a moon in 9th house! thumbs up

  5. Hi, Wayman🙂 You are such a great astrologer👍🏻 Thank you, for your great work! Could you please do an article about Pluto conjuncting Descendant but from the 6 house side

  6. Is this true about you?

    Sun in the 7th house natives crave relationships. They really don’t like to be alone and often perform better in life when they have a partner. They can lose their identity in a relationship, though, because they want to please their partner. They can be too agreeable and passive at times because they really need peace in their relationships to be happy. This placement can swing from being very committed in relationships to constantly searching for the perfect partner. They may rush into relationships too easily and can fall in love easily, as well. Sun in the 7th house people are natural diplomats and are very good at negotiating. They are well liked and have a charming nature that draws people in. They are sensitive to rejection and just want to be accepted. They are highly social creatures. Sun in 7th house natives need to remember that they can be independent and happy.

    1. Yeah, well, the Aquarius energy in the 1st makes me very independent. But, it is true. I just think that the 7th House Sun is about close relationships that are both romantic and platonic. They can make us sound like we always need to be with someone romantically. For a while, I never related to that. Then, I realized how much energy I put into my close friendships, to a degree that was like a romantic relationship, and I realized how accurate it was. Sun in the 7th identifies with being a "partner", whether that's as a significant other or best friend.

      But, it is a constant push-pull. I have the Aquarius side to me that just does my own thing and loves being independent and free and then the Leo in the 7th energy that loves being passionately connected to people. But, since it's also my South Node, I have to curb those traits significantly and not indulge in them.

  7. A Jupiter in the house series sounds great!

    Could you also do an article on Sun/Venus aspects and how they're expressed through each sign?

    I'm dying to know more about my Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio! Lol

  8. Hey, do you think that putting in a specific time zone in your birth chart is a good idea? Most online calculators use a default time zone. But in astrodienst for example, you can choose a specific time zone. I would put in EST because I was born in the east coast. But when I go to change it, a message pops up that says that changing the time zone for a chart would make it inaccurate. I'm a Cancer rising. But on the chart with this specific time zone, I'm a Leo rising. I always felt more like a Leo rising. So I naturally wanna go with that one. But it might be wrong. Which one should I go with?

    1. I never feel like it's necessary to play with the time zone, especially since we live in the Internet age and that's all done for you already. If you really are in doubt and want to play around with your chart, you can try to rectify it to see if a Leo Rising birth time would be a more accurate chart for you.

      Ever since I rectified mine, I'm realizing that this is a problem quite a few people can have with their charts. It's worth looking into and just requires a lot of clear self-awareness in terms of which chart is actually the right fit for you.

      I should say that if you were asked to describe yourself and you automatically listed Cancer-like traits or attitudes like "I love my family", "It depends on my mood" or "I'm very sensitive but I hide it well", you would be Cancer Rising. But, if your first impulse in describing yourself is something like "I'm so full of life!", "I'm really passionate" or "I'm very much a leader", you would be a Leo Rising.

      Birth chart rectification falls under the special consultation service, by the way. So, if you are interested in following up on it, you can order a session with me!

    2. Aw damn it. I guess I'm a Cancer rising then. Well, I guess I'll have to deal with it then

    3. Haha well there is something great about every Rising sign! If you really relate more to Cancer, you should just accept it and learn to love it.

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  10. This post inspired me to rethink my birth time. I would think that it takes a while for the doc to get finished delivering a baby and when he gets the certificate, he just writes down the time he is making the certificate. Which inspired me to back my time up a bit and give myself a Scorpio MC along with my Aquarius AC. It puts my Sun and Pluto into my 8th house along with my chart ruler Uranus. This chart FITS me! And it is the Placidus chart. I have never believed my Sun to be in the 7th house. I don't go out of my way to form friendships. My entire life has been an interest in forensics, research, and the occult. And I have had a lot of crises in my lifetime. Thanks for this post.

    1. I'm a little late in replying but I'm glad! I don't think astrology can be utilized as effectively as possible if we aren't allowed to question things. It sounds like it doesn't affect your chart that much, like maybe it just sets the Asc back several degrees? That kind of rectification is much easier to do. You just might want to think about a bit more before settling on it. But, still, congrats!

  11. Hey Wayne! Welcome to the Aquarius' Rising weirdo Club! Greetings from Brasil!

  12. By the way, my name is Pedro. And I really love to walk looooooooooooong distances, the longest, the best! Hahaha

    1. Haha well thanks! (And it's Wayman, but a lot of people make that mistake) And me too. It's really a part of how I get my exercise. I also live in a city where there's a transit system, so I don't even have a car nor do I want one or feel like I need one. Apparently, that's kind of weird to many people. I've always had little eccentricities like that.

  13. I'm a 29degree Capricorn rising....but... what if I actually was a Aquarius rising just like you? I have Uranus in the first house though

    1. I changed my birth time from 22h30 to 22h35 and I'm an aquarius rising but all the planets are still in the same house... even my house cups except for the ascendant are the same... and when I read your article about how to guess someone risign sign I rely more on the Aquarius rising body type (but maybe it's just bc of my 1st house Uranus )...

    2. Like I do have "uncontrollable movements" and my hands are really cold....

    3. Well if you have Uranus in the 1st, you will feel a lot like an Aquarius Rising regardless. Plus the 29th degree of Capricorn makes it a very fine line.

      But rectifying your chart shouldn't be done on a whim. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and testing it out. As I said, looking at the transits matters the most.

    4. Yes, it's just that I don't rely on my 7th Cancer but I think it's because of my 7th Mercury and Venus...

    5. Yes, it's just that I don't rely on my 7th Cancer but I think it's because of my 7th Mercury and Venus...

  14. Hey Wayman Stewart!
    Interesting post!
    I believe you might be right about your new chart, as I did have my chart read by someone in the beginning of the year and the calculations were slightly different from the one I did myself on astrotheme.... with Neptune R up a house, I asked her about it and she told me it is due to the system the site uses to calculate... so I went on to all sites I could and had my chart done on all...... Just to see what would come up, and they were slightly different... specially the asteroids, still haven't figured about Neptune R though. Astrology is fascinating and it will take me years to learn to read it properly.
    It is nice to come across your blog!!!

  15. Hi Wayman!
    Congrats on your rectification. I am a new follower and was drawn here after reading your piece; Venus-Jupiter Aspects: The Hedonist. Having this aspect (opposition) I found it to be one of the more insightful delineations I have read on it yet.
    I wonder if you used any progressions for your rectification. You only mentioned using transits. I find Solar Arcs to be amazing when it comes to validating timing for significant events in life. Noel Tyl has some very useful info in his books on SA's.
    Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  16. A Jupiter in the houses series sounds like a good idea. I really much loved most of your aspect articles. You could maybe write about Jupiter/Saturn aspects.

  17. As a libra rising I would love a synastry series!=)

  18. Your chart resembles mine very much. Date: 15/03/88 5 a.m. Voronezh, Russia

  19. a beginner's transit series would be great!

  20. hey there me too aquarius asdt nd north node with moon in scorpio 10th house, as per vedic, saturn transit over moon was like gell specually job wisr(lost). hope relief now that it has entered sagitt

  21. hey there me too aquarius asdt nd north node with moon in scorpio 10th house, as per vedic, saturn transit over moon was like gell specually job wisr(lost). hope relief now that it has entered sagitt

  22. Just read this after reading your North Node lesson post from Feb 9 (which is pretty cool, good for you and your assertive voice :-)
    Anyway I have to agree with you about Birth Certificates being wrong potentially, as the hospital info from my crib says 4.50pm, my weight etc, but the Certificate says 5.50pm. One of them is wrong clearly, so yes it can happen.

  23. I have a unique story that no one can ever top. I just found out that my Mother LIED about my birth time to me.
    And what is more incredible is that she was so into astrology that she had AstroCartoGraphy charts done for us when I was little. KNOWING that mine was WRONG. She let me spend 2 plus decades thinking I was Sag Rising. And this impacted where I wanted to move to and didnt … This has impacted my life so much.
    I would have moved to the west coast 10-15 years ago, but I knew I had Saturn DES and Mars MH, so I thought they were off limits.
    Turns out, nope I am Scorpio Rising and SUN IC runs along SF to Seattle for my REAL chart.
    I don’t even words.
    Birth times aren’t printed on birth certificates where I;m from, so I depended on my Mother for it.
    So crazy.
    And I finally figured out why she this. My Father, her ex was Scorpio, so my crazy Mother didnt want me to identify with him.
    My whole life, whenever people try and guess my rising sign they have guessed Scorpio.
    All my choices make sense now.
    And I AM so thrilled to drop the act of trying to be Sag like.
    I love Sags, I’m just not remotely like any of them.
    I am very settled where I am now, but I am dreaming of waht might have been ....

  24. I'm an Aries sun, scorpio moon cone Pluto in 9th, and aqua rising! I relate to your posts quite often, and now I can see why :)