Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Saturn in Capricorn: It's Time

Happy 2017, everyone! Astrology Arena (this incarnation of it) will be three years old this February. So, thanks for reading and I hope you keep on reading. For the first article of this new year, I wanted to tackle Saturn in Capricorn, which is a transit that is going to begin in December of this year. Saturn is at the latter half of its transit through Sagittarius, meaning that those of us with Saturn in Capricorn are approaching our Saturn Return. Whether it’s your first or your second, it is good to be prepared for it because, well, that’s what Saturn in Capricorn wants you to do. Prepare! And when this is your actual Saturn sign, your whole purpose in life is getting your shit together.

Saturn is dignified in Capricorn because Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. Dignified planets are not a complete walk in the park, though, especially when it’s a planet as challenging as Saturn. It’s my theory that dignified planets bring out either the absolute best or the absolute worst of whatever that planet stands for. Saturn, on the negative end, stands for self-doubt, inadequacy, worry, anxiety; your worst fears coming to life. So, congrats to us Capricorn Saturn folks. It means that we can be terribly haunted by this feeling of doom, cynicism, or insecurity; of everything we’ve worked for somehow crumbling in front of our eyes or just never coming to fruition. If Saturn represents what you fear the most, Saturn in Capricorn is a highly generalized fear of failure.

The house that Saturn is in shows how this will manifest. Dignified planets in a certain house really, really symbolize what that placement stands for. Therefore, if you have Saturn in Capricorn in the 3rd House, you struggle with really serious feelings of inadequacy or anxiety in regards to communicating and being well-informed. A 7th House Saturn in Capricorn would make the idea of ending up with the wrong person or losing your significant other or best friend the worst thing ever to you. I have Saturn in Capricorn and in the 12th House. I have already gone over, in a post on that placement, how intensely I experience the 12th House Saturn, such as that gnawing sense of isolation or loneliness and the highly irrational worries that can make me feel pretty crazy. All in all, Saturn in Capricorn people cannot afford to run away from their fears in life. Having such a strong Saturn does not let you. Instead, Saturn grabs you by the collar and demands that you face them.

That’s why Saturn in Capricorn can feel like such a harsh placement. It is serious business and isn’t going to cut you much slack throughout your life. I think that people with other Saturn signs are more allowed to freewheel their way through life until their first Saturn Return without having to really confront their doubts or figure out their purpose. Saturn in Capricorn people, on the other hand, are not allowed to. If they do, they face some serious consequences for doing so. Therefore, the life experiences leading up to the first Saturn Return are an absolute crash course in the house that Saturn is in. You either find your strength by standing up to the challenge and passing the test or you falter and have to learn your lesson over and over and over again.

I have quite a few close friends with Saturn in Capricorn, as well, and I feel like we all have been through the ringer and back in terms of what our Saturn house represents. I have one who I really suspect has Saturn in Capricorn in the 6th and has struggled with serious health issues, demanding that she manage her diet in a very rigorous way (‘gluten-free diet’ is putting it a bit mildly) and stay on top of any potential stress or anxiety. Another close friend has Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th and has spent so many years worrying about his family and taking care of them, while also working really hard to settle down and create a stable, solid home life.

As for me, I am truly a textbook Saturn in the 12th House person. But, it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve been able to sit back and realize how far I’ve gotten in the midst of my heavy struggles with this placement. I have devoted so much energy to being spiritually aware. All of the time and effort I’ve spent on this blog and my readings for the past few years have disciplined me to be attuned to that higher consciousness. I’ve had to turn my back on certain worldly gains or rewards, in a downright bohemian way. I have also sacrificed so much to be an artist and live that life, taking it very seriously from an early age and never wavering or giving up when the path got difficult (which it most certainly did, in that typical struggling-artist way). Saturn in Capricorn brings a person many hardships in the house that Saturn resides in. But, at the same time, being forced to work through these hardships is what will make you amazingly strong and accomplished.

The interesting thing about Saturn in Capricorn is that it can bring not only intense fears of failure but also intense fears of success. Maybe the scariest thing to those of us with this placement is that we are so strong and so capable. With all of that strength and capability comes responsibility and that is something that, during the first quarter or so of our life, can be all too tempting to resist. So, Saturn in Capricorn puts us all of those obstacles in our path to force us to overcome them and to make us see that we are efficient and respectable and worthy of whatever authority comes our way. Responsibility can feel like a real burden. But, that is the immature view of it. Responsibility is also something that earns us the respect of other people and having Saturn in Capricorn means that it is your purpose in life to be this very respectable individual.

When you have this placement, your Saturn is innately strengthened and if Saturn is also making many aspects in your chart, it’s even stronger. Because of this, you may have already put in a lot of work into your Saturn before your first Return occurs. For those with this placement who are my age, the upcoming Saturn in Capricorn transit may be the chance that you need to finally, for the first time in your life, give yourself a break.

Having a dignified Saturn means that, as long as you’ve put in the necessary effort over the years, the Saturn Return can be a time where you end up experiencing the positive consequences of all of your dedicated actions. Since this can be such a tough placement to have, when the Saturn Return is experienced, it can be taken on as business as usual. You’re pushing 30 at this point and you’re already vastly experienced in the hardships of your Saturn’s house. So, even if it’s not a walk in the park, you can gracefully rise to the occasion of the challenges.

Saturn, of course, gets better with age and that is especially true with Saturn in Capricorn. There may be a newfound sophistication that is acquired during that first Saturn Return, as if life was so awkward, difficult, or stressful before and now you’re taking to it all with exceptional maturity and grace. There is a certain class to Saturn and it can feel as if, during this time, you finally get a chance to achieve a higher “position”. You’ve paid all the dues that you need to pay. Whatever goal or sense of purpose that is symbolized by your Saturn house can be achieved in a remarkable way during this time, whether it’s becoming very well-read (Saturn in the 3rd), making the money you want to make (Saturn in the 2nd), conquering certain personal demons (Saturn in the 8th), etc.

During the Saturn Return in Capricorn, you get the message that “it’s time.” While it’s possible that it could be time for that glorious “promotion” in terms of what you’ve been working hard to accomplish all of these years, it could also mean that it’s just time to face the music. Not every Capricorn Saturn person has put in all of the needed work. I feel like the ones who haven’t are quite rare and probably particularly stunted, in some way or another. But, if this is the case, their Saturn Return is going to tell them that “it’s time to get real” about whatever their Saturn house concerns, whether it’s relationships (Saturn in the 7th) or goals in life (Saturn in the 10th) or just their general persona and self-awareness (Saturn in the 1st).  

This is why things can be especially disastrous for them during this period of time. Again, dignified placements are like textbook examples of the planet in that house. People warn Saturn in the 7th House people to not get married before their first Saturn Return unless they are really putting in the necessary work or else it will end in divorce. I don’t like being fatalistic but a person with a 7th House Saturn in Capricorn who does not learn how to conduct relationships with true maturity will almost certainly get divorced during their Return. And if they keep at it, they will set themselves up for deeply disappointing relationships down the road, long after their Return. Saturn in Capricorn has very strict and firm rules. If we are not effectively, maturely aligned with the principles of the house that the Capricorn Saturn is in, we will undoubtedly experience the consequences.

It's quite a tough hand to be dealt but the rewards of such a life are also remarkable and completely worth all of the struggle. With a dignified Saturn, you can look back at all of those trying experiences and see them as blessings in disguise; strife that you eventually transformed into success and strength. I feel like we gain the most strength in life from our Saturn and with Saturn in Capricorn, you are capable of being enormously strong and substantial. This placement shows that the only thing to really fear is the fear itself. Once you gain enough hard-earned experience, you understand how to master and have great command over those fears.

It’s not like they go away completely. The hang-ups and insecurities of your Saturn will always remain, in some form. It’s just that the more mature a Capricorn Saturn is, the more effective he or she is at dealing with them. So, hopefully, by the time you reach the second Saturn Return, you have many decades of experience at your disposal and have acquired the sense of knowing exactly what you’re doing. Nobody has their shit together completely and we all falter. But, Saturn in Capricorn is about trying as hard as you absolutely can to get it together or accomplish something. When you do, you might surprise yourself with how effective you are.


  1. It's super difficult being dignified. But, it's almost as if we're being judged; as though we are made to be dignified. When in actuality. We're in dignity. It's quite the thought actually. You really don't respect yourself. It's like a learning experience. Depending upon that one aspect. Though I'm one to judge as someone with an exalted ruler on nearly every angle. With as well as two rulers on two of my angles.(Whole signs)I'm just trying to experience this constant feel of homeostasis. And, It's driving me bonkers T.B.H I could go without having my ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house. But, it's cool because I'll have one instead of two to focus on . . . Oh and I'LL send you the link of your dignity in the first house. ;)

  2. Hey! I might be wrong, but I expect the transiting Saturn in Capricorn will have a beneficial effect on my life, at least. That is, if I am patient and USE this energy consciously.

    As you know, my Saturn in 12th is in Virgo conjunct my North Node, but those are the ONLY placements I got in Earth signs. I'm great at the developmental stage and at inspiring others, but do have troubles with the actual execution and the necessary nitty gritty of life, especially at home. Stuff like paperwork, doing the dishes, having a healthy routine actually takes effort (6th house South Node in Pisces, duh).

    So, even though transiting Saturn in Capricorn in my 4th house will be at some points opposite my Venus, MC and Sun, as well as square my Asc and Pluto in 1st house, I hope it adds some necessary earthy influence and helps me gain some stability and make it easier to fulfill the demands of my North Node.

    Fingers crossed. :)

    1. It definitely should. The Saturn trine Saturn transit is a very rewarding time and can really strengthen you. It happened for me several years ago when Saturn was in Virgo, around the time I was 18-19, and I felt truly focused and goal-oriented in a way I never had before. I think that was the time in my life where I began to figure out what being an adult meant. That's a transit that everyone has around that age, so it's very symbolic in that way. Saturn was also hitting my Mars/Mercury during that time, too, making me even more driven and focused.

    2. Thank you, that's quite reassuring. :)

      Until this happens, I got transiting Jupiter in my 1st house conjunct Pluto and transiting Saturn sextile my Moon. Like, transiting Jupiter should help with drive and energy, while Saturn makes sure it won't be all about emotional instant gratification. All in all, I'll get my dessert only after I've eaten the veggies, but it won't bother me. :P Very beneficial aspects for starting a new job, I think.

      Numerologically, it'll also be a number 2 year for me, so it seems it's finally time to build up my life again. Like switching from Aries energy to Taurus now.
      And I AM looking forward to the second part of Pluto's influence - should be all done with the "destruction"-part of the transformation. Let Saturn do it's job now. :)

  3. Congratulations on your third birthday :-)
    Excellent post once again.
    Thank you from Holland!

  4. Saturn in Capricorn 12th house and Capricorn first Saturn return is coming and I feel kinda excited?! It's been a long tough road especially, the past year, but things have been slowly changing for me. People dropping into and out of my life and the hunger to reach certain goals are becoming stronger than ever. This energy leading up to my Return feels like do or die trying. And I will be spending 2017 soldiering up!

    1. OMG KB! Your story is my story! I am a Capricorn rising with this 12th house placement as well. I'm working slowly but diligently, as hard as I can. The journey has been lonely and weary on my soul, but I've been ridding myself of people who are a hindrance to me and my life. Over the past couple of years I've been taking calculated risks and I'm pouring all my energy into building the Life I want. And may I just say, that I am growing ever more and more ready for the breakthrough of blessings and rewards! It's time!!! I can feel it! And I think that I have learned some KEY lessons along the way on patience, faith, humility, determination, persistence and people!


    2. Yay for us Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th people! :) I know just what you both have gone through, even though I'm sure we haven't had the exact same experiences. Keep at it, remember how strong you are and how much you're capable of and hopefully, this time next year (my Return will be exact in April 2018), you will reap the rewards.

    3. Yay!! Thanks for your response Wayman.
      I hope to astrologically consult you one of these days!

      Dallas from the Bahamas.

    4. I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th House, and I'm also Capricorn rising! Holy hell! I'm approaching my 2nd Saturn Return (March of 2018). In my almost 58 years, I have grown to adore Saturn, he is my BFF and has made me the strong, independant person that I am and that I have always been. LOVE SATURN!!!!

  5. Waiting on your dignities article.

  6. Yay it will be trine my Saturn in Taurus and conjunct my venus at some point and it's in my fifth house.

  7. Hi Wayman,

    I have recently come across your blog and the insights you publish are quite astounding. I'd like to discuss with you a collaboration on a global project. I could not find your details. Please add me on FB / Linkedin so we can chat. Dmitry Malov (Perth)

  8. Well, it's an interesting text.
    I also have neptune in capricorn in 12th house (with saturn, uranus and venus in 12th), Sun and Mercury in 11th, Mars, Pluto and Lilith in 10th, and Venus in 6th.
    I'm scorpio, moon in Leo and Capricorn ascendant. I believe that it's a challenging chart!
    I'm actually 27 years old, and to be honest i don't know what to expect. In fact i don't know what i wanna do about career, i am not sure about my capabilities and i'm in desesperate need of freedom (in so many ways).

    Do you have some advice? Can you give me some light about my chart?

    1. Hey that does sound like a complicated chart. And if you are open to buying any of my readings/services, then I would gladly help you sort through all of that.

  9. Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune all conjunct in Capricorn in my second house, opposite Chiron. This is probably the part of my chart that i have the hardest time wrapping my head around. I've always worked really hard in jobs that didn't fulfill me, but brought me a lot of security. Two years ago I quit doing that to pursue the things I love, and find that I do t work hard at it at all. Like it was the structure and the person telling me I had to that made me want to please and do a good job (Virgo SN in the 10th). When left to my own devices, I slack off like crazy and just daydream and escape a lot at home, and I've just been kind of floating around with no real direction the last couple years. However, I'm also part of that half NN return going on that you mentioned in one of your other articles. Virgo NN has been conjunct my Pisces NN in the 4th all of last year, and my progressed sun has also been exactly conjunct my NN. I have definitely learned how to surrender to spirit and go with the flow more, and also how much I value and need my own sacred space to recharge and tap into my vreative outlets, but I'm so ready for some kind of structure and foundation, and tangible vision of a future to work toward. I suppose my Saturn return will be about just that! Hopefully it's not too harsh, lol, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! I also have so many other ridiculously intense transits happening that idk if I can take much more! Lol. I feel like I'm gonna be tougher than shit if I make through the other side of all of this!

  10. Some sources say that I have Saturn, and Uranus in Capricorn at the very end of my 12th house, and others say that they are at the very beginning of my first house, along with Neptune. Either way, as soon as January 2018 hits, that will signal the beginning of my Saturn return. I'm super excited, yet sort of anxious, and am doing what I can to prepare, and be prepared for this. Coming here, and reading, and absorbing all of this information about all of these placements, especially in regards to the upcoming return of Saturn in Capricorn is proving to be quite soothing. Thank you for all of your insights, and your dedication to sharing what you know. This is one spot-on blog, you have, here :D

  11. How would I know what house Saturn will be in my sign? I am a capricorn and I am not sure how bad Saturn will effect me in 2018.

  12. I wonder how it will affect me.
    My Cap Saturn is in the 6th house. Will it make me get 'rougher' on healthy eating(or living in general) and have good routines, or will it test my service to others as well?
    I have Sun Scorpio and the two years that Saturn were in Scorpio was really rough for me, dunno if it was coincidence, but it really took me to my own depths, was really an introspective time and I can only thank Saturn for that eheh.
    But this return has me really intrigued on what it will touch, also considering it's conjuct my Moon and Neptune both also in Capricorn but in the 5th house. May it force "artistical abilities" out to the light?

  13. Oh my, this is a helpful read. I have Neptune, Uranus, North Node, and Saturn in Capricorn in the first (Placidus). My first house has always been hard for me to interpret. And while the whole sign house system is helpful for many things and I also use it occasionally, I enjoy viewing my chart with placidus because in this system My first house has Capricorn intercepted which I see as very helpful information in my chart. Since I have a Stellium in Scorpio in the 10th. Sun conj. MC...of course. Lol. My ascendent actually falls on 29° Sagittarius and is conjunct Lilith and Eros. And the house ends at 11° Aquarius. Saturn is at 29.59° Capricorn. Like I said, so many ways these placements could be interpreted. Changing to whole sign changes EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on the subject of Saturn.

  14. my capricorn 6th house contains saturn, neptune and uranus. you've really resonated with me...the idea of fearing success. i am noticing huge changes even in the last 6 months - but I am only 27 (28 in september).