Monday, February 13, 2017

You Should Feel Like Your Sun Sign

Astrology is so complex and the birth chart of a person is so multilayered that it can be easy to forget about the Sun. After all, we spend our study of astrology moving past that super-basic knowledge of the signs that we all start out with, like the memes that tell us that people born between May 22 and June 21 are going to be really talkative and fun because they are a Gemini. These generalizations make people skeptical of astrology before they know the depths of it. And when they figure out that they are a more stable Gemini because of their Capricorn Moon or one who shuns superficiality because of their Scorpio Moon, they see how accurate astrology actually is.

However, I do think that everyone should be able to relate to and feel like their Sun sign. The Sun is your true identity, deep down, and if you can’t connect to your Sun’s sign, house placement, and aspects, then you aren’t going to feel like yourself. You aren’t going to know who you really are and you will lack the ability to just be yourself. There will be people out there who say that they are nothing like their Sun sign. This could be because they lack the self-awareness to see these traits within themselves and they need to do a real assessment of themselves. After all, understanding our Sun’s qualities is something that requires conscious effort.

But, there will be people who just feel deeply disconnected from their Sun. The aspects can make a difference, in this sense, especially if there is an opposition to the Sun. Those with the Sun opposite Moon (aka the Full Moon babies) often depend heavily on one planet over the other, depending on how strong it is. If the Moon is stronger, then the Sun’s traits can be eclipsed and repressed. The same goes for any other planet opposing the Sun in the birth chart that happens to be a more dominant influence. Also, this can go beyond the aspects and just be a matter of self-confidence and self-awareness. These are two things that the Sun represents and if you’re struggling with being confident or knowing who you really are, the Sun will feel out of reach. 

The Sun is how you’re able to shine and in the process of shining as an individual, you will come alive. It’s the reason why the Sun is dignified in Leo, the sign that it rules. Leo is about stepping into that spotlight and gaining the personal recognition that you are meant to gain. The Sun is exalted in Aries because the risk-taking, impulse-following, fear-conquering nature of Aries allows one to initiate all sorts of situations and experiences that can allow you to shine. But, make no mistake, the Sun is right at home and strengthened in Leo. Thanks to this, we all gain a certain kind of “special attention” when we tap into our Sun’s nature.

Depending on the sign, this attention can manifest in many ways. If you’re a Capricorn Sun, the spotlight comes your way when you are dedicated, purposeful, and goal-oriented. You can even be capable of stealing that spotlight by assuming command, insisting on the bottom line, or just getting down to business. But, in any case, those with their Sun in Capricorn find their “light” by having an important goal or objective and being fully determined to reach it. This goal doesn’t have to be a professional one, either. It can just be anything that you deem substantial and worthy of your time. But, in the process of receiving this personal recognition, your inner confidence grows.

This is because the Sun makes us feel special. Not everyone likes the idea of seeking full-on, look-at-me specialness and it’s true that we Leos are rightfully described as cornering the market on that in our own ways. But, it’s also a mistake to think that Leo Suns are the only people with egos. Everyone has an ego and everyone also is capable of having a huge ego. This is a byproduct of an unbalanced Sun’s expression. Yet, it is through those moments of major ego that we end up learning more about ourselves, discovering the things that make us noteworthy and allow us to gain the applause of other people.

The Sun is our major source of approval and everyone seeks a certain amount of approval, including you indifferent Aquarius Suns! With the Sun in Aquarius, the paradox is that the approval that you seek is by being this individualistic and even odd soul who doesn’t care what other people think. You also seek to shine and find applause through the power of your intellect and your idealistic concern for things greater than yourself. But, the most important element of the Sun is that you are giving yourself this approval and applause first. This is also something that can disconnect you from your Sun: if you just don’t like the traits that it represents, whether you’re an Aries Sun who frowns upon self-interest, aggression, or fighting or an Aquarius Sun who’d rather not be weird or who feigns disinterest in intellectual, metaphysical, or political subjects.

You might even find it easier to like your other placements more than your Sun. It might seem as if they are the cooler, deeper, smarter, more interesting, or more fun parts of yourself. But, you can also find yourself getting constant signs from the Universe that you need to honor your Sun. This can especially come in the form of other people complimenting your Sun sign traits or urging you to own them or express them. It may also be this undeniable yearning, that you cannot ignore or silence anymore, to live out those traits. The Sun can be a place of self-discovery and maybe being distanced from this part of yourself is setting you up to get to know this part of yourself further down the line. And then you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of and just how awesome you can be!

There are many people out there, of course, who will really feel connected with their Sun and will be able to embody its energy in an empowering way. Yet, this is the stage that we all must be able to get to. Expressing your Sun makes you feel good about yourself. It can be similar to Venus, in that sense, except that it’s not really about self-esteem. It’s more so about just owning who you are and living that out to the fullest. As a Taurus Sun, this can mean being proud to keep it simple, stay down to earth, and focus on the more practical side of life. For a Libra Sun, it can mean living life fully by being as thoughtful, cooperative, reflective, and loving as you can be. There are so many different types of joyful living that the Sun offers, including when you factor in how your Sun sign expresses itself through the house that it’s in. As long as you’re not ignoring what your Sun wants and giving it enough attention, there will be an abundance of personal satisfaction available to you.


  1. Wayman, the more I read your blog the more I realize just how special, unique and altruistic you really are - you and your work.
    This article is so original and inspiring! You could be charging for these insights, and yet you consciously chose to share them with the world...
    You were born with a blessed gift and and as your readers we are blessed to have you around! Thank you :)

  2. You are seriously awesome with this stuff!!

    As a very, VERY early libra sun (it's literally 0 degrees), it makes me feel giddy whenever I help someone out with something, and I often wish people wouldn't be so violent...Ah, back to the sign stereotypes! But I digress...

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    1. Just curious and random, what do you think of Bill Nye's debunking (I put that lightly) of astrology? I really just want to know this from a professional's point of view.

  3. Hi wayman... i just want to point out that june 22 to july 22 is Cancer... Gemini is May to June...

    1. Ahhh, thanks for catching that. That was a brain-fart. It's fixed now. :)

  4. Hello,your blog is the most realistic that i have read on the net.I agree with you at the point than being lunatic could disappear the qualities of sun.Im gemini sun square aries moon.I have many contacts of moon and pluto.No body tells me that im a gemini,they say that im leo o scorpio.Maybe the reason is moon in house 8,moon trine pluto in 4,pluto in scorpio,...ecc George Bushi

  5. Hey!
    Do you mind a question?
    My Sun is in Cancer and it's the most dominant planet in my chart - I'm wondering what it means. Like, does it mean the whole Sun-in-Cancer package is dominant, or does it just add more Sun/Leo characteristics to my personality?

    I can't really tell from just looking at myself, because both sides get a lot of support from other planets and placements in my chart. For example my Moon in 5th house. (I'm definitely on of those extroverted Cancerians.) In fact, I can't even tell the difference between my chart ruler Venus (Asc. Libra) and my Sun, because they are both in my 10th house and in Cancer.

    I've read the usual interpretations of planetary dominants, but I'm curious about your experiences and opinion.

    1. Hi, Nadine Rick, we have the exact same placement. If you don't mind, maybe we can chat and share experiences.

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  7. With a stellium in Sag, I used to feel like my sun sign until the Pluto transit...I feel more like the rising (Scorpio) - withdrawn, mysterious and on the outskirts.